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Renders of the iPhone 6c Based on Leaked iPhone 6 Schematics [Images]
Posted 11 hours ago by Lolwut
Why make it look like a resemblance. It's better to not make it edge to edge because the way it will shatter close to corners and how much less there is to grab the front.
Renders of the iPhone 6c Based on Leaked iPhone 6 Schematics [Images]
Posted 11 hours ago by James Moore
I want an I phone next but looks proxy and gay, why not just make them look like the s4 with a 4.5 inch screen
Facebook 9.0 Released for iOS
Posted 11 hours ago by Fukron John
They wanted to get rid of messages, still glad they didn't say when yet because it's still here on the app (yes it's updated), but I have asked for the "mark as spam" for comments to do that for like a year now, and still they don't learn from me to add that. Fb seriously do you read every last reply on the App Store? ):'{
Twelve South Debuts New BookArc möd for MacBook [Video]
Posted 11 hours ago by Lolwut
Wouldn't I just lean it against the wall standing it up by folding the MacBook like a tent? That's how it's done.
iPhone 6 Case Shows Repositioned Power Button [Image]
Posted 11 hours ago by iOS 7.0.1
And you're still here to pray and bitch as usual xD what other samsheep here gives a crap?
Apple Acquires Hydroelectric Project Close to Its Prineville Data Center
Posted 11 hours ago by Frank de Luca
A brief technological introduction The volume of water that passes through the port (opening) determined by the project design determines the spin. It increases in velocity at a rate proportional to the height of the water column. This volume creates a perpendicular hydraulic force or pressure on the surface of the blades attached to the axel of the rotor of the turbine thereby creating the spinning motion of the rotor wich in turn powers the generator(s) . The size of the opening of the water passage flow is calculated to reach the maximum torque of the energy generator. The intensity of the hydraulic force is related directly to the force in the river flow. Each river has different flow intensity. This factor that determines the size of the port opening. The hydraulic force on the blades should be sufficient to produce torque superior to the force required by the generator at full operating or rated power. However it is necessary before this transformation to reconcile the velocity of the spin of the rotor with the water flow and the torque required by the generator. The positioning (lowering) of the turbines in the water causes the water to rise in front of them until it reaches the same height as the turbine support structure. The height of this column is regulated by steel plate which permits the control or adjustment of the speed of the turbine rotor as well as permitting the control of the potential power force. The height of the water column that accumulates in front of a turbine varies according to the equipment installed. Models for small and for large rivers are available. In each case a detailed study of the river conditions is essential for proper planning. The generating capacity is determined by the water flow and the conditions at the point of generation. Generators of 167 kWh and 316 kWh are available. An average of water flow of 9 m³/seg. Is necessary to generate 167 kwh. The installation of a units or units successively down stream depends on the volume of the river flow, the height of the river banks and the consistency of water volume. Market Potential The potential is only limited by river and climatic (icing) conditions. In Brazil for example there, are in the Amaxon region area at least 9000 potential generating sites. It is applicable in any country in the world. Economic Considerations In considering the real cost of a CARE installation in order to compare it with other hydro generation technologies such cost must be calculated based on the Power Actually or Effectively Generated and not the installed capacity which is internationally accepted. The proper formula that may be employed is the following: P(Watts) = 0 (1/seg.) x Hman x 9,81 m/seg2 x n Where P = IS power in Watts – W Q = river flow in literes per second L/seg. Hman Man metric Height in meters m N = Percentage of installed generation capacity The following is a detailed example demonstrating the impact of the final cost of a MW when the concept of Installed Capacity is employed vs. the Effective Generation. • According to information available here in Brazil the cost of installing a PCH which has as maximum efficiency 55% of installed capacity is R$5.500,00 per kWh (at an exchange rate of US$1.00 = to R$1.71. the value is US$2.924,00). In this example a PCH with 3000 kWh of installed capacity requires R$16.500.000,00 (US$9.649.000,00) • Considering generating efficiency of 55% for a PCH or similar the real cost of a kWh increases to R$9.166,67 per kWh or (US$ 5.361,00 kWh) This occurs because what is effectively generated is 1.800kWh vs the installed 3000 kWh. Since for each 1.000 kWh installed only 550 kWh are generated which increases costs in 83% for PCH generation. • Units may be established successively down stream and energy fed to existing distribution systems or directly to users
Twelve South Debuts New BookArc möd for MacBook [Video]
Posted 12 hours ago by Symen
3 bricks could do the jobxD
Apple is Preparing iOS 7.1.1 Update, Testing iOS 8 [Chart]
Posted 12 hours ago by adibo
A minor updated .1.1 of the minor update .1 is in preparation! ________________________________ galaxy note 3 achat
Apple is Now Selling Refurbished Retina Display iPad Minis for $339
Posted 12 hours ago by adibo
I hope thees refurbished ipad mini ecran retina have the guarntee like the new versions
How to Change Your iPhone IMEI with ZiPhone (Windows)
Posted 13 hours ago by Sean
If anyone got a Apple icloud lock Iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s Please Email Applegear@outlook.com We activate all iDevices that has iCloud Lock. Thanks.
iH8Sn0w Releases R0bf0rdsn0w iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser?
Posted 14 hours ago by Robford
Guys, the real tool is already released! http://www.unlockios7icloud.com
iPhone 6 Case Shows Repositioned Power Button [Image]
Posted 15 hours ago by Fukran John
Its in the bottom area. So that all iSheeps would buy this shit and appple can fcuuk them as usual
Viber 4.0 Released With Instant Hold and Talk, Message Forwarding, More
Posted 16 hours ago by Mandy
Hi Viber even I have the same issue as sasitha..... I m using Viber desktop and I also cannot send messages through this application. Always there is a message appearing saying Unsent messages....Please help me....
How to Use Your iPhone as a USB Drive
Posted 16 hours ago by Ran Goby
You have a lot of ways to do that. Look here: http://www.softastic.com/turn-your-iphone-into-an-external-hard-drive I'm using iPhoneXdrive, works great for me. Hope it will help you.
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