Portuguese Group Claims AppleCare Policies Are 'Deceptive'

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The Portugese consumer advocacy group DECO today released a statement regarding AppleCare's "misleading information on consumer rights." The agency claims that is has tried since last March to work with Apple on resolving the "deceptive" policy, but has had no luck.

DECO claims that Portuguese consumers automatically receive a 2 year warranty on products which applies to all defects. According to the group, Apple misleads consumers to buy the AppleCare protection which offers technical support for a period of two years.

"When purchasing any goods, the consumer benefits from a two-year warranty," DECO wrote on its site today. "This applies to all defects that arise during this period. Apple reports misleadingly claiming that the guarantee applies only to defects that already exist at the time of delivery.

But DECO wasn't done. The organization also charged Apple with claiming that a defective product can only be turned in for repair or replacement.
"When buying a defective product, the consumer can choose between repair, replacement, price reduction or cancellation of the contract," DECO said of Portuguese consumer law.

DECO firmly believes Apple's practices are dishonest and will request in its lawsuit for Apple to represent what the law explicitly states. Apple has not yet commented on this matter.

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Luis Ribeiro - July 18, 2012 at 6:07pm
This law applies to all european countries if I'm correct not only Portugal.
Luis Sousa - July 18, 2012 at 10:09pm
Yes Luis, you are right, according to european regulations in the country your product is bought you have a 2-year warranty which covers all factory related defects that may occur during that period. You also have a smaller 1 year international warranty if you take that product abroad but remain in the euro-zone. Apple defies that. Note: I am an avid apple-product user, and still I disagree with this policy...
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