Exploded View of the Apple Wireless Keyboard [Image]

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Reddit user mutdog has created a composite of fifteen separate images displaying the beauty behind the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The whole process took over 20 hours.

Essentially the keyboard was disassembled by removing the keys and clips one by one. The button and circuit board were removed after the plastic bluetooth window was popped off. Then placing it into the oven at 150 degrees for the glue to soften and to allow me to remove the back cover. The metal shielding was spot welded to the aluminum frame, and was removed using a flat head screwdriver. Finally the internal flex board and key sheet were free once the shield was removed.

The keyboard frame and all internals frame components were hung. The first photo was taken. After that I removed all internal frame components with the exception of the frame itself. I then took each individual part (battery, circuit board, power button, ect.) and hung it at the same angle and perspective as the frame. All this was achieved in a photo studio using fishing wire and two dowel rods on light stands with a black fabric background. This photo was lit using two square soft boxes.

Once the photo was taken all images we imported to Lightroom, corrected for white balance, lens distortion and general exposure issues. Finally it was opened in photoshop and then had the fishing line removed.

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Haha - July 20, 2012 at 3:33am
20 hours for nothing
Timmy O-Toole - July 20, 2012 at 12:53am
that's some nice work he done. just a pity he used the original wireless aluminium keyboard that has since been updated. (the original version uses 3 batteries, the current wireless KB uses 2).
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