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This Text Message Can Crash Any iPhone [Video]
Posted 2 minutes ago by Clock
Yes the problem comes if a person who sent the text in "unicode" format with the message below, From an online webpage - to mobile SMS that doesn't allow replies. Entire organizations could be without SMS services on their Apple devices. Message: لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗
This Text Message Can Crash Any iPhone [Video]
Posted 22 minutes ago by Carsten
What I find most annoying is that all these tech sites mentioning this bug blatantly mention the string you need to enter. My wife's youngest found it very funny to send me this text this morning. I was pissed as hell. Good thing he messaged me again shortly after because that resolved the issue. But why do sites think they do us a favour by mention what exactly can cause a bug. Good for them I don't live in the U.S., because I would have sued them all on a drop of a dime.
This Text Message Can Crash Any iPhone [Video]
Posted 23 minutes ago by Guy928292
I dont know if this has been found before or not. But i think i stepped on something totoally unsual. If you recieve a text message from att domain your text message app will never open again. Try texting yourself example yournumber@txt.att.net from email account. Your text app will keep crashing not sure if this is IOS bug but happen to my three different iphones.
This Text Message Can Crash Any iPhone [Video]
Posted 30 minutes ago by moesmanden
LOL AT YOU IPHONE retards!!!!!! :P
iPad Used By Special Education Teachers to Motivate Learning, Improve Social Interactions [Video]
Posted 36 minutes ago by marta123
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Jony Ive Has Double the Patents of Thomas Edison
Posted 1 hour ago by RamziAmmari
Not even close This guy is. A brilliant designer - but won't come close to Edison . Comparing apples to oranges . It's actually an insult to Edison . And it's probably a good idea to reveal more about some of his biggest patents so we can put things into prospective specially when apply patent everything and anything and put its name on it
Microsoft Announces Cortana for iPhone and Android Devices
Posted 1 hour ago by GoogleDezNuttZ
One word on Google, "Privacy" Ain't got it!
Where to Download the TaiG Jailbreak From
Posted 2 hours ago by Gustavo Diaz
I Want My Money back asap does not wok
Steve Jobs Suggests Blu-Ray on Mac Not Coming Soon
Posted 3 hours ago by christophery
I use Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player to playback Blu-ray now. http://www.macblurayplayer.com/ Waiting for apple blu-ray player...
Microsoft Officially Announces the Surface 3 Tablet [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by jamesbarber
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Onion Browser for iOS Lets You Access the Internet Anonymously via Tor
Posted 3 hours ago by AlanWade
Yes PureVPN
Windows 10 Said to Run Better On the New MacBook Than OS X
Posted 3 hours ago by humm?
well if you are running things in 25% resolution just like a game you will get higher fps no? DDUUUHHHH
Internet Speed Test: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge vs. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by hellllllo
or the samsung bluetooth 4 issues that have persisted since it launched 2012
It's Faster to Charge the Apple Watch Using the 6-Pin Accessory Port [Video]
Posted 4 hours ago by morganc
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It's Faster to Charge the Apple Watch Using the 6-Pin Accessory Port [Video]
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