"Phone we’re never intended to be the size a football field and the iPhone 12 mini is the phone size that the good LorT intended"
"Very ugly looking"
"Because they care so much for the planet 🌎 they should put more, as they probably make that much money 💰 just by not including the chargers with new iPhones"
"Bought one of them when it was released and I have no regrets, perfectly sized smartphone with all needed functions. Very sad news, Apple like always mostly doing that for money."
"iPhone 14 bro you cannot skip ahead like that I’m still waiting for the iPhone 9"
"I may actually wait a bit there may be a chance that their inventory was more than expected and they may sell the device at a discounted price. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 but it’s a pleasant lie at best"
"Can’t tell if this means no iPhone 13 mini or no iPhone 14 mini. Can anyone clarify?"
"Can’t say I’m a fan of a periscope (telephoto) lens, if its even a possibility. One more thing to possibly break. Plus, what about the liquid resistance rating?"
"Yes, I’ll be sad to see it go. I’m hoping to get one. Looks like I’d better not wait too long."
"That’s fine but if I didn’t like the notch and more importantly what it enables, I wouldn’t buy an iPhone so it’s a non-issue."
"3000€ has Microsoft Ar glases,we got two at work and are huge"
Posted April 14, 2021 at 4:03pm
"iOS 14.4.2 already has the “Items” tab in the Find My app."
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