Richard Burns
"how small can peoples dick be who come to an apple tech site and constantly call the best products in the world which sell the most (so literally the best, not just imo) garbage because they don't like it (preference) or they can't afford it. i'd say you are garbage, your gf is garbage, you work and your life is garbage. "
"So much innovation! Not...."
"No it took taking the iPhone to a Genius Bar for it to get the battery replaced. The iPhone 6 and 6S models "
"You must be part of the 20-30%"
"Still shut down at 40% in cold weather"
"Please work more on smart houses and the IoT. No more Siri and emojis. Im so sick of Alexa and it's poor UI and integration. "
"Same here..."
"P.S. DrAndrew, this is an iPhone app to get the lastest news and updates regarding 'iphones' fair point taken. But that doesn't stop me commenting on any 'samsung' lastest news or updates. Theirs a difference, figured out between the two yet?"
"It's a page where I can state the facts. I ain't no fan boy in neither of the phones. I'd rather have a phone explode than a device spying on me, my data, where I go and my whole identity. You jerks got nothing better to say other than 'hope the next Samsung phone doesn't explode'. I mean, don't you know anything else better than that? "
Jacob 87
"Unfortunately it is too late. Apple is already doomed. "
Monica Lewinski
"Will it bend and has antennae issue? "
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