Path Gets Updated With Improved Camera, New Tools, More

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The Path app for iPhone has been updated with numerous new features, improved designs, and bug fixes.

Path is the personal social network where you can share life with close friends and family. By focusing on beautiful design and responsiveness, Path is 5-star rated and loved by millions of users.

Easily capture and apply lenses to high quality photos and videos, check in to places with friends, share your thoughts, and interact with people you truly care about - all through a fast and seamless interface. One button to share content, one feed to see all your friends' activity.

☆ 5 emotions to interact with your friends' activity: Smile, Laugh, Gasp, Frown at or Love their moments.
☆ Capture and share photos and videos with custom-designed lenses and editing features.
☆ Check in to locations with friends.
☆ Share the music you're listening to, movies you're watching, and books you're reading.
☆ Tell your friends when you're awake and asleep.
☆ 'Seen-its' show you who has viewed your moments and who has visited your Path.
☆ Share your Nike+ FuelBand activity graphs and Nike+ Running maps.
☆ Private by default - no one can see your Path activity unless you accept them as a friend.
☆ One tap cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare directly from Path.

What's New In This Version:
★ Movies & Books! Share the movies you watch and books you read with full previews, actor and author pages, synopses, and reviews.
★ Improved camera that can instantly capture square and landscape photos and videos.
★ New tools to help you fix and improve photos: Glo, Depth, Zoom, and Crop - use Glo to fix and enhance details in dark or bright photos.
★ Simpler more personal invitations - invite your friends to Path with a personally written or recorded audio message.
★ Newly designed and easily accessible rich notifications from your friends.
★ Keep up on conversations with new "For Friends" notifications.
✓ Photos and videos are now displayed 30% larger!
✓ Quickly snap photos using the volume button.
✓ Simple one-tap video recording (no more switch!).
✓ Nudge your friends for photos and check-ins from their city or neighborhood.
✓ Help friends get started on Path now with friend suggestions.
☂ Bug fixes.

You can download Path from the App Store for free.

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James - July 26, 2012 at 8:07pm
Path still isn't that good.
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