"Nice try. That thing been $35 since the day it was available on Amazon."
"apple is against the government.... what if your child attacked or loved one is killed and all the information is on their device.... should the government not be able to enter the device"
Jack William
"When ever an application lunched first developers and company do the testing on it. They also call other developers from out side of the company and then they make a class on it after they lunched it. reviews"
"I will let you buy it and tell me"
"Nice!! Who knows when will this stuff be needed."
"Good PR stunt I'd say."
"I'm hoping the inductive charging gets done the right way and I'm in."
"No biggie with this finding and public release, an update can and will close the hole. Apple Pay is a huge deal for everyone involved, the SEP has to stay impenetrable. In my opinion, the SEP should've never been touched since there's already access to the NFC chip, it's doable tho."
Raas Al Ghul
"Calling on Apple Watch is not ideal a smart watch is great for simple apps and quick notifications and calling should be done on a phone"
Raas Al Ghul
"If this is a oled TV then that itself puts it in the premium price tag range OLED TVs are premium TVs"
Raas Al Ghul
"Imagine the Secure Enclave as a vault. Apple hung a big, dark curtain over it to prevent anyone from even seeing the vault. Now, that curtain has been opened and people can see the vault. The vault, however, is still locked as securely as ever. No one has broken into it and no one has even gotten any closer to breaking into it."
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