"Not to mention, I absolutley LOVE clear cases and all the clear ones I bought ended up scratching and losing its shine. And once again, Apple releases a clear version for the Xr, SKIPS THE XS MAX, and then drops one for the 11’s. Like literally wtf. So frustrating..."
"Yo I’m sick of them putting the 11’s and 11 Max cases on sale and FORGETTING about the Xs, Xs Max users! We’re not that far behind to be ignored like that. I love Apple and I love their cases but could NEVER find a sale for my Xs Max. Just stupid. Smh man"
"So, on to 3.3, without clearing up the remaining 3.2 bugs (my iPhone is now virtually worthless as I can’t visit any app/site with graphics), so the only way we can HOPE for a fix is by installing even MORE BUGGY, untested software?"
Posted November 20, 2019 at 6:13pm
"When I heard this and the merger of sprint I ended my contract with them. It’s gonna be horrible with him gone and having more data traffic usage with sprint people."
Posted November 18, 2019 at 4:28pm
"Thank you one of the G.O.A.T. POTUS - Donald J. Trump! God bless you and the work you do! #KAG #Trump2020 "
"The Apple TV 4... do you mean the Apple TV (4th generation) or the Apple TV 4K (which is the 5th generation) ??"
Posted November 14, 2019 at 4:24pm
"The question is does it work?"
Posted November 19, 2019 at 4:00pm
"I only upgraded to iOS 3.2 because it was required to utilize the full AirPod Pro features, and the majority of my photo apps broke, as the screen adjustments stopped working entirely, my phone is permanently locked in dark mode, and every photo app, other than Apple photos, displays negative views, making the phone next to worthless. So far, despite three separate updates, nothing has been done to address any of these concerns, while I had no problems with any apps being dropped, despite my routinely running at least a dozen different apps at the same time. Now, I'm spending almost all my time on my iPad Pro, and I'm leaving my phone at home more often than I ever have before. I'd NEVER have upgraded, if I'd had ANY choice. And to add salt to my wounds, Apple immediately refused to allow ANY downgrades for everyone suffering substantial issues with these INCREDIBLY buggy releases. So far, it looks like Apple will NEVER fix everything they screwed up. However, given the recent series of buggy releases, I won't update ANY other Apple product until I'm SURE the updates are completely bug free. It's just not worth losing valued apps, as Apple's showing no interest in correcting their mistakes, instead going for a few 'good enough' semi-fixes. This is Samsung level engineering, and refutes everything that Apple has built it's reputation on for years."
"follow the "read more" link. at the ifixit page it says repairability score 1 of 10."
"Maybe they do it on purpose but it’s ridiculous, every week another update."
"Confused on the reliability score. Are they saying it is the least reliable MacBook Pro so far and it’ll be easy to break down? They use to score repairability."
"He made T-Mobile what it is. He is a great businessman. I hope he enjoys his next role or better yet, retirement. He deserves it for all the great work he’s done over the years."
Posted November 18, 2019 at 4:28pm
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