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How to Unlock the iPhone 3G
Posted 9 minutes ago by pleasent
Nice post useful for those who are looking for some other ways to unlock iphone 3g from network lock ....I am here to share my unlocking experience .I got my iphone 3g unlocked from network lock through sites like OnlineGSMUnlock.com they unlocked my iphone 3g using remote unlocking service without jailbrekaing it .Now i can freely use my iphone 3g with any GSM sim ...
Tim Cook Makes Personal Donation to Gay Rights Campaign in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi
Posted 13 minutes ago by Forrest
The history repeats it self, we're looking to the next SODOM AND GOMORRAH in the US, this homosexuality has been mentioned in three deferent religious books and history books, it's wrong, it's even against human rights, it's wrong in every way you can think about it, for example: it is wrong according to how human body was physically made ( your a*ss hole was meant to lead your sh*it out of your body not to take d*ck up inside, besides it's tight and dry, and f*cking dirty ), second example it's wrong according to the purpose of life, the purpose of life is to keep going, to reproduce, so you can't have kids if you get f*ucked in the a*ss you Moron, and you can't get a man pregnant nor a woman can get a woman, so imagine every body become gay the life as we know it will come to an end, no natural children can be born again probably only pipe children then those children are going to be thrown into an orphanage or they will be raised by gay parents which in both cases they will grow up in a very confusing situation and certainly they'll develop new mental behaviors probably more extreme and strange sexual desires like pedophilia or zoophilia, do you think those should be given equal rights too ? Some day they'll claim their rights too !! Think about it. we witnessed many medical statement that this situation (gay) should be handled as soon as possible, this gay behavior led to the appearances of many sexual diseases one of them is the HIV and many more STDs, so where are we going with this ? This equal rights is a big f*cking lie, and a well cooked polished colored conspiracy, it was meant to take the society down, man was born to be a man and so is a woman ( except for those who were born with physical defects and they need to correct their gender) the rest with a fully functional organs need to have a special treatments, psychological treatment, and they should be fine, we were given the sexual desires to ensure life continuances.
Ship Times for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Improve to as Little as 1 Business Day
Posted 1 hour ago by pilot
they probably hire more juvenile to dig those minerals from illegal mines in asia
Apple Announces That European App Prices Will Change on January 1st
Posted 2 hours ago by briancaleb299
What the hell... just small period I have to do shopping on Apple store. amazon watch dogs aiden pearce coat
How to Restore Your iPhone to Factory Settings Using iTunes [Windows]
Posted 2 hours ago by brucecree
This doesn't work. It tries to update when you click restore. When it's almost done updating a message pops up saying it can't restore without the password......if I remembered the password I wouldn't be restoring it to factory setting. I've searched for hours on the internet and there IS NO FIX or bypass for this. apple can suck it
Batman: Arkham Origins Game Released for iOS
Posted 3 hours ago by rupert
Looking for perfect joystick for iPad so I can play this cool game and rest of the game from http://www.iphysicsgames.com/top-rated.
Apple's Board of Directors 'Concerned' With the Company's Pace of Innovation? [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by Swarovski Jewellery Sets
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Even Penguins Can Play Games on the iPad [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by brentross
Funny, their beaks may break the retina glass. Wouldn't risk that stuff even I am animal lover. I would give them a block games pad to play with instead.
DockPhone Lets You Easily Make Phone Calls From Your Mac
Posted 3 hours ago by Donal
The features already there, you can use it as FaceTime audio as well
DockPhone Lets You Easily Make Phone Calls From Your Mac
Posted 4 hours ago by KMC King
Works great!
Continuity Activation Tool Now Works on Older Macs via Bluetooth 4.0 Dongles
Posted 4 hours ago by kloquewerk
I was kidding about the graph part, but it did confuse me a bit. I have a 15" mid-2009 MacBook Pro and it isn't listed but then I looked at the year marks at the bottom and thought maybe it was included in the blue section before it gets to the 2010 yellow part. *Shrug*
How to Unlock the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G Using UltraSn0w
Posted 5 hours ago by shenyuritha
totika8 - January 31, 2013 at 7:03pm Can i unlock my iphone 4 ios 6 baseband 04.12.02 locked to O2 UK????:// Sure ! You can unlock your iPhone which is locked to O2 UK . You can use O2 UK Apple iPhone Unlocking Service to unlock it . To obtain it , contact the provider SuperUnlockCodes.com to unlock it .
Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP Jeff Williams 'Deeply Offended' by BBC Documentary
Posted 5 hours ago by .
True. They only go for the most popular/ one which has the most to loose.
Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP Jeff Williams 'Deeply Offended' by BBC Documentary
Posted 5 hours ago by .
It's called a MacBook Air.
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