"Is it safe to try this?"
J Desai
"I don’t think so. This may be true, initially. Today, there exists multiple cross platform messenger services."
"They're goin too hard. Trust most know the Android experience already. That's why they waste all that money on dumb ass ads. We hear you. WE JUST DON'T CARE. OK! Coming from someone who is tired of iOS. Still and all Android. NOT!!!"
"BS. iMessage. iPhone. I don't have to open my messages up to your phones. There are plenty of cross platform messaging services where you can do the same thing so this is invalid. If coming with iMessage makes you buy and and Android over an iPhone you're just dumb"
"I bought a Samsung Galaxy just because an app in my work only works on Android. .. well, I stopped working with this service because Android was a mess and one day I threw it out of my car window"
"I see only green in their eyes 💰👀 Bs... they think only of their bottom line (which is ok for them, bad for us)"
"Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣"
"Hahaha. Anything to make apple look bad. Out kids had android before and we used messenger. LOL. A pathetic issue to defame apple. LOL"
"Yes, after mocking Apple many times over pointless shit and even the fans over wanting a larger screen while waiting for them totally convincing me to want to give them a chance."
"The irony is it’ll run better on an iPhone than on an Android. I’ve got a Galaxy Fold 2 with 12gb of ram and it uses almost half of that with no apps running!!!! Ridiculous! Needless to say I’m back using an iPhone."
"Well, that just verified my choice of iOS/iPhone…"
"Ermm. No thanks. Why would anyone use a android phone. Yuk"
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