"Free palestine you asswipe! Hahaha"
"Wow, talk about trying to make lies in order for you buthurt fandroid defending die hard zombified rotten corpses. Lets here's a reality check in order to educated yourselves. iPhone never had any same so-called crap design when in reality, you braindead blind neglected shit can't even bother to look at iPhones from the inside out and from all angles or at least give a damn or 2 to test any of them out before assuming what you expect, not to mention Apple did invent a bigger screen since 2007 when smartphone screens started to get bigger. All Samsung did was expand on the idea. When iPhone 6 came out, not only did they expand on there size variety with THEIR OWN MATERIALS THEY USED TO MAKE THEIR PHONES, but it came with laminated display Samsung copied. Want to know the real difference between the 2 phones overall? The comparison between a phone that is optimized with how it's all coded to run flawlessly and doesn't take longer than it does on ANY ANDROID THIS FAR with extra ram (along with the so-called crappy 1080p resolution) unlike the writing and processing with unoptimization that galaxy is with Java. To flat out call something that clearly won with real specs just so you can make up any more gullible excuses right out of your ass is just further pushing your limits of buthurt and just want to hear what you want. You must be this brainwashed to be this foolish to go out of your way. It takes a f@g to know one! The note 7 is nothing greater display or not. Either way, it doesn't change when it all boils down to what processes the games no matter what screen is being used, but that's just a fractional the chips power compared to that! Putting any kind of panel on a phone wont make a difference in speed because it doesn't affect how quick a phone will turn on, how smooth everything will run like I said. You have the real deal of tests no matter what changes or modifications are made regardless of computer knowledge which is beside the point just because one mistakingly mentions what number of cores means! Whoop de doo!! If benchmark of quad core destroys the iPhone, show us your test then when we have seen countless galaxy owned knockouts unless you're trying to cover that buthurt feelings of yours just to wipe your sobbing ass off you! Note 7 isn't as ahead as you think and like I said, saying what you think doesn't mean it's true. S pens are now better thanks to Apple Pencil, they got laminated displays after Apple did, and to top it all off, anything Apple came out with first they copied. Making it better is nothing, it still shows that they still need Apple for the ideas. If there's one thing force touch did, it expanded on in-game features, but at least it's new rather than being based off something already done which you didn't prove either just like the "same" limited simple designed os that has changed so it's time to get real, some eyes, and a brain! Can't stand people if you can even call them this when they can't even research shit and spew out what they expect even a company that always acts like they're the best at everything just to express themselves like hacks and clearly shows back with your head up yours!!! L@WLOL"
Gilbert Nyandoro
"I'm a Chartered Certified Accountant being an ACCA member and would love to get involved. I'm a avid Apple products user and this suits me a great deal. Please advise."
"Milk music ain't even on the list. lol"
"Great! - Security risk hahahaha, like Apple doesnt have an security risks, that is why every version there is a jailbreak, you are stupid just like any other apple lover. Whats a matter, why dont you say it, for once your iPhone 7 is a crap camera! CRAP that what you get with a 1000 device, crap! 1080P screen, Same Design oh sorry with one antenna band removed lol... Thats a feature too and a new painted high quality gloss with a new feature, scratches by holding it lol... Ya I know what you going to say Note 7 explodes as a excuse. First come to the KING of phone category. Who was the one who made a bigger screen? Samsung, who followed? Apple. Seems to me like the iPhone 7 will take a dip, its no different. Water proof? new feature, NOPE SAMSUNG had it way before for years. Android is better then a stupid locked down OS that the same design as the 3GS with limitation of not doing anything with the phone. If you see it like that, then when you buy anything from a house or car, dont modify nothing leave it the way it is. Samsung is light years ahead of apple, the only good thing about apple is the software, and even that crashes more than you think, I have all the iphones and samsung models, so I have a right to speak, I do reviews, so shut the heck up, before saying something stupid. They both force close and crash. Want a solid OS, go to an Blackberry OS not the one that running android the other one which was impossible to hack, thats more solid then your stupid Apple. "
"This will be the spy-Phone as they use FB for spying"
"This will end Apple.. This is the real i-Phone "
Just saying
"Mr. Cook - How about Steve Jobs's Syrian roots? Can you sleep your nights by supporting country that keeps killing innocent decade after decade!? I bet SJ is turning in his grave... R.I.P. I really hope this is just silly Rumour or else will have to start boycot Apple products."
"The differences between any of them are statistically insignificant. One must choose a phone for other reasons besides the camera. "
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