"Any experience?!"
"I don't blame him considering the absurd excuses that modern cuMicrosoft churned out that ended playing themselves when they made a big deal about shit no one would be desperate to argue about. What I'm talking about is when they made "ads" that were nothing more than sell outs about the so-called advantages they thought the Nokia had over iPhone, like when they insulted Siri and underestimate how much she does especially from what charts say about her in comparison to cortana, or offend iPhone by not having any color (no I'm not joking). The list goes on, but long story short this is how the Nokia died and this era of shitty excuses was years after Gates stepped down. On a side note, I miss the times when we used to see him and Jobs being friends. What happened to that?"
"Great 7mins 30 seconds of my life wasted and can never get back"
"The same company that is badly influencing the tax scam and women's rights. I'd rather be with a company that dam well respects their jobs, customers, and our freedom than the deATTh star."
"Wait till you see one linked below."
"The fix is in"
"Who would've thought that someone could make material for a video out of nicknames for a product. From what he has concluded though, this isn't a cheese grater we thought it would be, so instead I'll call it a shower drain or a sifter."
"Just happened to my 3 year old Mac. Called support and they told nothing is available. Now two weeks after my call they send this recall. Thank iClarified, wouldn’t have got this without you!"
"This article is confusing"
"I thought was crazy about this All my MacBook pros get hot while charging . Definitely a recall . I tried to avoid dell computer years ago Because of their batteries and charger Psss of shits"
"Proving how not garbage it is yet again. At this point, Muk fuk is grasping straws for any excuse churned out of him because he has no life to gullibly blind others. Just look at the old Apple Watch articles if you're unfamiliar with him. Talk about tantrum troubles."
"John légère is great CEO ,he has changed the cell phone business Thanks to him all star and Verizon Followed his idea I wish T-Mobile works at my location Good job John"
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