drigo marki
"Wow, what a clueless, biased comments here. So called middle class (these people who mostly adding comments here) obviously have no clue what is going on in the US these days. Also, I can see a lot of health system experts here. I just wish all of you were called and helped with you expertise. And maybe you can help with political system, news networks, choosing right candidates for president, fix college prices, etc. But wait, you rather just place comments and save some money which otherwise you will spent for bunch of sessions with psychotherapist and meds. Aren't you lucky that forums and comments exist on the internet? If not, you will end up in sanatorium long time ago. Have a nice day and keep up a good work by keeping us up to date with current situation on this planet and your expertise."
"iPhone owns Google phone. Google is still playing catch up!"
"Wasn't there a rumour that the Mac Mini could get turned into a Mac on a stick - would possibly work on ARM Too"
Posted September 30, 2016 at 7:45pm
"iPhone owns Google phone. Google is still playing catch up!"
Slide It In Right To The Top
"I don't see a difference besides the larger buttons on the immediate right and left. Keyboard looks smaller than normal. I still have an iPhone 5 so I don't need this tweak for what they say it's meant for. My device is the perfect size."
"Um where is for my rose gold?"
"Well i dont think that that is possible since the apple keybords are aluminum and they wont stick to the magnets."
"No 3rd party keyboard compares to apples original. My only complaint with the larger phones is he size of the keyboard. Apple, please release this for all users. "
Not Cable
"This is more about content like hbo than the tv/cable assets acquired when Charter bought time warner cable and became spectrum."
Not Cable
"This has nothing to do with the spectrum acquired part of time warner cable. This is more of an acquisition of hbo and time warner owned networks not the cable/internet side."
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