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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Speed Test [Video]
The only shit people gave about Galaxy was the size. It comes to no surprise when every new iphone always makes a step ahead, and that says a lot for how far Samaung tries to be ideal just like barely stretching a head in terms of speed. Samsung is the unbeatable knockoff here always desperately following Apple and have been draining profits to pay you to spread their lies ever told to mankind. You on the other hand are too hurt to understand the truth. Always leading the wannabe of Apple. One stolen patent though doesn't mean a shit. From your re boyish to your poisonous mind says it all about you where you pull this baffled barf of your foolish fantasies. That's what this proves is about your senseless gimmicks that always prove nothing but how weak your mind is to be this bland generic dunce. Apple is the reason others are here not to mention. I find you entertaining to laugh up for your failure to be this ignorant and gullible. Apple is the biggest patent maker let alone this. Anytime it's just one accident, myth believers like you blame just to claim shit all because of your jealous rants you keep being fed up with and won't admit a damn thing. Rivals of Apple always gotten their ass handed back to back and that's enough to tell how much you're clearly leading blind enemies. If you want to defend, be the biggest technology nazi you can be. Besides, the so-called copying is more like ordered to pay for stealing just the patents. You on the other hand, take what you expect and shit it out and call it the biggest blant excuse ever for FIGHTBACKS! You gimmick everything that others follow Apple on and always make lies to defend those trailing. From Ren to spam, brain, so-called education, existance like an outdated os, that proves in his rotten guts from mental disabilities and disorders.
Apple Expands Its Trade-In Program to Accept Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Devices
Posted 1 hour ago by ?¿
Compared to used iPhones
Tim Cook: Pro-discrimination 'Religious Freedom' Laws are Dangerous [WP]
Posted 1 hour ago by MikeD
These southern christians in the US are acting just like ISIS. They want to approve religious laws. Just like sharia in islamic states..
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Survives Aggressive Drop Test [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by yezzir
I call FAKE!! On this one!!!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Speed Test [Video]
Posted 2 hours ago by Joelmuppidi
Think of it like this iPhone 6 is a DUAL core processor. And Samsung galaxy s6 is OCTA core. And I think that for a dual core iPhone did pretty good
Apple to Announce Q2 FY15 Earnings on April 27th
Posted 3 hours ago by Ban the Trolls
Ya April starts the second quarter of the normal calendar year but That's not how all businesses do it. Usually their first quarter starts before the holidays, most of the time in October. Which is where apples first quarter starts. First is October, November, and December. Second is January, February, and March. That's why they announce second quarter results in April.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Survives Aggressive Drop Test [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by Ban the Trolls
Why didn't they show the back? How do we know the back didn't crack or even the front in any place? You can't really tell. There were no close ups to inspect it for any type of damage. Gotta love these people that post these videos of them slamming stuff around but don't actually show close ups. It's all about being the first to post a vid and to get views.
ITG Edge is a 'Breakthrough' iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Tempered-glass Screen Protector
Posted 3 hours ago by patchworks
Hello Guys, ITG is now finally Ready to launch, and is featured in Indiegogo right now. Come and check it out! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/itg-edge-glass-x-silicone-protector-for-iphone-6/x/10151247
Multify Tweak Brings Side by Side Multitasking to iOS
Posted 3 hours ago by After
Freaked finally
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Speed Test [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by Ban the Trolls
Isn't it funny how when the iPhone 6 came out all the trolls and even Samsung laughed at the camera lens sticking out. What do you have to say now? It's about 5 times as thick as the iPhone's. Got to love the irony huh. Even though I'm not a Samsung fan I do have to say they look nice, especially the edge. It's about time they came out with a half way decent looking phone that wasn't made of crappy materials. Gotta love that they took inspiration from the last 4 years of the iPhone's designs. Especially the glass back. Well done Samsung maybe you'll finally start selling some phones.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Speed Test [Video]
Posted 3 hours ago by Ban the Trolls
You really need to open your eyes and get a life dude. First of all it wasn't a true side by side test running at the same time, they were done at separate times unlike how other tests are done. And is 7 seconds that big of a deal. You douchebag trolls are so petty. You really need to look at the real world and get a life.
Multify Tweak Brings Side by Side Multitasking to iOS
Posted 4 hours ago by Manbearpig
I think the tweak is the theme. Gonna wait for more updates then get it. This is a pretty crazy tweak
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Speed Test [Video]
Posted 4 hours ago by SAMMYTHEBESTFTHEREST!
HAHAHAHA, What so you have to say now? You stupid iCrap can't even keep up. Also keep in mind, that this test is still not even fair, here is why, The Samsung has a 2K panel which has 3.6 million pixels it has to push out from the GPU where the iCrap 6 has a crappy 720p, which doesnt require the GPU to push out as much as pixels, thats why the iCrap 6 came close to the edge, but why use the iCrap 6, use the iCrap Plus Pregancy, and you will see the time even much more slower for the Crapple. Well done Samsung! They made the best looking phone ever, go see the benchmarks blows everythig away including the iPad Air 2, Thats what I call innovation, not a stupid Icrap that is the same 720p since the original iCrap 5.... its 577PPI, what does your crapple have RETINA WOW 326ppi as the original iCrap 4 lol hahahahahahahaha....
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Speed Test [Video]
Posted 5 hours ago by Nat
Not really a big deal anyway! No surprise how the next iphone will get a huge leap ahead. Think of it an iPad Air 2 with 2gb of ram for example.
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