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How To Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6
Posted 29 minutes ago by Gabriel
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Google+ App Gets New Photos Features, Comment Editing, More
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Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 53 minutes ago by rupert everett
OH MY GOD :) THANK YOU MEN! AT FIRST I DON’T BELIEVE YOU BUT MEN THANKS A LOT :D i just have a question, why the game center can’t be connected while apps store is connected??
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 57 minutes ago by John T. Smith
Thank you very much sir. I activated my iPhone 5C, I can not believe that my iPhone works
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 59 minutes ago by Stuart Ashcroft
The whole process was so easy to follow. This was the software I was looking for. What a relief. Thnx to this site they helped me to bypass my iphone 5c icloud Lock. www.bypassicloudlock.net
Leaked Photos Show Assembled iPhone 6 Front Panel and Rear Shell for the First Time!
Posted 1 hour ago by Andreea
Did anyone noticed http://www.fastestiphoneunlock.com/ and http://www.unlockios7icloud.com/ does now have a download link to their updated tool which really bypasses iphone iCloud now?? Just download it and it REALLYYYY works! No carrier fix yet but they promise in a next update, bypass did work and my iphone did not reboot and I was able to use music and internet!
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 1 hour ago by Johnspencer
You can download the software to bypass icloud activation directly from (direct link no surveys) http://bypassicloudactivationslock.blogspot.com/ I just bypassed my ipad using the software provided in the above website. You can see lots of people claiming they have bypassed their device in their website.
How to Unlock Your 1.1.2, 1.1.3 OTB iPhone
Posted 1 hour ago by innovative
Nice article! Nowadays, many of the new arrival unlocking techniques are around there. We can't tell all the methods are fake or all are safe. Few techniques will give proper solution without bricking an iPhone. In my experience, Remote unlocking method is one of the safest unlocking solutions to unlock iPhones from carrier lock. It doesn't requires jailbreaking. Many of the providers offer this service with affordable price to open iPhone to work with all the GSM networks world-wide. We have to concentrate in winnowing unlocking method as well as unlocking provider. It’s very important. Before, getting unlocking service from any of the providers, you need to check whether they provide quality service, money-back guarantee, cost etc. Source : Unlock-Zone.com
Google+ App Gets New Photos Features, Comment Editing, More
Posted 1 hour ago by Instant decision loans
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Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 1 hour ago by Vishal Agrawal
an anyone send me the file? please here is my email agrasen2000rgh@gmail.com plss plss help me yrrr i cant dowload it taking survay i hv done many time but i stuck plss do sen the file
Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]
Posted 1 hour ago by mvk
VMware Fusion works great with OS X 10.10 DP6 without any upgrade
Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]
Posted 1 hour ago by Andy
This seems to fix it though... sudo /Applications/Parallels Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/Parallels Service.app/Contents/MacOS/prl_disp_service -e
Apple Releases Mac OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6
Posted 2 hours ago by Cristiano Collarin
Me too. Finder keep crashing. Any suggestion about to fix it?
Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by Andy
Ah, I'm not on DP6 yet...fortunately... http://forum.parallels.com/showthread.php?313860-Yosemite-DP-6-breaks-Parallels-9&p=747396
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