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Intel is looking to steal Apple chip orders away from TSMC by as early as 2018.
Apple has released tvOS 10 beta 7 to developers for download and testing.
Apple has released iOS 10 beta 8 to developers and the seventh public beta of iOS 10 to testers.
The iPhone 7 may be in short supply at launch due to problems with faulty components, according to a new report.
The FOX Sports GO app has been launched for the Apple TV, letting users watch four live video feeds at once.
Next year's iPhone won't have a Home button, according to a new report.
Apple is planning to bring support for FeliCa, a mobile tap-to-pay standard developed by Sony, to iPhones in Japan.
Apple's release of iOS 9.3.5 today fixes three vulnerabilities used by government agencies to spy on dissidents, journalists, criminals, and other targets.
DJI has announced the launch of an Osmo+ Integrated Zoom Lens to Handheld Gimbal Camera that works with the iPhone.
Apple has released iOS 9.3.5 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Apple has filed a patent which details methods of capturing biometric data including fingerprints, photos, and video of users trying to access your device without authorization.
Apple has announced the artists that will be headlining its Apple Music Festival in September.
The Google app for iOS has been updated with 3D Touch previews, letting you hard press on search result titles and map results to quickly see a preview of the page.
A jailbreak of iOS 9.3.4 called OverSky has been demonstrated by Team OS.
Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 which means a restore and downgrade to those firmware versions is no longer possible.
The popular Pokemon GO app for iOS has been updated with a new Pokemon Appraisal feature.
Twelve South has announced the release of new SurfacePad, BookBook & BookBook Rutledge Edition cases for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.
Photos that allegedly reveal the packaging for an iPhone 6 SE have been leaked online.
Prisma, an app that turns your photos into artworks, has been updated to work offline.
The YouTube app has been updated with the ability to mark recommended videos as 'Not Interested' which should help improve personalization.
Microsoft has released an update to its Word Flow Keyboard for iOS that brings built-in search capabilities.
An increasing number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices are suffering from a gray, flickering bar at the top of their display and an unresponsive touchscreen. iFixit believes this may be due to a design defect.
Readdle has released PDF Expert 2 for Mac bringing the ability to edit text, images, outlines, and more.
Pinterest has acquired Instapaper, a popular app created by Marco Arment and sold to Betaworks a few years ago.
Kanex GoPower Watch, the first cordless portable charging solution for Apple Watch, it now available for purchase.
Amazon is looking to offer a cheaper music streaming service that would only work on the Amazon Echo.
Check out this real world speed test that pits the iPhone 6s against Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7.
Apple is reportedly planning to introduce three new iPhone models next year with one of them featuring a curved OLED display
Apple has officially announced that Apple Music Festival 10 will take place in London starting on September 18th.
Apple has released macOS Sierra 10.12 beta 7 to developers and a sixth beta of macOS Sierra 10.12 to public testers.
Netgear's new Orbi WiFi System uses a Tri-band mesh network to bring high speed WiFi to your entire home.
Jimmy Lin, a Taiwanese media star and race car driver, may already have obtained the unreleased iPhone 7 Plus. Lin has managed to accomplish this feat numerous times in the past.
Apple has reportedly acquired Gliimpse, a personal health data startup that automates access to your medical records.
The Nike+ Running app is now the Nike+ Run Club app featuring a fresh, new and improved look.
Apple has selected Pixel Cup Soccer 16 as its free App of the Week.
Facebook has released a new 'Lifestage' app for high school students that aims to help users get to know others in their school and schools nearby.
Apple has posted a trailer for an exclusive documentary coming to Apple Music: 'The Cash Money Story: Before Anything'.
Apple has released iOS 10 beta 7 to developers and a sixth public beta to testers.
Sony Electronics announced today its new XAV-AX100 in-car audio system with Apple CarPlay connectivity, the ability to play a variety of media files, and get up to date information on the go.
Twitter has released an update to its app that brings new Notification filters including a Quality Filter and a filter to limit engagement notifications to people you follow.
Microsoft has announced the launch of a tool to help Mac users import notes from Evernote into OneNote.
Apple has been working to bring cellular connectivity to the Apple Watch but it reportedly won't be ready for the second generation device expected to launch later this year.
Starting later this month, Uber customers in downtown Pittsburgh will be able to summon a self-driving car.
Following T-Mobile's announcement that it was dropping data plans for unlimited data, Spring has introduced an unlimited data plan of its own.
T-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced that the company is killing the data plan and going all in on unlimited data.
Instagram has announced that starting today you can experience events as they happen around the world with a new video channel on Explore.
Check out this image of what is purportedly the camera module for Apple's upcoming iPhone 7.
Apple recently signed a deal with Cash Money Records and now we may know what it's for.
During its earnings called today, Target said that sales of Apple products were down 20% last quarter.
AT&T has announced that its working with several global technology leaders and operators to align on 5G in hopes of deploying the technology faster.