"Could you post a tutorial how tu use Xcode ? It’s very complicated, Jailbreak used to be super easy back in a days . Thanks"
"This guy is an annoying imbecile and should never be allowed to make videos. He sounds like a total puss boy when he talks and it makes it hard to focus on content mostly because he is so fake and terrible on camera."
"I love that the men are safe and the stupid woman is not and she’s smiling as if she’s so stupid she can’t realize that she’s an idiot for not wearing a mask. Also, the Apple employee secretly hates her for not wearing a mask. F’n white people!"
"Still no fix for the mail sorting bug in Mail that takes subfolders and sorts them randomly. "
"@Jailbreak team, i have iPhone X running OS13.5 Cydia64_1.1.33 (en-us), after jailbreaking Unc0ver 5.0.0 and 5.0.1, when i open any installed item on Cydia immediately Cydia getting closed, i am not able to get SSH Access to delete the var/mobile/library/cydia/metadata.cb0 , please help me the best way to make my Cydia working without issues., hopefully no other users facing same issues. "
"More like 11-13.5 and not every iOS"
"12.4.7 with big button "unsupported" "
"I like this low prices...maybe sell two pieces"
"Everything went well up until I did the site ➜ Open with AltStore. It tried loading and gave me an error saying something about making sure that Offloading Unused Apps isn't enabled (which it isn't). Could it be problematic because I'm running 13.5 Developer BETA release?"
"Hello! AltStore is installed on my iPad Air 2, but unc0ver does not appear in my list of Apps. Please Advise!"
"No, if you are still within your seven day signing window, just open unc0ver and tap Jailbreak. If you are near the end of the seven day signing window, we recommend that you open AltStore, go the My Apps tab, and tap Refresh All, to re-sign your apps."
"Hi. If I reboot my iPhone you need it to doing all steps again for jailbreak?"
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