Ameer suhail
"Dose this fix battery problems..?"
"?!?! What are you smoking?"
"That is OTA (over the air). When you do download this, it is faster, smaller. Doing it from the computer, will download the whole OS, and replace everything. You may prefer from your computer as it will replace all the files, eliminating bad files from the possibilities. "
Noemi Montalvo
"I developed a rash and broken skin in the area where the face of the watch touch the skin. The area in which the watch is charged. This happened the first day I wore my watch."
"What's the purpose for users to update Google malware and spyware?"
"Scary news for Google. "
"Will Samsung reveal a fire extinguisher as a must have accessory for S8?"
"This can work on a iphone 5s gsm?"
Posted December 28, 2016 at 3:38pm
"No mention of the Battery Life problem with the 2016 MBP? What a fuckingg joke."
"I myself am an iPhone user... but I have to admit the Samsung does pack a punch. iPhone has really fallen behind, the phone and overall customer experience with Apple is a bag of w**k... Tim Cook is really killing off apple enthusiasts. I used to be an avid apple fan... but slowly I'm wandering over to the android side. Just so you know it's my personal opinion. "
Jennifer B
"I have a problem with a signature that has picture between lines of text (one line of text then png then three lines of text. It looks great in the Signature composer, but when I select the signature in a new message window, padding (looks like two line spaces) is added above and below the png. Any ideas?"
"This didn't bring back the option. Should it still work?"
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