"The description of the item in amazon says it is the model h1 = AirPods 1 if I am not wrong!"
"I hope fix battery drain and others bugs beta 1 was to much for me"
"I hope fix battery drain dis new update"
"Anyone installed watch is 7 with beta 13.5 to see if it works? I want beta 7 but want to keep the jailbreak on My phone"
"This will be true cause Apple has always allowed leakage in order for the consumer to not surprised. So if they iphone 12 doesn’t come with charger or headphones, Apple would be like “ well it was leaked for months about this not being included in the box so.....” 🤦🏻‍♂️"
"I hope the “to lower the price” is worth it. Maybe enough to purchase your own Apple headphones and charger at retail price. But if it’s $100 less then it’s worth it cause the charger and headphones don’t even make $50 total."
"Missing the point? I will draw you a picture..."
"That’s the worst analogy of all time"
"Here is your new car, just no way to refill the gas tank."
"No charger but didn’t mention no cable.. So prolly just including cables since everyone prolly charging via laptop and cars anyway"
"I have an Adobe Atmos system and Adobe vision video why do I want to go to the movies can’t smoke pot there! I like my movies at home it’s cheaper it’s comfortable and I can Netflix and chill without even watching Netflix lol Tell me would you really want to go to the movies knowing you can’t smoke some pot and Netflix and chill without watching Netflix? Well I guess if you’re like a weirdo then you could probably go to the movies by yourself? All those other things are probably things you don’t do!"
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