"Total BS about Apple's claims as usual, I've never had a single issue ever since I joined the jailbreak all the way back to 2008... They (Apple) are a bunch of hypocrites here, we all know how often have they stolen JB ideas and the developers didn't get a single penny out of it - f.lux/night shift anyone? Why many of us jailbreak? To have freedom to do whatever the hell we want to do with our devices - fully customizable iOS. I find it ironic that Apple is always against legally questionable govt. agencies' practices, and they're using the same fear mongering methods aforementioned..."
"Aggres ?"
"The only way I will stop jailbreakijg is when apple start to give users more options into modifying there devices apple doesn't listen to there users on this regards however they do steal ideas from the jailbreaking community besides isn't jailbreaking legally so STFU apple and keep your advice to yourself. I have bin jailbreaking for years without a security isue so who the hell are they really talking to? Stop trying to control people and let the jailbreaking continue. They f@@ked up and they know is that's why they are telling us not to. Yada yada yada."
"It is not called Jail Breaking for nothing , exagération and overprotection from Apple it not only a de-interested honest process but a business protective model that restricts yourself from your own decisions . The only other choice is to go to Android and this is not a choice ."
"No problems, I’ll jailbreak an iPhone with no personal information in it. Don’t worry Apple."
"They can say that when with all these 0 day exploits and hot fixes that don't fix bugs"
"Never had a single issue with any of my jailbroken devices. In fact, these devices have worked better and have been more enjoyable to use on so many levels. One of the biggest advantages is being able to disconnect a device from any and all Apple contact. This is the only reason Apple doesn’t want people to have control over their device - because it takes away THEIR control and ability to track and constantly monitor everyone using an iPhone. I love Apple hardware and the aesthetics and functionality of iOS. Everything else about Apple and the company is horrible. Al they care about is making more money and sucking every used as dry as possible. Pretty obvious."
"I have know idea about what apple has done but I guess it wasn’t a mistake. Take your iPhone and enter the wrong password a butch of time. Apple has made the phone not lock out on you. Which makes sense because I hate when my daughter lock me out of my phone for 30 minute or more. The guy in the video maybe trying to brute force the phone but he doesn’t say a word till you hear his key strokes which is probable him putting in the right password. I’m guessing apple made it so that it a high number of wrong passwords before it locks out. I’m gonna try it on my iPad because my guess after you it that mark it a long wait before you can try again."
"Well I don’t know the most about how to create a jailbreak but I do know Cydia path what ever that mean isn’t what jailbreaking is it gaining root access to the device allowing thing like cydia to be used."
"hahahahahahaa wow"
"These ads are based on your search patterns/history/cache, got nothing to do with the on screen content!"
"All these people may stop from calling their work a 'jailbreak'... clearly isn't following Cydia's path at all. They want to make it sound catchy to draw attention to them, Morpheus' involvement hardly means a thing. More like an ad for agencies, private buyers, highest bidders and who knows."
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