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Apple is Beta Testing a 'Fix' for the Evasi0n Jailbreak

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DokteurP - 2 years ago
It's not that bad or either good. Apple needs to do so, as they offer a product where many companies, partners etc. relies on and where security is not a "nice to have" but a must. Apple will never endorse jailbreaking, as this may lead them into endless patents infringement and so on. I've jailbroken my first gen iPod Touch, then my iPhone 3GS and now I'm enjoying it on the iPhone 5. I'm not much into piracy, and when a "Cydia App" makes my iOS experience better, once the trial expired, I do pay up to 9.99$ for some great tweaks. This will never end, this make project work as much as improving security. So, I applause and I have great respect over Evad3rs job as much as Apple's!
DokteurP - 2 years ago
By the way, when I was saying : I'm not much into piracy, I meant, I didn't like the idea of getting free Apple or Cydia App's thru Installous, which I think is a easy way to not respect the hard work of those programmers etc. this was my two cents! P
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