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Apple iPhone Found to be Nearly 3X More Reliable Than Samsung Phones

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Dragan - 2 years ago
Nah... 1) My first iPhone was indestructible, but my iPhone 4 experienced a problem with GSM CODEC chip (my voice was muted in phone calls, while everything worked fine with Skype etc.). Replaced under warranty. Second one still working fine. 2) My wife's iPhone used to restart randomly soon after purchase. It was replaced under warranty, the other one is still working, but two large yellow areas appeared in the upper right and left corners of the screen. 3) Mi friend's iPhone 4s audio jack died after 10 months of use. He got a new replacement device, but realized that his replacement phone could not detect any WiFi network in the vicinity. He got the third one which works fine at the moment. I have to stress that neither me nor anyone I know had an issue with a Nokia smartphone. In my oppinion, high-end Nokia devices are the best quality products by far and wide, particularly those made in Finland. I'm talking about hardware/build quality not OS.
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