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Apple Ranked as 8th Best Global Brand in 2011
Posted 25 minutes ago by arvinerich
How about the fresh lists of Best Global brand form 2012 to 2015, did Apple still on the top. I hope so, as this is the best brand ever. The site http://eatmywords.com/tips/choosing-a-naming-firm/, actually is one of the best source why this company successfully established their brand name worldwide.
Apple Updates Its Trademark in Switzerland to Cover Vehicles
Posted 1 hour ago by Yoron
The automotive industry is no longer the American big three and imports--Tesla has proven that. Apple has the financial reserves and name recognition to pull it off; and if they don't? At least they tried; it won't break them as a company. Matter of fact, battery technology applies to just about everything they make.
YouTube Now Defaults to HTML5 Video Player Instead of Flash
Posted 1 hour ago by christinepace
Though youtube has been launched in 2005 it has been mainly used for the purpose of marketing in the early stages. yes, in those days, online writing websites such as dissertation writing service reviews websites has been introduced in online.so, in order to promote those websites youtube has been used by the websites owners. Later on only,google have found this and stopped such spamming websites as later on many fake writing websites have been launched worldwide.
Samsung Officially Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by SAMSUNGBEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make believer- Very different on the outside, what are you talking about, the completely changed the designed, they upgraded from plastic to metal, and to have a curved glass and a bent screen to accommodate that thats engineering, so what you want, they have wireless charging built in a device charges in 10 min for 4 hours of average usage, and 30 min of full charge from 0-100 percent thats innovation, your going to say what you want it copied apple blah blah sorry to break it to you but apple wasnt the first company to put glass in the front or back, other phones had it way before apple. Secondly Android is a open platform which means you can do whatever the heck you want with it, unlike the close boring system of iOS its like a knockoff of Blackberry dont let you do anything. Also keep in mine the display is 2K and has more pixels then your stupid iPhone 6 plus which is still at 1080p even with that crappy screen, you cannot even use it for more than 4 hours. Stupid phone. How I know, I have all the phones from Samsung to latest iPhone 6 Plus so dont tell me otherwise im a developer and know more about phones and technology then you. First you diss Samsung because its not premium metal, now it has gone metal and you still find reason your a poor excuse for a human. I have news for you look at the benchmark, seems like S6 smoked your stupid iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, what you have to say to that! Oh and by the way, if Apple is such a DESIGNER why is it that SAMSUNG made chips run your devices and why is that SAMSUNG EXNOS has 8 cores, ( 4 + 4 ) not true 8 cores, its quad core and smokes your ass. Could be that touchwiz is crap, ok it is and your point, the iOS 8 isnt any better crashes freezes reboots too.. Put cygenmod and then it will smoke the benchmarks even more. The oneplusone which is a new company has more features that your stupid iphone, and your NFC is only limited to Apple Pay a useless feature that only work with that, and 10 percents of merchants WOW NICE DESIGN... LOL its nothing more than a joke! And hackers already hacked your stupid SO SECURE APPLE PAY.... http://www.benzinga.com/exclusives/14/12/5111856/did-apple-pay-just-become-easier-to-hack whats a matter your so secure figure print scanner and unable to hack just got hacked. its crap so is the phone and the stupid Apple Pay, go with Samsung at least you can use it on all 90 percents of stores... Samsung is a technology company not a fashion designer that has no tech under it.
Google Confirms It's Launching a Mobile Network
Posted 2 hours ago by donuthands
This is exactly what Republic Wireless is already doing at extremely low prices. Very interested to see what Google will bring to this model. Big downside is the need for phones that are custom designed for this purpose to switch between cellular and wifi on the fly. At least thats how it is with Republic.
This is Microsoft's New Spartan Browser Featuring Cortana Integration [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by Meh
Windows has a fitness band already
This is Microsoft's New Spartan Browser Featuring Cortana Integration [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by Lolwut
What copy? This is just another catch up on Apple ideas that have been out for years Microsoft can barely keep up with anything. It took years to make a phone, assistant, tablet, their own so-called laptop, now their own browser. Didn't take that long to knockoff CarPlay. What's next, their watch that will come after 3 years of Apple watch?
This is Microsoft's New Spartan Browser Featuring Cortana Integration [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by Nat
Troll will gimmick a myth and call it an excuse. Now that's comedy. HARHARHARHARHARHAR
Samsung Officially Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by drip
Because there are other cheap/with better specs/userpreffered Android phones? HTC,Asus,LG,etc. you name it. So the Android market is divided but what if you combine them all?
Samsung Officially Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by drip
Simple, not all/every country have cheap, fast, reliable or easy access to internet to always be connected to the cloud specially in 3rd/4th world countries with their corrupt government/companies that provides dialup speed with ridiculous price. Good for you if you live in a decent country. Also, games/apps this days or in the future are becoming LARGER and not smaller, heck 2-5gb games are becoming common that eats alot of space so having an extra storage via microSD keeps your internal storage free and less bloated and safe from accidental/sudden system errors when you have backed up on your microSD when going to reflash/factory reset with less hastle when there is no Internet or PC. Also the advantage of being able to easily replace your phones batteries pre Samsung models increases longetivity/even use higher capacity batteries to increase usage hours.
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 3 hours ago by paulljohn
Free icloud activation bypass service @ www.fe\gd/VlN change \ between fe and gd with .
HTC Officially Unveils the HTC One M9 [Photos]
Posted 3 hours ago by Pitandara
Nothing much changed
This is Microsoft's New Spartan Browser Featuring Cortana Integration [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by Fino
Apple will copy this and call it innovation. HAHA...BAABAA
Apple Surpassed Samsung to Become World's Largest Smartphone Maker in Q4 2014 [Chart]
Posted 4 hours ago by Nat
No duh, not the same anything fits everyone. You have a point with quantity, but it's just an article over how many phones were sold. That's all there is here.
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