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PanguTeam Issues Update on iOS 8 Jailbreak
Posted 14 minutes ago by Dude
Should say issues "statement" not "update"
PanguTeam Issues Update on iOS 8 Jailbreak
Posted 22 minutes ago by Curtixman
Holy misleading much?!?!
Apple Submits Refined Plans for Phase 2 of Apple Campus 2 Construction
Posted 27 minutes ago by it's just you
This is the next troll for lying and spewing with hallucinations.
Reviews of New iPad Air 2 [Video]
Posted 31 minutes ago by it's just you
Didn't know you forgot to mention that you changed the fact it was answering your question, but instead you took all the responsibility for your own self. Jailbreak adds more but my point was you can do anything with it jail broken or not. It doesn't take long to do anyway. Ios is mainly like this because of the space it needs to save anyway like 8gb iPhones needed. Android only has here things because they don't know what they mainly mess up on no matter how much they add, but even with all these feature, half of them work. iOS can do anything right out of the box. Apple no longer innovates? Are you that ignorant? Apple made he hugest release of iphone ever along with major advanced improvements with ipad, and MacBooks continue to replace pc. What's your blind foolish excuse. That only thing ahead of Apple was screen size and ever was the purpose of competition, yet the main problem they couldn't fix was security issues. As many features android gets it just makes it more sluggish. iOS being jail broken doesn't make it as buggy as the molded robot. Apple knows how to bring revolutionary things even if it means spending millions, but either way it doesn't change the fact they're the top global brand in the world. You must be hallucinated into the knockoff versions aka Samsung. Iphone 6 plus is just another big screen phone with huge improvements ahead of its time compared to competition, same gimmick you are blinded into wIthout a damn comparison. You're just judging by looking at it. Like that's the best perspective for you? Please you careless shit. IPad Air 2 is a huge leap compared to the previous one, just a neglect jealous soul. I gave some thought on the Samsung tablet but no, I tried it once and it was a nightmare. Notifications made it freeze and sometimes pop up at the wrong time force closing my game. Same for Internet. Trying to get on wifi took more minutes just to load them. Sometimes it's even slow as slug. Why would people be shocked about ipad looking like the mini? It's doesn't even look like a stretched out version of it. The jaws always drop when realizing how much industry leading iPads always will be. Thanks to AirPlay, my business looked more professional thanks to iPads apps by Apple along with the AirPlay. Not to hard to connect to the server with it but it's that easy. My manager was blown away by how it all worked. He agreed on testing it out with numbers and keynote. He even mentioned the one I have (air) was perfect. Samsung tablets try to have more things but end up sluggish. It doesn't need that many features to even be perfect if it can't work that well. That's why jailbreaking was invented to help with finding the right device that takes advantage of working perfectly. I can add things all I want to it and still end up being more functional than ever other os or tablet, even if counts as making it any simpler. As far as desktop functions go, it obviously does that. Did you not catch the 64 bit features ipad was enabling since the air? Things you find on computers are on the iPad. LITTERALY!!! Even back in high school, windows 7 was actually running on my teachers ipad all because of AirPlay which is known as air serve due to how that's used, even if you count the wireless keyboard it can completely do that and nearly work like a computer so there may be a change it will replace the mbp but for me I want tablets the way they are not trying to be a 2-in-1 desktop because of how it's built. I even find the 360 rotation computer no reason. It just makes a bulky thick looking tablet. Back to ipad, they're the future as long as Apple will lead and always will be. Jail broken or not, still BADASS. Apple did do a lot more other than improving the parts. Get with it. Gold ipad along with nfc, Touch ID, hd display, portable, and much more. What more do you need. It's PERFECT!! Come on, get serious. Even if you had to wait next year, who knows what will be next? Apple releases anything that's better but not a copy of anything even if count your careless lies. Ipad can teach, entertain, create, browse, it's a speed demon, thinnest yet improved in every corner of it, and much more! It defined what you Dow it's tablet! Better than professional Samsung tablets that expand as always! Harharharharharhar
AT&T is Locking Down the New Apple SIM After It's Activated on Their Network
Posted 35 minutes ago by Gadgetrevue
SIM cards are now essentially free (just call or stop by a store and see if they won't give you one) and if AT&T wants to disable multi-IMSI Apple SIM cards that's their prerogative but the public should know that it's shady business and judge them accordingly. If you want to have multiple data plans with different carriers for coverage issues then carry around multiple SIM cards and a SIM ejector. Problem solved. I don't think that the appleSIM allows you to have multiple carriers at once anyhow, only that you can swap when needed but that's a semi permanent until you swap carriers (unless the carrier pulls and "AT&T" and locks down that AppleSIM.
AT&T is Locking Down the New Apple SIM After It's Activated on Their Network
Posted 41 minutes ago by Gadgetrevue
The real news is that all cellular iPads work with EVERY carrier. Fulfills one of my life long dreams of not just carrier agnostic hardware (complete UNLOCK) but also spectrum agnostic. Cellular chips used to be so clunky that each device needed to decide at the factory which group of providers to support. Apple fixed that in the iPhone 4s but carriers decided to force them to firmware lock out their competitors and therefore reduce competition.
Saurik Releases Cydia Substrate 0.9.5013 With Support for iOS 8
Posted 1 hour ago by Daniel ortega
Lest bring GeoHot on the table, this mother F chinese pangu what they need to do is play with their peene weenies and leave our fruit alone!!!!
Reviews of New iPad Air 2 [Video]
Posted 1 hour ago by Rashaad Sallie
Hahahahaha your argument is baseless and the fact that a iPad only has possibilities once jailbroken - its pretty much limited if not jailbroken. Everything you mentioned here the Samsung does WITHOUT having to root or jailbreak it. It does it all right out the box. Anyway once again like I said I know Apple products - I used to sell them too, but Apple no longer innovates and other companies have caught up. Each company copies the next. Apple makes people excited over trivial things because they know how to do it - they spend BILLIONS in research and put out videos and advertising and make you believe you need THEIR product - even if someone already had the same product before. The iPhone 6+ is just another bigger phone - same software. iPad Air 2 is just another thinner iPad - same as before. I have done my research and weight every pro and con wether to have an ipad or Galaxy Note - I sold my ipad and bought the galaxy, and I gave myself two weeks with the galaxy. After two weeks I did more with it than I ever did with the ipad. Even taking the 12.2 tablet out my bag with people who own iPads their jaws dropped and made their ipads look like iPad mini's. I was in a meeting and 6 of us had tablets, all had iPads and i had the note. I was the only one who could immediately get the presentation files from the person who gave the presentation while the others would have to wait until it gets emailed to them. I won the contract !. i tendered for a job and displayed my Behance portfolio to a client - he loved the screen size and said my worked looked stunning on the samsung and yet he has a iPad. The Samsung Note Pro can do EVERYTHING the ipad can do and more - easier too. Its a tool and not a Fashion statement. If you are a productive person then you would use any tool that did the job best. Yes Apple is the leader in introducing the tablet market, but the rest have caught up. No tablet YET can fully replace a laptop - not even the iPad, but soon people will be wanting to do that and companies will be getting their employees tablets but they will require bigger screens and easier ways to transfer files - not everyone lives in places where wifi and fast internet is available. Here in South Africa we hardly use cloud services because of our high internet costs. So I think if Apple want to get into leading the tablet war - they will have to make the next iPad so powerful that it can COMPLETELY replace my rMBP - for now its just a tablet with a small screen. The Samsung Galaxy 12.2 inch screen is so close to a 13-inch MBP that you could pass it as a almost complete replacement. Its even bigger than Apples 11-inch MacBook Air and has more features. The iPad is so yesterday but of course Apple made a huge hype about how thin it is - hooo haaa. Again a iPad is USELESS unless jailbroken - you said it yourself. Thats brings me right back to the words I used in my first post - USELESS. Apple could have done alot more - lets face it. A gold iPad? A thinner iPad, a better camera? come on Apple - get real. Whats next year - a even thinner one? its kind of stale now. Ill stick with my 12.2 inch Galaxy Note Pro for a year and see what Apple releases then - probably just a copy of what I already have. Anyway Im done - Im happy and I have welcomed the Samsung tablet into my Apple family.... and somehow it seems to be used more than the other devices - from drawing, browsing, watching movies, emailing, Remote desktoping, gaming, working, streaming CNN and BBC, reading magazines and multitasking to lasting over 10 hours battery life a day - Now THAT is what you call a PROFESSIONAL TABLET.
Apple Submits Refined Plans for Phase 2 of Apple Campus 2 Construction
Posted 1 hour ago by justabrake
it's funny Samsung builds factories and apple builds buildings for company employees !
iH8Sn0w Releases R0bf0rdsn0w iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser?
Posted 2 hours ago by Hanry
i unlock icloud on iPhone 5 whit software from this page : http://goo.gl/JDxD3E
Yahoo! Weather App Gets Animated Radar
Posted 3 hours ago by alikhan_095
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Ralph Nader Slams Tim Cook for Buying Back Stock Instead of Helping Impoverished Workers
Posted 4 hours ago by it's just you
Over spewing ranting shit on a letter that he is so picky about and you gimmick the worst of it! Therby you have no soul yet this puts a ginormous a shit ton of lies of neglecting myth on you and no one else gives a damn.
Apple Offers Camera+ as a Free Download Via the Apple Store App
Posted 4 hours ago by hUGO
Same error this code has already used and I'm using UK Apple Store. Any idea?
Ralph Nader Slams Tim Cook for Buying Back Stock Instead of Helping Impoverished Workers
Posted 4 hours ago by it wasnt me
overly strict demands on product quality without providing worker training for the corresponding skills. this turns out products that have no standards, and ultimately put a tremendous amount of pressure on workers and Apple is allowing it.
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