""How did the acid not destroy the watch?" It's because the holy grail of smart watches has such a heart poured into it."
"Screw you qualcomm and your greedy shady practices."
"Hey everyone. So how much improved is the new 13” MacBook with touchbar over the 2018 model? Has the processor been improved? I see they upgraded the keyboard components."
Posted May 21, 2019 at 5:37pm
"As much as companies desperately try to insult or shoehorn ANYTHING regarding Apple down to its fans as a sellout for an idea to try and 'advertise' an advantage over them (this is how Windows Phone died due to how absurd the ideas were such as colored phone, the clearer display which doesn't look different even from a viewing distance, etc.), maps in context here makes sense and they don't have low skill saying "this is better" or subliminal messages like "this idea is bad", though I never used AR and I can do without it soo....."
"Apple is no more a creative company after launching Touch ID. Competitors are far ahead of Apple now in terms of New Technology Innovations. #DisappointedAppleFan"
"What about the 15inch"
"Key question: how easily can I swap out the overpriced Apple SSDs and install my own, as that’s the SINGLE biggest impact on price. It’s too bad you can’t opt out of the obnoxious Touch Bar for the Mac Book Pros (or ANY of the new Mac Book’s), as they offer nothing of use for most users. Guess I’ll have to wait after the initial release to read the final reviews to learn just how much it’ll cost."
Posted May 21, 2019 at 5:37pm
"Geez! Those are even geekier than the first failed Google Glass fiasco!"
"Just in case your Mac doesn’t have a new virus/malware/ransomware/hack every couple weeks, brought to you by the people who sent you running from PCs forever!"
"Let me guess bug fix"
Posted May 20, 2019 at 5:08pm
"Ha ha ha, like google doesn’t spy on people already! This is hilarious!"
"iPhone game"
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