"Social media has photos, print the picture, contact lenses are at CVS, now you can get into somebody's phone and access their passwords and everything. Seems pointless to you but not to someone trying to access information. Just because you're poor does not mean someone will try to do this to someone who has money and possibly information on their phone that will lead to accessing that money. I hope that shed some light as to why this is a serious security flaw/issue."
"I love that he's using a Mac and he has a Samsung. Great job"
"When you think about it, this is a much easier way to bypass than the fingerprint scanner considering how you could save a copy of photos from social networking and using them to unlock the phone compared to fingerprint scanner because with a fingerprint, you have to be lucky to get control of someone's hand."
Bounty 209
"Soooo... Someone that wants to steal a gs8 has to... Take a picture of you... Nab your phone... Print your pic... Then unlock said phone? Seems like a waste of time."
Many Domeng
"The big problem in Windows is if one app crashed, the whole system crashes/hangs because the apps share the same extension files with the OS. In Mac one app crash the others can go on because every app is its own container that holds their own extension files, and just by force quitting the app that crashed, the whole system is not affected. That's a huge difference between Mac/iOS vs Windows. That is why even the Mac has less hardware specs than the Windows PCs the MacOS is still the most efficient operating system. Just play games in Windows, that is where it is best."
Posted May 23, 2017 at 6:00pm
"Samsung phones are below par"
"You look gay without it too."
Posted May 23, 2017 at 3:10pm
Fred Ziffle
"So her job is to hire people based on color instead of qualifications? Got it."
"what the hell is inclusion and diversity?"
A smart person
"You're an idiot. I'm not talking about hardware problems. You missed my whole point. Go back and understand what I said before you speak."
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