Apple Drops the Price of its Refurbished iPads

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Apple has dropped the price of its refurbished iPads by $20 to $50.

Here's the new prices via MacRumors:

iPad 2
- 16 GB Wi-Fi: $319, down $30 from $349
- 32 GB Wi-Fi: $399, down $50 from $449
- 64 GB Wi-Fi: $499, down $50 from $449

- 16 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $449, down $30 from $479
- 32 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $529, down $50 from $579
- 64 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $629, down $50 from $679

Original iPad
- 16 GB Wi-Fi: $279, down $20 from $299
- 32 GB Wi-Fi: $349, down $50 from $399
- 64 GB Wi-Fi: $449, down $50 from $499

- 16 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $379, down $20 from $399
- 32 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $449, down $50 from $499
- 64 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $549, down $50 from $599

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Since1984 - May 9, 2012 at 3:56pm
I love competition.
cris - May 8, 2012 at 1:26pm
iPad2 - 64 GB Wi-Fi: $499, down $50 from $449 how could this be done......
Naru - May 8, 2012 at 12:46pm
So let's get this straight: you bought a refurbished product at a discount price. It had what you considered a fault but apple didn't. They replaced it twice. They offered to replace it a third time or offer you a full refund. What part of this is lousy customer service? How much "compensation" would have satisfied you? $100? $200? Full refund but you get to keep the iPad?
Will Anderson - May 8, 2012 at 4:35pm
Hey I agree. They give him a full refund on a refurbished unit, and still he complains. I guess he needs to move back to a PC. I have many apple products for my business, and called apple for some issues and they were very helpful and informative. Thanks Apple.
m1k3y_b0y - May 8, 2012 at 5:21pm
Listen, I like Apple products and have been a supporter since the goddamn eighties, but I'm no masochist. I'm not interested in paying personally for some megalithic corporation's decision to save a buck rather than do the right thing! And, they damn well better've offered me a refund! Have a look at the photos in the links in my last post. Can you honestly tell me you'd be willing to roll-over after shelling out $350 bucks for a product that you received in that condition? I put my faith in Apple's concept of quality to save a measly 50 bucks and got burned. I'm just trying to inform other consumers that if they're in the market for an iPad, they should buy a new one. If my story helps, but one other person avoid the same headache I endured, I'd be happy.
m1k3yb0y - May 8, 2012 at 10:17am
**BEWARE** DO NOT BUY THE REFURBISHED IPAD 2! Maybe it was a coincidence, but I bought one and it had a faulty display. When the Apple store gave me a replacement, its display had the exact same problem, but worse plus a faulty home button. Apparently, the currently available refurbished iPad 2s are the same ones that turned up with bad LG displays shortly after launch. It seems Apple hasn't been replacing them during their "refurbishment" process! The displays have a troublesome flashlight-like light bleed coming from their edges. The problem is most noticeable on dark screens. After several weeks of arguing back and forth with Mr. Cook's office via e-mail and telephone, I was told that the displays were operating "within specifications" and that the best they'd do for me was to replace it "only one more time" or provide me a refund. (Nice, huh?) Please heed my words, this was easily the most horrid experience I've ever had dealing with a company. Apple wasted a good deal of my time, money, and energy without any compensation. Do not buy one, they'll treat you like a second class citizen if you have a problem with it!
Kenneth - May 8, 2012 at 5:33pm
Hey maan you should be lucky if apple drops the price of their iPads because I have all apple products and The New iPad and I have never had a single problem with anything regarding there products because they don't sell Junk and they are the best after all It's APPLE NOthing but the keep up the great work APPLE
Full_Blown_Addict - May 8, 2012 at 6:18pm
In my opinion that's what you get and the risks you always take when buying a refurbished product instead of a new one. Especially if you knew beforehand of the issues they've had with some of the displays. Just think with all the time, energy and money that "Apple" supposedly wasted of yours you probably spent more money on gas driving back and forth than the $50 you tried to save by buying a refurb. Would have probably been cheaper and easier to just buy a new one.
m1k3yb0y - May 8, 2012 at 9:23pm
Yes, you're completely right! That's exactly the message I'm trying to convey. Regarding having had prior knowledge of the issue, unfortunately I was ignorant to it. Again, that's why I'm trying to share my story.
Will Anderson - May 9, 2012 at 3:07am
Well that is fine, but do not blame Apple for YOUR ignorance. If you were wrong for buying a refurbished unit then that is your fault. My iPad is and has been doing well for over a year now. Think about what you are going to post before you post.
m1k3yb0y - May 9, 2012 at 8:19am
Will, that line of reasoning is mad! To my knowledge, there'd been no other accounts of individuals having received a REFURBISHED iPad 2 with one of the faulty displays still installed when I made my purchasing decision. It seems to me one of the reasons you're defending your precious Apple so vehemently is due to their unflinching ideals in terms of quality. Well, that's the same thing I put my trust in. Even if I knew about the issue having existed after launch, I still wouldn't've believed that, given a second chance to replace the display, they wouldn't. I mean, I can see them not making the decision originally to recall the iPads, so long as they would replace one at the customer's discretion with one containing a Samsung display. However, to have the thing back in their hands and not *quietly* replace the display is mental! --Yes Will, this is all about admitting guilt. Unfortunately for your argument, it's not mine!
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