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Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 9 seconds ago by Jessica Haze
BEst tool Ever. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident, and I am Happy :D I Bypass iCloud lock.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 1 minute ago by Tony
Another sore loser. Keep them coming guys! Samsung can't even innovate it's own operating system, they are dependant on Google. Cheap Koren hardware. No user experience of their own. <----------------hahahahahaha, you must be so stupid... Samsung can't innovate, lets see QUAD HD screen, QUAD CORE CPU even OCTO CORE cpu, who cares if Samsung works with Google, google is way more richer then apple will ever be, and secondly, thats what you use to search for shit... Your stupid crapple cannot even play flash, and you cannot even stream your own events if you dont have apple computer or iphone how stupid is that. And its the same icons and design since the original iphone, now they come up with a new SO CALLED design, what now instead of flat edges it has rounded edges and NFC ( 3 year technology) and they call is crapple pay, which is imitation of google pay, which only works in US lol hahahaah. iPhone 6 and yet still no FULL HD, unless you go with the pregnancy model iPhone 6 +.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 1 minute ago by Great!
Apple's strategy is wholistic and only includes features that meet their exacting criteria to further their strategy. If that particular feature eg NFC is not useful at the time, then they will defer. They aren't interested in being first with useless features. So Samsung fans, you can go on being smug at having features first, but Apple fans prefer the Apple's strategy that looks at the entire ecosystem. To each their own. We will see who's strategy wins out in the end.
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 6 minutes ago by ashref
couldnt download the tool, i would really appreciate it if someone sent it to me, creepthegreat@gmail.com
First Mobile Phone Sidewalks Spotted in China [Photo]
Posted 11 minutes ago by NoGoodNick
There's no sense using the mobile phone lane. You're best chance of not walking into someone is using the regular lane where oncomers can see you approaching. In the mobile lane, no one is looking at anything besides their phones.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 37 minutes ago by Lolwut
Now this is what not comparing is like. Exactly my point as I mentioned exactly. Just assume every shit they expect yet they can't win in courts. Showing jealousy at its very finest! Kudos assamsung. Keep juicing these rotten souls. You can't even target your products anyway. Too worried about the competition because you know how better they are.cwhy else were they mentioned in the first place? LAWLXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 38 minutes ago by luke bryan
Thanks bro for this solutions, work very good. My iphone 4 I bypas on iOS 7. And like to tell that the bypassicloudlockios7 is the best site in the world for me.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 44 minutes ago by Samsung Bibitch
Now this what getting milked in the ass is like. We love being fooled and blinded by our wannabe master always playing blame game, getting caught red handed in courts 24/7 then spew more ads to patch the scars in our rotten souls in the most weakest attempt to comeback yet. Apple copied the bigger screen? Explain what happened back in 2007 then, oh wait keep ignoring reality because that's always our main game plain and simple. It's the taste of cum we bent over for. What a conspiracy from galaxy and the black hole anus. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 46 minutes ago by Edd Juglans
Many thanks, i got the New Apple ID in my email 30 min late, but you did it Folks, thanks
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 47 minutes ago by Asspamsung
Now this is an all time low! After all the claiming and myth believing, they think they can blame apple over waiting till the last minute to make a bigger screen? They can't even face reality but instead take this fed up crap any longer now! When iPhone made a screen bigger than the old school phones assamsung didn't bother changing, they moved on to. Truth hurts doesn't it and they also forgot to mention that that's the only work they bother doing for products and they can thank apple for bringing them here today. Monkey see monkey do any every crapcity assasmgun bibitch knows the the scrars left in their rotten souls because they can't take the lame ass butthurt in their brain facts anymore. They are as pathetically delusional underachieving this level 24/7 no matter how much truth hurts up their desperate anus they always go their way, that's the way of life. All you need is the same bland shit with "samsung" on in then they'll claim it better all they want, they'll never realize what blind foolish myths they can't live without then they'll guarantee it a bargain even for such worthless knockoff which always has been especially when it came to size and the outselling, we all know what it's like to you. Spew same crap in general, print in on the plastic junk, there you go, worthless quality toy cum for these scrawny worshippers no matter how fooled you are, simple as it is! Make one similar and add a name like active, player, explorer, etc, or just throw in any name that barely is changed, then simple as that, they got money to throw away from samsheeps, but how many will be sold this time judging from surveys and the awards they wish they had? Remember zombies and kids, don't let the android get to your brain are you'll join the malware side being sucked in! HARHARHAR You jokes can't make entertainment any more better, you're always the main event when any of you are alive. Could've would've should've, move along already, maybe in hundreds of years samshit goes out of business then you still have high hopes. Like anyone will give a glutton f.uck about them anymore. Quantity over quality. You're the one who learned gibberish languages, that's how bland your myths are, but nothing but a scrawny caveman who is from the cock-Asians who can't even comprehend my language because you're ignoring anything that you can learn that's not your world because your thick head continue to submerge in the shit it's trapped in, then you take the rant, sprinkle it in dust, and call it a comeback in the weakest for yet continuing to drop the balls. No wonder you can't find a critical comeback, you're too worried about my truth tellers and not your mumbling conspiracies. This is why you were raised in the black hole galaxy, a universe where the opposite world is where you relate to the others, now that's the conspiracy I meant, the legend is revealed for you sHits now! No need to thank me, poor soul. HARHARHARHARHARHARHAR Look at all these worshippers doing their everyday jobs listening to paid myths even for a wannabe prediction from Tony and the shit5, that's how these jokes are made up like a puny thoughtless scrawny shit they all are. HARHARHAR Android is just a fat arsed puppet molded shit that will always attempt at its finest to mind rape the shit out of these poor rotten souls, when was the last time they ever won a jd power, what about every phone in a seperate group to spill he beans over your myths compared to the iPhone. Nothing comes close to the healthiest of products even for what goes inside compared to rusty rotten crap. Cult prayers hope for the best and treat every lie how real they wish it was since he beginning yet still have last hopes. Did they not learn anything, did they not learn to crawl, crawl out of the black vagina they still glue themselves to not catching up? It's their world, that's the legend of sHit.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 48 minutes ago by Lame-o
Q: How many designers work at Samsung? A: Two. One holds an iPhone, the other outlines it.
Guess CEO of Watches Writes Open Letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook Welcoming Him to the Industry
Posted 50 minutes ago by Lol
Guess wants Apple to buy them out....so obvious. Lol Follow the beat.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 52 minutes ago by Lame-o
All you awesome Sansung people, just leave the iPhones for us upper class folks. You can take your cheap Koren products back to your urban environments. We are the 1%.
Samsung Posts Ad Mocking Apple for 'Copying' Its Large Displays [Video]
Posted 55 minutes ago by Lame-o
Micro USB?? For what?! 128gb of memory is enough. Dual SIM? Yes, because I swap carriers that much -- no. Wireless charging would be nice, but apple uses a premium battery so the need to keep buying new batteries is for the birds. Enjoy your koren made products.
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