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How To Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6
Posted 21 minutes ago by Jeffrey Dowling
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Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 51 minutes ago by Amir
I used to be big Samsung fan, phone, TV, lap top, appliances and everything Samsung. But I realized that Samsung products are only good for 6 month, after that u gotta thro them to garbage. Cheap quality, phone kept freezing, apps won't update because software is not upto the date and .....etc. it's the wake up time for Samsung to increase those product's quality
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 54 minutes ago by Aik
Amazing numbers and I hope the cheap copy cats Samsung will try n focus on their tv's n others
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 58 minutes ago by Sam Suck
BAM! GOT iPhoned!
Apple's Acquisition of AuthenTec Killed Motorola's Plans for a Nexus 6 Fingerprint Scanner
Posted 1 hour ago by King Rollo
Its like moto is blaming apple for this? moto have been making phone a lot longer than apple - why the delay... Fools
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 1 hour ago by Great!
Samsung says they now want to differentiate their offerings. In other words, they haven't in the past! Yep, they just indirectly admitted to copying Apple.
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 1 hour ago by King Rollo
Best stick to making microwaves...
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 1 hour ago by Great!
Samsung fans' heads exploding. They can't comprehend how their beloved Samsung is losing money to Apple on the mobile front, yet needs Apple's business on the semiconductor front.
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 1 hour ago by SimonSays
It was only a matter of time before all of those blind Samsung owners realized they were spending money on a overhyped plastic POS phone with terrible resale value. Better late then never.
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 1 hour ago by POONHUNTER
Who you iDaddy, b!tch!
Apple Introduces Official 'Add to Passbook' Badges
Posted 1 hour ago by kilin
Recommended for use anywhere!!!good!!!! Fake Rolex
Samsung Announces 64% Drop in Mobile Profits
Posted 1 hour ago by carrisco
Ownership, courtesy of Apple. :)
Android Reaches 80% of Smartphone Market While iOS Declines to 13%
Posted 2 hours ago by Honore pierre
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How to Change Your iPhone IMEI with ZiPhone (Windows)
Posted 2 hours ago by Sean from Applegear
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