"“This update recommended for all users” the update say’s. Wen did Apple saying ain’t recommended. Even if update capacity was with a kilobyte."
"I grew out of it"
"If you gamble at FanDuel and use your iPhone then don’t jailbreak jailbroken phones won’t be allowed they can tell and tell you !"
"If they really cared, none of the stores would be open in China and all of the employees would be getting full pay. Instead, they keep factories open and they force people to leave their homes and possibly get infected. Screw you Tim CROOK!"
"A.....BOUT......TIME they include Xs Max cases in these sales!"
"Jailbreak or bust. Nothing beats an iPhone that's jail broken. The stuff i can do that stock can't is 101 times over.. Yes 101 tweaks installed and use every single one. Staying o 12.4 for more compatibility and stable. Will use checkrsin if when i decide to move higher"
"Hahahaha Ace, you remind me of my puppy that follows me around on these chats. I did jailbreak in the past when it was worth it. Today it’s not really worth it will the all the upgrades over the years. At this point your only showing off to yourself and your pretend friends online. If your hobby is jail breaking, your life is truly pathetic. Try going on a diet fatty and if you don’t like my opinions, go suck a giant prick. Too easy to trigger you nerds! Oh and I do have a chip on my shoulder because I’m happy, healthy/fit, great job and have a phenomenal woman by my side with a beautiful family. You really are probably overweight or in a terrible relationship or even a loner with no real friends just other computer dorks like you. Yeah, I’m good Ace of Base. Hahahaha"
"He likes his side of argument that make ppl give him attention and explain how things are for them and when he gets the other side, says “I dont like that”... pure self centric. Just think of an old iphone or ipad, what jb can do"
"??? You know how not to get stuck?"
"Haha, those that get stuck!"
"Can i jailbreak my iphone 6s 13.3.1 with this tool"
"Stock at step14"
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