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Apple iPhone Found to be Nearly 3X More Reliable Than Samsung Phones

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Somebody - 2 years ago
No one talks about how simple is to transfer files from android to PC ? iTunes is the worst app I saw in my life. How difficult to transfer music to iPhone or if u are at a friend and add a song from his pc he has to have iTunes and even if he does it will erase the music from the iPhone and replce your ipod app library. U cand just add a song or a picture or a video. To my opinion this is the worst thing in apple products.
Patrick - 2 years ago
It's very easy to transfer musics using iTune, which is precisely the reason why I use iTune, so does everyone else (except for a few Windows-minded users) that uses Apple products including mobile devices such as iPhone. In addition, you can organize your entire songs (very fast compared to Amazon cloud) using meta-data such as song title, album, album cover (Retina-ready).... etc via iTune-Match, and also when you accidentally deleted all of your songs, you can easily restore everything you purchased with a single click on your device. As for sharing songs from your device to another or vice versa, you should read this: http://www.addictivetips.com/ios/5-apps-for-wireless-sharing-between-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch For Windows Desktop, try this! http://www.getsharepod.com/about
DavidG - 2 years ago
I will agree iPhone is a lot more reliable and I have used more than one android based phone. However I will agree with the freedom you can have with android. It is a lot easier to transfer and by the way you can also restore contacts and music with android since you're not required to use any program such Amazon that you mentioned. The hardware of the iPhone is the best and the ease of use too but I do hate iTunes. Even iCloud sucks. I love my 4s though and when contract is over I will get the iPhone 5 or the next one. When Android and Samsung get their sh1t together then maybe it will be competition but iPhone is not perfect either. Lets not be stupid. I hate iTunes and the restriction apple imposes.
DavidG - 2 years ago
We should not have to use any other program to transfer any file. Click and drag. Open it all like a hard drive like they do with the photos now. So much easier and faster. I LOVE my iPhone above all others but HATE iTunes and te restrictions on it. We should have the best of both worlds.
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