"Tile and Chipolo are crap products and I don’t really care that Apple is licking you out. Your products don’t work half the time and they are way overpriced."
"Are there a full “vintage” list officially from ?!"
"I m not being ablevto update my airpods. The firmware is still 6.8.8. Many times my airpods looses connection while i m on my calls. Please help with the solution."
"Well played Apple. It’s time for me to develop truth or dare questions app."
"Disappointed, thought a good chance for upgrade."
"Apple already losing its charm and if apple launch iPhone 12 in 2021 makes 2 year behind from market already 3 year same design no usb c no iPhone to iPhone charging"
"Unable to update, restart to no avail. Plse advise."
bac ho
"Buồn buồn chửi đảng cho vui. Địt mẹ đám đảng đi sâu trong quần."
"iPhone 11 Pro Max 265GB"
"Mine’s just 984MB, how is yours 4 GB?"
"2 Questions: how many years before develops 'adopt' this idea, and how much extra will every single iPad app cost because of it (x1.5, x2, x3)?"
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