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Virgin Mobile Discounts Unsubsidized iPhone 5s to $495, iPhone 5c to $405

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Faisal Narvel - 1 year ago
Kate: Hi! I’m a live Virgin Mobile specialist. How may I help you today? You: Hi Kate: Thank you for visiting Virgin Mobile today! What questions can I answer for you? You: I was looking at the iPhone 5S deals...the unsubsidized device for $494.99 (5S 16 GB) ... You: is it an unlocked phone? Or am I bound to a specific carrier? Kate: I apologize but just to set the right expectation, all our phones are locked to our network as these devices exclusively work with our services and are not compatible with the other carriers. However, we do offer a web exclusive discount on our iPhone 5S 16GB. You: So are the Web Exclusive phones any different? Kate: They are the same. They only differ in prices. Kate: We are offering a web exclusive discount of 10% when you purchase the iPhone 5S 16GB today, making this phone only $494.99, excluding taxes. You: So this doesnt make sense...because if I go to any other carrier...they would give me a contract and I get the phone for $100...so why would this be a good buy? I am confused...looks like a backdoor contract entry ..no? Kate: I understand that the iPhone may sound expensive to you for now. However, the iPhone's price is already the best that we can offer considering that Virgin Mobile is a no contract wireless service. In the long run, you will be able to save more compared to signing up on a 2 year contract. You: oh ok... You: alright thanks for the help. appreciate it.. Kate: You're welcome. I'm delighted to let you know that by purchasing online with us today, you can take advantage of the current promotion, free shipping, free activation, a 1-year warranty and a 14-day Money Back Guarantee! Plus, you don't need to sign up for any contract. How does that sound to you? You: Let me do some calculations...off-hand I don't see any substantial differences....i'll write back.. thanks for the help.
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