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Samsung Hires Judge Who Forced Public Apology From Apple

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Alex Bedford - 2 years ago
We need to know the whole story. Journalists only give a piece, and we cannot make an accurate assessment. For Example: Take the McDonald's Coffee Case where a jury awarded a lady millions because hot coffee scalded her legs. Everyone was screaming 'Frivolous' and the lady didn't deserve the money... The jury's award had nothing to do with the lady... In the trial, the jury learned the manager of that McDonalds was subordinate and did not follow rules. McDonalds Corporate and the local health department told the manager repeatedly to remove or fix the machine because it was way too hot. He said "No, my customers like hot coffee". - It was only when the health department red-tagged the door (closed the restaurant) did he get rid of the machine. Then, a few weeks later, a surprise visit by the inspector – the machine was right back in the store. - - The jury was asked ‘why so much money to this lady?’ - The jury said: “It had nothing to do with the lady… We simply took the profit that McDonald’s corporation makes from coffee sales FOR ONE DAY, and awarded it to the lady”. So, when you know the WHOLE story, you understand the case wasn’t ‘frivolous’. Very, very few frivolous lawsuits ever make it to trial. – You sometimes read in the headlines (because it sells papers): “Man sues dry cleaners for $4 million dollars for losing his pants” – What you don’t read is 3 weeks later a judge throws it out – because that doesn’t sell papers!
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