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Samsung Hires Judge Who Forced Public Apology From Apple

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Abdulghani - 2 years ago
Yes it was right for apple to appologize. How will the market grow if there is no competition? All i hear in news is that apple has sued someone. Instead of suing companies they should concentrate on improving there device. As of now i feel apple is copying samsung. Apple was better when stevejobs was running it.
me - 2 years ago
Apple copying Samsung... Now that is funny. If you want to know what product Samsung is going to release next, just look at what Apple has already released. The last two Samsung products I have heard about are perfect examples. One is an AppleTV clone and the other is a Passbook clone. Don't get me wrong, Samsung makes good products. They don't innovate though. They attempt to improve on products created by others. As far as Apple's lawsuits, you think they should just let others steal from them? Some how I doubt if you had invented something and someone copied it you would just say "Oh, well I'll just have to make my product better". Also, Steve Jobs is the one who decided to sue Samsung, Google, etc so explain to me how Apple was better in this regard. BTW, what exactly has Apple copied from Samsung? You really need to get your facts straight. Start by not believing everything Samsung says (especially in their commercials).
miskol - 2 years ago
LOL!! you made my day bro, "Apple is copying Samsung"... so funny!!
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