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How to Patch AppSupport for 1.1.4 iPhones (Installer)

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Nabeel - March 13, 2008 at 9:49pm
Guyz!!! I have been working for almost 12 hours infront of the computer to fix the inernational caller ID thing. And unluckily OpenSSH was not working in my phone. I have found the easiest way to overcome this problem using timschuerewegen's appsupport files. I just wanted to share this with u guyz. This is all i did ( im not femilier with computers stuff but i made it, means any one can do this) 1. download the latest Build of PhoneNumber Dynamic Library from [URL=""][/URL] 2. Unzip it and extract it in ur desktop 3. download iPhonebrowser (coolest iPhone file explorer for windows, and with this u wont ever think of Winscp and OpenSSH) from [URL=""][/URL] 4. install iPhonebrowser to ur computer 5. Add to ur installer, and refresh 6. install Ziphone iBrickr fix from Unlocking tools folder (restart the iphone) 7. power on the iphone and put it in the cradle(connect the USB cable) 8. From ur computer open iPhoneBrowser 9. Follow the intructions from [URL=""][/URL] and do exactly as timschuerewegen says. 10. now restart ur phone sorry iphone again. 11. its all done. Enjoy i hope this is helping u guyz!!!
Ale - March 13, 2008 at 4:03pm
Hi everyone. If you need help regarding your country refer to and see if your country is listed there. Otherwise, contact tim in that same thread.
drusixtynine - March 11, 2008 at 5:05pm
Hi, I tried your patch for the iphone but Tunisia wasn't created ... as our numbers are from this form +21612345678 from outside or 12345678 from inside the country, I added the line: // Tunisia [tn] tn 216 00 - - ######## it works like that, but I didn't know what is the correct syntax and I only copied from spain which is almost the same syntax (except that they have 9 numbers) please correct me if needed and add it to your package. thanks
Paisano - March 9, 2008 at 10:11am
Can you please add Colombia: Here is the description: // Colombia [co] co 57 + + 005 05 # Cocaine + + 007 07 # Mafia + + 009 09 # Traficant + + - 03 # Thieves + + - 315 pendejos + + - 316 drugs + + - 310 estafadores + + - 311 crack + + - 312 cannabis + + - 300 heroin + + - 301 ####### Thanks..
Rockabizzydilly - March 9, 2008 at 3:36am
TigerSharkBarn 2008-02-29 23:48:29 Quote: Hi I used Ziphone to jailbreak to 1.1.4 successfully but I cant install the Patch AppSupport for 1.1.4 nor to remove any of the previous installed Apps. The error is Main Script execution failed. I am on Installer 3.0 and BSD Subsystem v2.1. Appreciate any help. Thanks. I had the same problem, the ZiPhone jailbreak doesn't go far enough. You'll need to use iNdependence, this one activates, unlocks, jailbreaks and installs css and stuff, and so with this one you'll have no further problems.
Humayun - March 4, 2008 at 11:44am
The article mentions a tutorial for adding support for countries not in the officially supported country list. Has such a tutorial been created? If so, where can it be found. If not, is there a plan anytime in the near future. It would greatly help. Thanks.
outdabox - March 3, 2008 at 6:18pm
This page helped me improve the number formatting, and the entries for different countries can be adjusted and/or corrected as desired. Using a consistent number format helps with caller id. It is long winded but amounts to replacing a single file and is valid for all 1.1.x phones. I hope it gets included in the next version of this patch. It would be pretty easy to add this
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith - March 3, 2008 at 5:42pm
I have been trying to get this to work with my country Belize but i cant for some reason. With the 1.1.1 firmware, i used the Phone to # fix and set the number to 7 so that it only reads 7 digits and that worked perfectly since our cell phone format appears as +5016104455 and home and business numbers appears as +05018228888. So reading just the (6104455) and the (8228888) made the caller id work perfectly, however, i cant seem to get the settings for this patch to get the iphone to work like that, can anyone give me the settings that would have it just read the first 7 digits Thanks in advance
Denous - March 3, 2008 at 3:15pm
Please add latvia or show how to do it manually !
outdabox - March 2, 2008 at 10:54pm
This doesn't work! v113 didn't work on my 113 firmware, and not at 114 it still doesn't work! I think this is a hoax. I am in Ireland and the software changes nothing! Notice how nothing says precisely what it is supposed to do! 'Fixes problems' ha!
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