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Tropical Software announced TopXNotes has been fully tested and is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.7, "Lion." TopXNotes allows users to organize virtually any type of information relevant to their lives with full password security, the ability to organize notes by categories and groups, sync to Apple touch devices (like iPod touch, iPhone or iPad), or export notes to Classic iPods.

"While there is a lot of software out there that needs to be upgraded before people can successfully use it with Lion, we are pleased to report we are not one of them," said Tropical Software president James Lee. "In fact, users who upgrade to Lion may experience faster launch times and a more responsive data-entry experience.

TopXNotes is currently at version 1.7.0. All users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade from the company's web site or using the Apple Mac App store. TopXNotes allows users to store everyday information such as To-Do Lists, recipes, text from emails or web sites, and bookmarks, as well as sensitive information such as banking, credit card numbers, and password or log-in information. TopXNotes offers two levels of security: all notes can be password protected individually, and the entire note database can be encrypted with a unique password. URLs for web sites can be clicked on to open their web page in the user's default browser and editing a URL to have a "human friendly, name" is easy. So, for instance,, becomes TopXNotes, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Mac User Group leaders and top reviewers alike love TopXNotes.

Sue Beal, president of the Upper Keys (Florida) Macintosh Users Group calls TopXNotes "Inexpensive, unobtrusive, and just plain handy."

Ron Mc Elfresh, of Mac360 stated: "I'm a notes freak. I have notes on everything. From to-do items to code snippets to tasks and projects to article ideas. Here's an understated, unloved, deceptively powerful notes app worthy of some Mac's loaded with user features that set it apart from other note taking apps. TopXNotes is deceptively powerful and flexible, probably because the interface is immediately familiar."

and from Macworld's Philip Michaels: "What sets TopXNotes apart is its QuickNotes feature. Designate a note as a QuickNote, and you can access it from the drop-down menu of a floating palette that always appears on top of other applications. That lets you open notes quickly, without having to toggle through other apps or lose sight of the window you are working in. If you are in the market for a lean, mean note-taker, TopXNotes lets you jot your thoughts down without a lot of distractions."

For more reviews and information on TopXNotes, or to download a trial version, please visit our website. Get Organized with TopXNotes on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion today!

Pricing and Availability:
TopXNotes 1.7.0 sells for $39.95 (USD) and is available online from Apple via the Apple Mac App store or direct from the Tropical Software online.

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