Leaked Schematics for the iPad 5? [Images]

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Alleged schematics have surfaced online which reveal the width and thickness of the iPad 5 will be significantly reduced.

The documents were provided to AppleInsider and are being used by case and cover manufacturers to create products ahead of the device's officially unveiling.

The image suggests the next iPad will measure exactly 169.48 millimeters wide, shaving more than 15 millimeters off the width of the fourth-generation iPad. The document also shows that the height of the device has been slightly reduced, from 241.3 millimeters in the current model to 240 millimeters in the alleged next-generation version.Thickness of the next iPad is also expected to be reduced, going from 9.55 millimeters to 7.5 millimeters, the document claims.

Notably, the iPad 5 is also expected to be lighter. Sonny Dickson recently leaked photos of the tablet in space gray and silver. It's thought Apple will unveil the device sometime in October.

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