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How to Get the New Redesigned Twitter Profile Now
Posted 5 minutes ago by mehreen ali syed
twitter gets redesigned i read this news on www.dailynewscompany.com but ur details and content is best and comprehensive. thanks for sharing keep it up
Hands-On With an Alleged Case for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 [Video]
Posted 6 minutes ago by Fukran John
It's not due. It's just the time. As you look at the history , appple always wait for Samsung and other companies to come up with the same and then copy. In this scenario, its the right time for iSheeps as they always get 2nd hand technology.
Animals Playing On iPads [Video]
Posted 14 minutes ago by Fukran John
lol. These are our iSheeps here. Atlast its confirmed that (though everyone know earlier that these devices are for animals but hesitant to admit ) iDevices are more suitable for animals . HOROFLX HAHAHAH
iH8Sn0w Releases R0bf0rdsn0w iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser?
Posted 26 minutes ago by Mellonhead
Anyone find out the damn password yet? All you fuckerz with your fake scams and bullshit site's can suck my big dick! People like yous need a bitch slap to remind you of how much of a fuck-up yous are!! If I figure the password out ill post it up here? Because I'm not a fuck-up.... I've tried everything? But nothing spitz out the right password, so I'm going to use Hex Editor Neo and see if I can grab it that way! I know Hex Editor Neo let's me put any baseband into evasion7 so I can jailbreak it, but I'm trying to figure out how to remove the ( The Attached device is not activated, you need to activate it before you can apply the jailbreak ) other people should use Hex Editor Neo to change any program the way you need it, and once you figure out how to do that we all would have a copy of a jailbreak tool to work anyway we like!!! There's too many retards making money off of people that are trying anything to get their device fixed that bought their device and got scammed after a upgrade!! The people that make these programs should have it the people should have to put their name on this one bulletin board with the IMEI they unlocked? That way the honest people can get their device bypassed and the thief's will get busted if someone recognizes their IMEI, then the Poe Poe gets involved on the owners request? Help out people let's get this password!!
Fight of the iPhone 6 Concepts [Images]
Posted 51 minutes ago by Samsung sShit
How about fight for the final design, why listen to renders by fans?
Animals Playing On iPads [Video]
Posted 52 minutes ago by Samsung sShit
Unless they didn't have claws which licking the screen or paw touching can't easily damage it.
Apple's 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 is So Thin That Suppliers Are Struggling to Produce Batteries For It?
Posted 53 minutes ago by Samsung sShit
Steve or not, there is no hope for you either way. Samshit can't do a crap like apple, you got malware sucking your samsheep zombie brains, that's how yours work to scrape up myths. Get it through and wake up to reality, when was the last time gaylaxy succeeded without jobs. Sure let's just keep increasing the size year by year users will be so happy to not fit it in any sized pocket and soon have two people to use the phone easily and hold it. Wanting gaylaxy shit is like wanting bigger table that's too tall for you and love it. That's samshit strategy for ya.
How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 5G on iOS 7 Using Evasi0n (Windows)
Posted 56 minutes ago by Rahul KULKARNI
Works greatly...mine is JailBreaked now yipeeeee!!!
NYT: Apple's iPhone 5s Beats Samsung's Galaxy S5 By Just About Every Major Measure
Posted 57 minutes ago by Lumpia worshippers above and below
A bunch of reality thereby good and healthy shit.
Fight of the iPhone 6 Concepts [Images]
Posted 1 hour ago by Great!
Maybe cos Galaxy resembles the iPhone.
Hands-On With an Alleged Case for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 [Video]
Posted 1 hour ago by Great!
Maybe they are going full wireless?
Animals Playing On iPads [Video]
Posted 1 hour ago by Symen
This is awesome! Thx iClarfied this is a lot better than stupid tuts about nothingxD
Apple's 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 is So Thin That Suppliers Are Struggling to Produce Batteries For It?
Posted 1 hour ago by Apple Sh!t
Thief job is fuking dead, don't hope for miracle iShit, your brain needs thicker skin, we can all se all the crap inside brain.
How to Migrate Your MobileMe Account to iCloud
Posted 2 hours ago by DNA64
It's funny I was just trying to find and old post and found your comment. I don't subscribe to these which is why I never replied. At any rate, my online names origin comes from the Commodore 64 :P @Curious As for why I said to read the terms of service and didn't elaborate, it's because I was hoping people would actually READ IT. The "freaky" stuff I think I was referring to was the complete lack of privacy and the viewing and monitoring of your private content that you upload to the iCloud. And the fact that if you delete something they still have the files. To be honest it was so if you or anyone reading this hasn't read it yet, you might want to. It certainly wasn't something I was going to agree to, and they're betting most people wont read it.
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