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How to Jailbreak Your AppleTV Using ATV USB Creator
Posted 7 minutes ago by amiral
Maybe I should apply the same strategy for my site: fatherofbride-speech.com, I am pretty sure that I will have amazing results!
Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
Posted 19 minutes ago by Justabrake
I could only imagine my big fingers trying to fiddle with one of these watches !
How to Extract Your iPhone Backups (Mac)
Posted 32 minutes ago by amiral
The instructions are really useful, I used what you said for my website, I will be back with more reviews!
Apple Will Reportedly Announce a Wearable Device and Two Next Generation iPhones in September!
Posted 55 minutes ago by Great!
So in other words it will be a big success.
Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
Posted 58 minutes ago by Great!
Two main things to look for: battery life and execution. The watch looks nice from the pictures, but material feel, whether it stands up to daily life etc , usability and the software execution are important and we won't know these until it gets into people's hands.
Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
Posted 1 hour ago by Appropriately
they f8xking suck at designing ANYTHING. Omg
Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
Posted 1 hour ago by streeple
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18 Million Devices Were Jailbroken Before Apple Blocked Evasi0n With iOS 6.1.3
Posted 1 hour ago by Soutien-gorge invisible
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How to Transfer ePub eBooks to Your iPad
Posted 1 hour ago by Jerry567
Thanks for such informational post! Do you want to keep your eyes on the activities of your teens , then Spymaster Pro can do this in the most stealthiest mode.
Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
Posted 1 hour ago by ?¿
3G connectivity why 4G
Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
Posted 1 hour ago by ?¿
Are people buying these things because I've never seen one on a person or in a shop
Seagate Ships World's First 8TB Hard Drives
Posted 2 hours ago by Itsme
It's a business drive, anyone moaning its not SSD need to understand how these drives are used in enterprise environments before moaning.
Microsoft Adds Another 2,000 Celebrities to Its SNIPP3T App for iPhone
Posted 2 hours ago by Mark Thompson
That is quite similar to what Starfeed (http://starfeedapp.com/) is doing. Seems like Snipp3t got in a real hurry to launch to iPhone first (and skipped Windows Phone as Microsoft employees!) when they saw that Starfeed was launching to iPhone soon. Will be interesting to see who manages to launch first (as Snipp3t does not seem to be available yet).
Hackers Bypass Apple's iCloud Activation Lock
Posted 2 hours ago by dexterr
Guess what today ?? I removed icloud from my ipad because of you . Thanx James
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Samsung Unveils Its New Gear S Smartwatch [Photos]
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