"Seriously, what is that thing?!! 😂😂😂"
"It’s one of those things: you say something... then you get the “label”. So, accept and 😶."
"Walmart should have these on sale at $170 on 11/25"
Posted November 20, 2020 at 5:41pm
"I still don’t see the sense in these wireless chargers. Are people that lazy that they can’t plug a wire into their phone to charge it? It’s not like you can be using your phone a few feet away and have it charge. If I gotta lay the phone on the charger I might as well just be plugging it in."
"You would think they could throw in a power adapter when a person is buying a charger that’s already 5X more expensive than it’s competitors."
"The joke is still in the users as I would rather have a phone that would still works than to cut off the middle of something that could be important the exact minute I am doing something and the fact that the battery is mishandled by users due to poor health it is affected by. Still rocking with a 6s without problems."
"I see that you are Brainwashed very good... good, next!"
"That’s not a lot if you consider how many people bought iPhone 6s til now"
ACP Stowell
"This just in...Formula 1 cars requires special fuel mix in order to achieve top speed."
"Thanks for your feedback; my problem is that I take promotions from IClarified very serious"
"I don’t like watch that you have to charge up every minute. If it dies then how will I tell what time is it"
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