Your Next Phone Could Have Sensors for Elevation, Heart Rate, Mood

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Your smartphone will soon get smarter. Benedetto Vigna, general manager of the MEMS division of STMicroelectronics says the coming generation of smartphones will have so many different types of sensors that it will make your current device look dumb.

In a recent interview, Vigna told the New York Times that future devices will be able to detect your elevation.

"These sensors will tell people what floor they are on in a building, or could be used to more precisely determine where you are in relation to your friends on a location-based service"

Vigna says they will also be able to monitor your heart and keep tabs on your health. Mood and excitement could be detected by monitoring perspiration. Location and surroundings could be determined using additional microphones, temperature, and humidity sensors.

This sensor-filled world will also affect video games. Sensors that can detect mood and excitement will usher in an era of video games that will factor in emotion during gameplay.

Vigna believes that in time sensors will move from your smartphone to other items as well.

"Sensors will be everywhere in the next few years and will be able to help people become more conscious of the environment and our own health," explained Mr. Vigna. "Your socks, shoes, glasses and even your garbage can will have sensors inside designed to help you manage everything from your effects on the environment to your health."

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Andy M - May 22, 2011 at 10:14am
Yet again another piece of technology that will be sold to use as a good thing! How long will it be before the information being gathered by our smart phones and sensors becomes a trading commodity and sold to the highest bidders, governing our entire life style. Soon we will not be able to breath, eat, drink, sleep piss or pass wind without it being analysed and the information sold on and or stored by the government or even your employer! So not only will our smart phones and new technology be tracking every location we go to, record every call, text message and email we send and receive now our lifestyles and bodily functions will be monitored. And they say with live in a democracy hahahahaha WAKE UP People we live under a dictatorship where our entire lives are being screened and analysed and our privacy continually walked over. It will not be long before we are chipped and told what to wear, eat and say! Through greed and control the human race is its own enemy.
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