"Well yes. Of course that’s how it works but they aren’t responsible for any unique or revolutionary tech with regard to those screens. The technology was developed by Samsung. Apple simply orders that screen in a particular form factor, color etc..."
Mang Domeng
"Nice move! Apple is starting to manufacture its own components just like the old days when a Mac never freezes because all parts are Apple and the hardware and software are seamless."
Mang Domeng
"Samsung is hell more greedy. Try to read their history. They started their electronics business from copying other electronics brands. Their CEO Lee Kun-he is a tax evader as reported this year. So why give your money to them when they cheat you by getting a good-looking but half-baked featured phones. What is the value in that?"
Mang Domeng
"@nocci: I agree with you. ??"
Mang Domeng
"I agree on that one. ??"
Mang Domeng
"Hah! That’s what you know! Samsung is just a screen manufacturer of Apple. Apple does their screen design. Apple pays for the production of the screens, Samsung delivers. Apple and Samsung’s OLEDs are two different designs bit the same manufacturing technique by Samsung. How come Apple’s screens supplied by Samsung, LG and Sharp have the same designs. It is a form of infringement copying the same design from another manufacturer. So in this scenario Apple tells the OLED screen manufacturers what to do and they will just manufacture it as per Apple’s design."
"No one cares what people search for on their crappy engine."
"You can probably get them separately for the same price"
"Seems like every major carrier now supports eSIM except the one I use :("
"I find it amusing that if Samsung actually focused on following their own path, they might become a true iPhone competitor. With that being said, nowadays Samsung made a meme of themselves only good to bust a gut. Trust and respect denied ??."
"Failuer after another and now apple is desperat of money lol"
Posted December 12, 2018 at 6:53am
"Netflix don’t need to pay 100m for Friend to stay, Friend is old skull, we have Greenleaf Season 3 coming this December."
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