"@pauliePrick! Guess you also got 1st grade education because I wasn’t trying to flattered you, you moron! Your so lame your even using my jokes that I used on you. Tried to copy my “trigger’ phrase. Click, clicked! LMMFAO !! 🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️"
"I don’t understand why people keep doing this, don’t you get it?... from years and years it has been a different phone one year and the following the same exact phone but faster, so basically every 2 years you’ll see a change. This year it will be the same thing but faster 🙄"
"Stupid, go buy a samshit"
"Yes indeed iPhone 4 is a reference in design that most of my family and friends relate as the best looking iPhone ever."
M!Do Space
"Why did they shut down Vine in the first place?!"
"Apple isn’t going to the square design and they are definitely not doing the punch hole."
"Very very unlikely"
"You’re so easily triggered my lil puppy. Haha"
"Hi puppy, I see you couldn’t resist. Flattery will get you nowhere my gay friend. Haha"
"If this is true, at least there will be back dated but decent design on new iPhones. Also less disappointing designs like iPhone pro’s. Go ahead apple."
"This is all about profit for Apple. Originally Apple was on board to adopt to a Universal USB-C world wide with all Major Tech Companies. Now that Most Companies have adopted to the USB-C. Apple is the only Tech Company without the USB-C on their phone devices. This would gererate major profit from Dongles and many other adaptive items to sell. The only Major seller for the Lighting port. Meaning $$$ plain and simple. pauliePrick just likes kissing Timmy”s AZZ that’s why he is on Apples side. FYI : New Android devices do have USB-C you knucklehead!"
"@pauliePrick! Your so lame with the same old homophobic jokes. Guess “Voice of Reason” thought this was a dating site and found you. 😂🤣😂 go enjoy each other’s company my homosexual friend that’s homophobic. 😂👍"
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