"Testing 123"
"This is ignorant. If you have your Apple devices updated (like you’re supposed to) then this isn’t an issue. iOS alerts you when an AirTag that isn’t yours is riding with you. Keep your stuff up to date and you don’t have anything to worry about"
"So does it charge your phone as an induction charger or does it physically plug into the lightning port on your phone to charge it?"
"Do not bother clicking the link, the price is actually $479"
Posted December 2, 2021 at 5:42pm
"No, thank you guy who owns a company that has yet to answer the problem colored people are dealing with in his facilities according to A More Perfect Union! I’m not buying from him until he actually proves to us he cares!"
"Lol $50 paperweight."
"The benefits of siding with the CCP over your OWN Country!"
"Cute commercial…"
"Future iPhones should have a tool free repair design. Like the bonnet on a car to access the battery. Or latches from which the screen can pop out. Maybe the motherboard could be slotted in through the side like a bank card into an ATM. The phone would automatically connect itself to these components. A little modularity with an integrated host system. All the parts that are commonly upgraded could be added or removed. The battery. The screen. The camera system. The motherboard. And the maybe the shell in which they are loaded. It would reduce the cost of upgrading the phone. Of course there would still be a prefabricated option."
"Yeah?! it’s unacceptable to break their systems and to have companies developing spyware but it’s acceptable to have labs which creates viruses that can kill millions of people?!"
Posted November 23, 2021 at 7:30pm
"Resolved. Thanks"
"links to products are incorrect. "
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