"This is very interesting figure.....Is that how much actually cost to build the phone? And if this is true how it comes to the users with $1000 more? Don't tell me because has premium design and quality because there are smartphones out there with better quality."
"Sorry, there’s an add in a weird place that threw me; they’re right."
"Are those pictures correct?"
"Competing with the Notes app. Interesting move."
"This test falls into the category of “so what?”"
"This is an inaccurate test, in fact it's stupid, we're talking milliseconds her, you can't just start and stop a stopwatch judging by the eye, this alone would take a few milliseconds for your eye to receive an image and your brain to process it and give the order to your hand to start a stopwatch and your hand to execute, too many variables were left uncontrolled, for example the position of the phone and the angle, the power button when it's pressed, and whether the phone starts the identification before or after illuminating the screen and so on"
"Nothing could be further from the truth. I bet this is paid for base on iOS 12 right now problems."
"What about us ‘Encore’ users? Refunds? Gonna contact Apple."
"And the massive is still buying the phone? So what are you people complaining about?"
"I noticed a difference in speed not just in unlocking the phone but in using Face ID for passwords in safari or apps that use Face ID. "
"There is much difference between these three phones"
"They have to maintain somehow their life style..."
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