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Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 16 minutes ago by Chris
Just like the optical drive on the MacBook Air. Now, you can download pretty much anything instead on getting it on a disc.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 2 hours ago by Nopoorrichforever
People moved away from floppy disks long ago. SD cards are the new version.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 2 hours ago by .
First off, you should have rephrased what I was clarifying. I was questioning your gibberish shirt for a reason. Nothing can't be ruined if it's not released or not finished. There's no way of telling without seeing the finished product yet you blame me for a small recap? Second, what's not so great about iOS devices now? Apple fixed every problem for the 6s the 6 has had and what this says is not only about s models always fixing everything which shows the effort apple still puts in to this day but about how much you know in order to throw me into it. If you're going to make a real comeback, how about showing evidence and making relatable comparisons rather than showing off for yourself. I'll have you know though I have graduated while passing English TSI which means I was already good enough not to take the classes to make up the credit, thereby I already had the English course complete. You need knowledge in order to understand who needs English with some enlighten understanding.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 2 hours ago by Nogunssaveslives
IF this rumor is true, it brings up an interesting discussion. Is it possible that by removing the headphone jack Apple is innovating? Leading us to a new age of wireless or at least improved sound technology? In the late 90s early 2000s Apple stopped putting floppy disks on computers and people were outraged. Could you imagine if Apple still put floppy drives on computers? Sometimes you have to ruffle some feathers if you want to advance technologically. I know it's inconvenient for you. I know you are going to need adapters and whatnot for the next few years, but what this does is push headphone producers and speaker manufacturers to update their technology, to make more wireless products. This is the kind of thing that sparks innovation, and while it may be annoying for 2 years, after that we realize how much better it is than the old way. Patience is required sometimes in the world of technology.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 3 hours ago by Nogunssaveslives
So many grammar mistakes my friend. If you're going to try to elevate yourself to a higher intellectual level than that of those criticizing you, i suggest you learn how to properly use the english language, or at least proofread your argument. Good day to you sir.
How to Get the Apple Watch User Interface on Your iPhone
Posted 3 hours ago by Sathmina
the best english mag http://en-tipsntricks.blogspot.com/
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 3 hours ago by miha
i predict there will be new iphone 7 with standard 3,5mm headphone jack. all you morons who think other way, are just morons.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 3 hours ago by miha
hehe you are talking total shit.. they finaly droped 10 year old connector, and thank god they did it.. and second, you are depending on some untrue shit talking rumors.. what this tell me about you? that you are stupid.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 5 hours ago by M!Do Space
Hey what about the shorter version of the jack that Apple has registered a patent for earlier, and is expected to be used with the iPod Nano?
Apple Launches the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 22 New Countries Today
Posted 5 hours ago by Millz
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Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 6 hours ago by Guido Meyer
I still haven an iPhone 4S. First they changed the way you charge it so I would have to throw away all my charging equipment (or buy some adapters). Then they got bigger (which I don't want). Now the headphones. How am I suppose to use my external microphone without a headphone jack? Every new iPhone is worse than the generation before.
Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
Posted 10 hours ago by The iDevice Pro
No...what I'm saying is that the iPhone itself used to be great. Disposing of the headphone jack would be a selfish and unwise decision in that 1) a proprietary cord would be needed to play music to standard speakers devices, and 2) it is only a move to increase income due to sales of said proprietary interface. I'm also saying that if you are going to question my thoughts or posts, maybe you should better understand the English language and what context is when referring to a subject. Both of your posts are barely intelligible in the fashion in which they are written. Find a better translating program, it just flat-out learn English if you are going to troll English-based sites.
Apple to Begin Using OLED Displays for the iPhone in 2018?
Posted 10 hours ago by Curtis
OLED is superior tech. It's not a debate. That's just the facts. It way more likely that Apples newest phone will have Quantum Dot LCD or just continue to have a standard ips display though. I really doubt they will go to OLED. My best is quantum dot because it sounds cool like eyesite camera or Retina display and will make for better marketing.
iPhone 6k Concept With Slide Out Physical Keyboard [Video]
Posted 11 hours ago by Robin Williams (Chuck Norris)
Hey... Back to the Future day is over! No more stupid ideas like this that will never happen! Plus... that is kinda ridiculous
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Apple to Drop Headphone Jack for iPhone 7?
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