Posted 2 minutes ago
Check out this new footage showing the construction of Apple Campus 2 narrated by Steve Jobs.
Posted 13 minutes ago
Hulu has finally announced a commercial free viewing, offering a new $11.99 premium plan that's just $4 more than the current $7.99 Hulu Plus subscription.
Posted 1 hour ago
Alongside new iPhones and a revamped Apple TV, Apple is planning to debut the long-rumored iPad Pro and a refreshed iPad Mini 4 at its September 9 Event.
Posted 1 hour ago
CBS has announced that it will stream Super Bowl 50, 4 playoff games, and 2 regular season games via the Apple TV and other media streaming devices.
Posted 2 hours ago
Apple's next-generation Apple TV will likely feature an A8 Chip, the same ports as the current model, a black-metal remote, and up to 16GB of storage. Unfortunately, the device will not support 4K video streaming.
Posted 4 hours ago
The new Apple TV will reportedly be priced starting at $149 and will finally get Universal Search.
Posted 4 hours ago
The Imgur app has been updated with Search capabilities and improvements to notifications, profiles, and gridview.
Posted 4 hours ago
Apple is reportedly considering a return to ultra-thin glass-to-glass touch technology for the iPhone 7.
Posted 19 hours ago
Apple recently presented its concept for the next generation of Apple Store to the Design Review Commission of the City of Germantown.
Posted 22 hours ago
Apple reportedly approached former ESPN star Bill Simmons about producing an exclusive podcast.
Posted 23 hours ago
Instagram has announced some major updates to Instagram Direct, a feature that lets you share moments with a select group of friends.
Posted September 1, 2015 at 6:35pm
The Google Maps app for iOS has been updated with Street View thumbnails on the map, the ability to view custom maps you've created using Google My Maps, support for six new languages.
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