GUI Version of QuickPwn for iPhone Released

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Poorlad has created a GUI version of QuickPwn based on the command line tool just released by the iPhone Dev-Team.

“poorlad” has stepped up and created a GUI version of QuickPwn based on our Windows release earlier, this is a stopgap solution that he created in a little over 5 hours, great stuff poorlad!

It is available for download here but beware this is still beta software, it is fairly self explanatory and easy to use. You’ll still see a command-line window popping up when the actual QuickPwn process takes place, but the device and ipsw selection is handled by the GUI.

A final cross platform GUI for QuickPwn is also being developed, but this version should help some of you guys and gals right now.

This version fixes some issues that were reported with the iPod touch.

We’ve also heard reports of 2.0.2 version of the iPhone software being released, we’ll be looking at this tomorrow, but for the moment we’d recommend you stay at 2.0.1.

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Jose Carlos Ortiz Cisneros - August 25, 2008 at 1:08am
All the time when I go to your site I foun help for my iphone problems thank\'s
Nico - August 19, 2008 at 5:07pm
If i have a 1.1.4 iphone 2G, all i do is use the GUI quickpawn and follow instructions and it will jailbreak my iphone to the new software? or do i have to go to itunes and restore my phone to 2.0.1 aand ten do the quickpawn? please some 1 help me !
me - August 19, 2008 at 12:11pm
used the quickpwn ... followed the intructions .... installed cydia and installer ... so far works ... Yuppyyyyyy .... thanks a lot guys ... will update on future use .... not too shaby :) 3g 16 gb 2.0.1 .... at&t --- that sucks anyway -- no real signal anyways here on Cape Cod .... oh welll ... time for Boston anyways ...
snowski - August 19, 2008 at 3:50am
Nice work, poorlad and the gang at Dev Team...! :-)
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