"maybe for the simple people like you its just a chat machine since 2004 im using smartphones and I removed suitcase,papers,pen and many thing from my stuff today it not just a phone for me Im doing anything I need in my business and my life with my iphone and of course it must be powerfull and faster than any others "
"It’s not unusual for Cheaper LCD phones to outperform higher resolution AMOLED ones. Your phone is performing those same tasks rendering images, videos and 3D graphics at a significantly lower resolution."
"Nah I doubt that as Qualcomm did source them the previous year(2017) with modems I feel it has to do with more as a punishment for Apple’s cooperation with the FTC investigation plus their attempts to move away from Qualcomm chips and the meltdown of the relationship they had thereafter as the result of it (explain the several lawsuits Qualcomm is bringing forth now after all of these years of working with them). (Of course Apple would also cooperate if it meant they can bring down the cost of a component that is important in their phones)"
"Mine XR Scores 4812 in single core and 11511 in multi core... I think XR out performs Xs max"
"Next iPhone release will be even worse IMO"
"I’ve never had a problem with att, I’m surprised sprint is so high, my then gf(now wife) had sprint when we first started dating, and she got the iPhone unlimited plan which was supposed to be around $60 each month just for her, no one else on the plan and each month the bill came to around $90-120 and we would have to call them so that they could adjust it, and we did that for a year, and each month they said they fixed the account so it won’t happen again, yet it was never fixed. We ended up switching her over to att and now we are both happy, better reception and not paying an arm and a leg like Verizon wants(effing rip off artist) haven’t tried t-mobile yet."
"Apple is not failing they are doing fine with the Apple watches and other accessories. Yea iPhone sales might of been down but it doesn’t mean they are gonna go broke. It’s Apple which bring quality and simplicity."
"It’s a given that’s what’s they brag about all the time and when I was with them I didn’t have a problem. Now that I’m with att I know what they mean, never been with Verizon but if they say so."
"With bendgate proof? Still not gonna get it sorry."
"Who cares about the benchmarks . It’s a phone you don’t render 3d or process GB of database on it . All it needs to do is have good battery and not cost 1300$"
"Once again, Apple is clearly in serious decline, even as they (just like every single disgraced politician), refuses to admit their 2019 pricing policies were a disaster. Rather than face their own self-inflicted injury, they putter around the edges by offering minor discounts rather than resetting their prices in a sensible and defendable manner. Talk of withholding data, or criticizing analysts, just makes their problems worse and erodes the consumer confidence they’ve built their reputation on."
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