"As time moves on, leaks will be closer to real or actually legit pics/schematics. Looking forward to know more :)"
"That's a lot of bald guys. "
"It's true, Apple is playing catchup in a lot of areas, just take the last 2 posts on here, they're trying to compete with the Echo and now the car, it's like being first is not important to them, as long as they do it best."
"Buddy has his hand on the wheel like he's driving....probabnly google car"
"Nokia had it working back in its day and apple just filed a patient that's pretty much the exact same thing that I was saying. No need for a glass back if your charging threw frequency. "
"Go read the patient apple just filed. Article on Redmond pie. Same thing I had just mentioned. "
"I heard that there will never be a jailbreak for this"
Mohamad Alsarraf
"How did u decide this is apple self drive car ? , maybe its google "
Awesome so..
"As soon as pangu announces jailbreak.. f*ck off apple"
"I see that Apple is getting ready to come out with iOS 10.3.2 only today they came out with Beta 5 so that could be because they are in a hurry to block this jailbreak by closing some security problems so it could be a sign that it's true and 10.3.1 was jail broken but it also could delay the jailbreak release to adapt it to 10.3.2 and all that is if they plan on releasing a jailbreak at all. "
"If you are talking about iPhone 7 then me personally would have upgraded because a jailbreak for the 7 is not the same as for the lower iPhones so if a jailbreak will come out and will include the iPhone 7 then it won't be for iOS 10.2 which is already existing for the rest of the iPhones beside the 7, so iOS 10.3.X does makes sense if a jailbreak will come out at all. "
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