JB'd & unlocked 3GS (4.1) with new BR booting untethered

JB'd & unlocked 3GS (4.1) with new BR booting untethered

Posted December 15, 2012 at 10:28am by bns3gs · 3046 views
I have a 3GS that my niece in US grew out of and therefore
sent it over .
It had 3.1.2 and is of week 950 -new BR -tied to AT&T.
No AT&T here.
I upgraded it to 6.0.1 on iTunes11 resulting in a 05.16.07
BB that I only later found was unlockable.
I then used sn0wbreeze to get a customised IPSW with iPAD
BB - 06.15.00.
Later I used cydia for ultrasn0w 1.2.7 and found I could
make 'phone calls. However, Safar & Mails were not ok :
eMail config took an eternity while Safari after opening
would close on its own after a while.

Read somewhere that 4.1 was still signed and so tried it.
Too many error 14 & 20s apart from a few 1601s.
Went back to factory restore on iTunes and after a whole lot
of time found I couldn't activate the device. Read
somewhere that Apple won't allow activation on a previously
JB'd device by saying "Sorry, cannot activate. Try again...".

Tried a "Deactivate" with redsn0w and went back to iTunes
but with the same result.

Tried snowBreeze...6.0.1 IPSW with Shift+Restore . This
time the device got into recovery mode with no apparent
way out from that.

The device thus, was now an iBrick.

Tried redsn0w-0.9.15b3 which would accept only 4.1 .
I kept getting "Restore Error: found device in DFU instead of
Recovery Mode".

I think every time I started with redsn0w when the device
would be stuck in the Recovery Mode , i'd put it in PWNed
DFU Mode through pressing my nail into the Sleep { that
button had been chipped off by my good niece } ,
count upto 6 slowly, press Home , count upto 20, release
Sleep, count upto about 12 or so when limera1in would
kick in (I think, unless it was "Patching Kernel").

But all to no avail.

Somewhere I saw Apple suggesting that when met with an
Error 20 during a Restore, perhaps, closing iTunes and
reopening it with the device still connected to the USB may
This seemed to convey that repeated trying was not
uncommon in these activities.

Therefore, I went back to redsn0w and kept trying with the
original 4.1 inspite of "DFU .. instead of .. Recovery" ...
I remember selecting "Install Cydia" & "Deactivate" and then
unchecking Cydia and downgrade BB (to 05.13.04).

To my amazement after about the 4th or 5th try the whole
process completed after a huge no of "Please Wait ..." s on
the device terminal.

The device came back to life miraculously displaying all the
icons on the screen.

Installed ultrasn0w yet again and the local cellular n/w name
was shown on the device.
Safar & eMails were pretty much quick enough.

And, any time I power off the device with the Sleep button
and slid the red bar to power off and power it on with the same
button, it reboots too. Untethered.

But I thought I'd read that 3GS beyond 940 shouldn't boot
untethered after unlock.
Can someone help me u/stand why ?

Thanks in Advance.

Version: 4.1 (8B117), Model: MC135LL
Sl No.: 84950... BB: 05.13.04

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