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Apple iPhone Found to be Nearly 3X More Reliable Than Samsung Phones

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santosh - 2 years ago
this statement is unacceptable. it is untrue. apple smartphone features is all lock unless u jealbreak them otherwise you could use $30 old nokia phone. for samsung you could customize out of the box. everything is user friendly. now jb is smooth as better. ios sucks.. apple no innovative nowadays. same design. from now to 30 years apple still the same. everything control by apple. boring.
Ken - 2 years ago
I think that just shows how ignorant Android users(Apple Haters) are. The numbers are in front of your eyes. Apple phones are pieces of art. 1 phone every year made by the worlds largest company,is that not saying anything to you. Now don't call me an Apple fanboy, I owned a Samsung Galaxy S3 but hated the guts of it. Its to big,made of cheap plastic,Crashes alot,OS is realllly slow,I jumped boat because of all the 'cool features' most of it is really showboat the OS is already slow, and actually using a theme id crazy customization may be present in your cheap made Android phones. But the real joy to use smartphone is definitely the iPhone.
culua - 2 years ago
That's from your experience and opinion. I did the opposite last phone I had was I phone 3gs. I feel that iphone feels limited lack of options if there wasn't for jail breaking I phone is just a plain phone. Thank god for our dev out there commenting to modding rooting and jail breaking our phones. So you guys can say crap to each other who's phones are better. But really it comes down to our devs makes our phone better letting us do to our phones how we like it. It doesn't matter who's best but it's about what we can do with our phones.
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