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Microsoft Ad Criticizes MacBook for Lack of a Touchscreen [Video]

Microsoft Ad Criticizes MacBook for Lack of a Touchscreen [Video]

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Microsoft's latest ad for the Surface Pro criticizes the MacBook for its lack of a touchscreen.

With a pen that lets you write on the screen, a detachable keyboard, and tunes like this, Surface Pro 4 is the easy choice.

Take a look at the ad below...

Kayode(Nigeria) - September 13, 2016 at 5:07am
To be sincere Microsoft Ad is so "babyish". No wonder Apple will always be ahead of them all. Who needs a touch screen laptop when u can enjoy same feature with a Trackpad on the Mac.
Daf - September 12, 2016 at 8:47pm
I've switched from macbook to an 2-1 flipbook. The ASUS zenbook flip. The specs are the same as the macbook but when using office windows 10 is a lot more capable. Integration of onedrive feels snappier and word and powerpoint start a lot quicker. Also the onenote integration is awesome. Finally it has a touchscreen and is flippable. This makes the device more 'social' when working on an powerpoint for example and sharing it with colleges while discussing how to present it. Also gives it room for a lighter way of input when in a conversation. Also it has normal usb ports and an usb c port. I think this is a big plus because it will take at least 5 years before businesses have updated their pc's to usb-c. If you buy a macbook atleast compare it to the ASUS zenbook flip UX360.
Cel - September 12, 2016 at 9:56pm
I like my MacBook Air the way it is USB-C or not. A touchscreen though, I see it as another way to use the mouse, and for flipping back the monitor... I just don't see a reason for that, but it can be faster and maybe way faster than what's offered with your computer. I happen to have external USB SSD from OWC with an SSD on the inside and my MacBook Air in the recently released version.
Mang Domeng - September 12, 2016 at 7:33pm
For us Mac users it is annoying if you have finger smudges in your glossy screen. Adding a touchscreen function will make it worse! And one thing I noticed with Windows touchscreens is that the UI is not optimized for touchscreen purposes, it is the same as the Windows in non-touchscreens, the buttons are too small and if installed on smaller devices like the 8"PC tablets, the buttons are too small making it more difficult to navigate by touch. Windows should learn from Apple how to do a real touchscreen interface. Also the pen is a loser! It is only 1024 pen pressure sensitivity and they are asking too much money for a useless pen. For us graphic designers our Wacom pens and Apple Pencils are 2048 making it more accurate to draw finer lines. In your dreams Windows! You will not get our money!
VanG - September 13, 2016 at 10:20am
"For us Mac users it is annoying if you have finger smudges in your glossy screen." You cannot make this shit up. Seriously, are you oblivious to the fact that iPad and iPhone use.... a glossy touchscreen! Please don't be a sheep. Surface Pro is simply a better product. Oversized tablet, no matter how big it is, cannot complete with a laptop.
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