How to Jailbreak Your AppleTV Using a Patchstick [Windows]

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These are instructions on how to jailbreak your AppleTV using a patchstick created by atv-win on Windows.

Before getting started you need will need a USB Stick which can be fully erased.

Step One
Create a folder called Patchstick on your desktop, download atv-win from here, and place it into the folder.

Double click to open the archive and drag the atv-win executable into the Patchstick folder.

Double click atv-win-3.0.exe to launch the application.

Step Two
Select the newest firmware version from the Firmware Version dropdown and select SSH from the checkboxes below. Click the Create Patchstick button to continue.

Step Three
Atv-win will now ask you for a location to save a .img file. Navigate to the Patchstick folder on your desktop, input a filename of atv-patchstick.img and click the Save button.

Step Four
Atv-win will download the latest AppleTV firmware build the .img file.

Step Five
A popup will appear informing you that your patchstick img has been created successfully. Click the OK button.

Step Six
When asked if you would like to run USB Image Tool now click the Yes button.

Step Seven
Select your USB stick from the list of devices on the left and then click the large Restore button.

Step Eight
Navigate to the Patchstick folder on your desktop and choose the atv-patchstick.img file we created earlier.

Step Nine
When asked to confirm the restore click the Yes button. Note: You will lose all previous information on the USB stick.

Step Ten
USB Image Tool will now create your patchstick using the img file we generated earlier.

Step Eleven
Once the restore is complete eject the USB Stick and connect it to your AppleTV.

Step Twelve
Hold down the Menu and - buttons on the AppleTV remote until it reboots.

Step Thirteen
Notice the Patchstick will now do its job and install SSH on the AppleTV.

Step Fourteen
When complete, remove the USB Stick from the AppleTV and unplug the device. Plug it back in to reboot.

Step Fifteen
You can now access your AppleTV via SSH to perform a host of functions and hacks. You can find many interesting tutorials for your AppleTV here. The default username and password for your AppleTV is now frontrow and frontrow.

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Ben2244 - December 3, 2013 at 8:53pm
hi i have an apple tv that can produce 1080p, brought sencond hand dont know history of it. i tried to do this on a 2gb usb thats formatted to FAT32, the penguin on the ATV shows when i reboot. but it gets stuck at the end and asks me to login... openbuntu Login: and i cant do anything with it cause the remote wont work during this part
carlos - June 30, 2013 at 6:48pm
Couldnt do it at first.... ---- Disable any and all antivirus FIRST OF ALL --- !!! Hope this helps !
reddragon - January 26, 2013 at 4:09am
some usb sticks are not compatable if you havent jailbroke device yet first thing to do is restore factory settings then update so youre on 3.02 software before using jailbreak once complete then can go through steps of adding xbmc and adding nito and navi-x to your addons to get repositorys
Hachem Domloge - November 18, 2012 at 10:55pm
Please i want to know if there any availble jailbreak for Atv 3. Thanks
Carolina - August 29, 2013 at 10:35am
are the biggest clnwos on this site. Question to Mr. squiddy20 You still rolling with that 3g Galaxy Nexus on Sprint???If you are it's pretty shameful and comical. You device is garbage guess it matches it's owner. At least @snowbdr89 got something that shits all over your crappy Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. Only problem with his is that he will be running to the charger every 5hrs tops. Least he is up with the times Mr.squiddy20 your a pretty pitiful former college boy. Me and my GALAXY NOTE 2 is riding into the sunset pissing all over you and your worthless 3g enabled Sprint Galaxy Nexus. At the rate you purchase things the Nexus brand will be out two more times before you ever be able to purchase another. And YES SIR 64GB CARD 16 INTERNAL AND 50GB OF DROPBOX stop hating and start purchasing or is it that income is pretty tight out their in the boondocks.
Ben - November 21, 2011 at 8:00pm
Hi I can create the patchstick fine. But when i put it in my atv and restart it doesn't do anything. I factory resetted my atv to take it back to 2.x software adn tried again, no joy. the stick is a 2gb fat formatted disk. 40gb model gen1. Are you able to help at all? Thanks
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