Share Photos on Facebook Using iPhoto

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These are instructions how to export your iPhoto pictures directly to a new or existing Facebook album.

Step One
Download the Facebook Exporter to your Desktop from here.

Step Two
Double click the file ( you just downloaded to extract FacebookExporteriPhoto.pkg.

Step Three
Double click FacebookExporteriPhoto.pkg on your Desktop and follow the prompts to install the plugin.

Step Four
Launch iPhoto by clicking its icon in the dock

Step Five
Select an album or group of photos then choose Export from the file menu.

Step Six
Select the Facebook tab from the top of the Export popup.

Step Seven
Here you can create a new album or edit an existing album. We will create a new album.

Give the album a Location and Description.

Step Eight
Select a thumbnail photo on left to give the photo a caption.

Step Nine
If you would like to tag someone in the photo use the larger preview that appears on the right. Click on the face of the person you would like to tag.

Notice a popup will appear that contains a Login button. Click this button.

Step Ten
Your web browser will open and will ask you to log into Facebook. Enter your Email Address and Password then click the Login button.

Step Eleven
You will now be asked to log into the Facebook Exporter. Check the box next to Allow Facebook Exporter for iPhoto to access my information. Now click the Log in to Facebook Exporter for iPhoto.

Step Twelve
Go back to iPhoto and click the Continue button on the Facebook Login popup window.

Step Thirteen
Now when clicking a face in the preview photo you will get a list of all your Facebook Friends. Click a friends name from the list to tag them.

Step Fourteen
When you are ready to export this album to Facebook click the Export button.

Step Fifteen
A Ready to Export popup window will appear. Click the Continue button.

Step Sixteen
You will then be shown the upload status of your photos.

Step Seventeen
Once upload is complete you will be shown a Review Album popup. Click the Review Facebook Album button.

Step Eighteen
Your web browser will open and show you the images you have just uploaded to Facebook. Select each image and click the Approve Selected Photos button.

Step Nineteen
This will approve your photos and make your album go live!

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MacBookinToronto - April 6, 2008 at 5:12pm
wow, that really speeds things up! Thank you!
Macopoulos - April 6, 2008 at 3:58am
I\'m on to it now..!!!! Running for it..!!!
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