"What about the new AirPods .???"
"Except it comes in black... im sticking with d old one or new black HUAWEI freebuds 2 pro"
"The ipad mini is more expensive than the ipad!!! The lineup is so confusing its a joke! 7.9, 9.7, 10.5, 11, 12.9... some work with the first gen apple pencil, some with the second gem, some accept the smart keyboard, but there are different smart keyboard sizes! A12 on ipad air and mini, A10X on ipad (I might be wrong as I am really getting confused here) and some other on the pro models! What happened to the days when we had “iphone” and “ipad”!!"
"iPad mini starts at 400? Why so expensive? The last one was at 400 with 128gb not 64gb like this one. "
"Nice am going for the old one since the price will go down"
the voice of reason
"You guys are missing the point. Imagine that you could by a phone from which you could only order Dominos pizza and not Little Ceasar's. Hmmm... I take it back, Little Ceasar's is crap. Thanks for protecting us from Spotify, Apple!!! (this is called sarcasm)."
"It’s their platform, Spotify, seems you want money for nothing and your checks for free! Could this be due to your app free falling? Are you afraid there will be no Golden Years? And you may have to say, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? You should Pack your bags today, pre- flight."
"I don’t use this crap, so no problem with the limit."
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