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Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 10 [Video]
Posted 26 minutes ago by M&M
WOW, so much of the good stuff copied 1:1 from OS-X and iOS, unbelievable! Anywy, apart from the ugly tiles it looks like a good thing and maybe it will push Apple to become customer friendlier again, to keep their users!
Yahoo Announces New 'Livetext' Video Messenger App for iOS [Video]
Posted 39 minutes ago by Nas
They basically brought Snapchat Periscope = LiveText Nice Combo!
Yahoo Announces New 'Livetext' Video Messenger App for iOS [Video]
Posted 45 minutes ago by M&M
Great! When will they re-introduce it to the Mac? After they stopped the Yahoo Messenger, this was not doable on the Mac anymore...
How to Set the Number of Rings Before Your iPhone Goes to Voicemail
Posted 58 minutes ago by Ariel Peeri
It works with minimum 10s. Tried for 5s got error.
Worldwide Tablet Market Declines 7%, iPad Market Share Falls Below 25% [Chart]
Posted 3 hours ago by Carlos Alberto Santos
Not everything in the "Other" category are cheap poor quality tablets. The quite decent Amazon Fire tablets are in that category.
Yahoo Announces New 'Livetext' Video Messenger App for iOS [Video]
Posted 4 hours ago by JT
When the.... Would you use this.!
Alympus Tweak Brings New App Switcher, Music Player, Toggles Screen to iOS
Posted 4 hours ago by igeli
Personally I would prefer an AUXO update, too. Nevertheless I think the 9cards AppSwitcher is gorgeous. Today i encountered an incompatibility with the stock MailApp; after de-installation Mail is working again. With next version of Alympus I try again, despite other glitches, like "too fluid" AppSwitcher pages and non-configurable TogglesScreen.
Twitter Updates Periscope With iOS 8 Handoff Support, Broadcast Stats, More
Posted 4 hours ago by Periscope Blog
Hi We're just Going to leave this here: periscopeblog (dot) com
Best Buy to Start Selling Apple Watch in August
Posted 4 hours ago by Araab
FUK u trolls
T-Mobile Announces Free Swap to iPhone 6s for iPhone 6 Buyers, Free Apple Music Streaming
Posted 5 hours ago by Jon1
It is NOT a FREE upgrade. The deal is a $15 a month LEASE. After 18 months the lease expires and you have to buy the phone, OR continue to pay $15 a month. that means Free is actually $180 per year, forever.. imo it is a better deal to buy the phone with monthly payments of $27, which have no interest, and after 24 months, you still own the phone, and you STOP paying monthly to buy or lease.
Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 10 [Video]
Posted 5 hours ago by Xarc
Whatever Microsoft does you people whine about. Apple goof off a lot yet, you don't say anything because you are all brainwashed and buying into the Apple nonsense. Stop whining, no one is forcing you to use Windows 10.
New York Film Festival to Screen 'Steve Jobs' Movie on October 3rd
Posted 5 hours ago by Jillxz
The man portraying Steve Jobs did not even remotely resemble Steve. I am sure there were more actors to choose from. I would never watch this movie because of that actor.
Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 10 [Video]
Posted 5 hours ago by Xarc
iPhone 7 Concept Features Wireless Charging Dock [Video]
Posted 5 hours ago by Faci
Android have already done this.Best wishes by us but its an old now.Dont copy. Try motlre advance and efficient thing now.
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