"The iPhone SX Max is also good enough as well for just about every photo task everyday users can expect from a camera. It's always the person behind the camera not the camera and knowing how to use your tools will give you the edge on production."
"??? PaulieP ButttHurt!! ????"
"So what about these 'trip' you speak of? You can do this in the photos app and boom, you have on par quality of the $13,000 camera for like 1/13th of the cost. Good luck with convincing others about being fools when really this guy proves that overall quality of smartphone cameras are now starting to dominate dslr at this point."
"Lol it doesn’t even change an Apple Watch"
"I could by two gaming laptop with that price and yes it has mpre than 4 input"
"and apple could npt even do it Lol"
"Good luck with your weak recycled digs. Clearly you have me on your mind 24/7 bucko. I feel bad for you because your life peaks when you post your rude comments online. You really need a life"
"Bravo bravo ??hope they remove all the prostitution apps too time to shut these companies down already."
"Don't believe the hype. It never worked for me as advertised. Send it back for a refund."
"Wasn’t supposed AirPower be this thing?! Hmmm"
"@PauliePenisBreath, It’s funny how easy you get buttt hurt! But then again it just might have been your dad that really hurt your buttt! ???"
"Managed to change location to my external hard drive...thanks ??"
Posted October 9, 2019 at 2:17pm
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