"No changes to the battery?"
Posted January 19, 2022 at 5:00pm
"Please no! I have long since phased out of a company trying hard to be like Apple among other reasons."
Raas al Ghul
"First the amazing Bethesda deal now this, Microsoft really is investing heavily into its gaming platform and Sony cannot compete as it doesn’t have the revenue to do so"
"Does exist patented hole???"
"Of course we need a concept of something that is minuscule because why not!"
"Design copy"
"a completely damaged application that no one wants to have anymore, either on Mac or iPhone!"
"We are very pleased that we are as Apple users. We will not used from Android. If Google developers can't do this, that's their problem. Apple means security."
"This been going on for years and their just now making it public!!! I done lost thousands of photos messing with this iCloud storage and it’s nothing we or they so they say can do about it… it only works for law enforcement sometimes"
"They sell digital connections to customers and they say that Apple is the "digital gatekeeper". Good luck in the courts with that."
"They need our data to sell our data and make more money. Greedy people. Not only they charge us subscriptions for their networks but they want our data too. And then they have GDPRs for user protections… bs."
"we are already paying for the service. why they need or data? more money.give me free service and they can have my data."
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