bac ho
"Buồn buồn chửi đảng cho vui, địt mẹ đám đảng đi sâu trong quần."
"Perfect! Just a bit slimmer and smaller screen will do, so it can fit right inside hand. But almost perfect. "
"Looks like iOS 13 is very buggy but good enough for public"
Posted December 10, 2019 at 6:12pm
"I hope Apple does pull out, and I hope other phone makers pull out too. Leave them with no phones to buy and make Putin rethink what he’s done."
Vinodh R
"Worth waiting 👌🏻📱✨ Love from India🇮🇳♥️"
"Apple keeps adding small meaningless feature in order to jack up the price smh. I see iPhone hitting the $2K mark in the future."
"Yeah I was going to say, congrats on figuring out that all they were going to do was ad a S like they did with the 3g, 4, 5 and 6."
"As apple have mindlessly decided to launch several iPhone models a year, they should at least simplify it by Pro’s, Air’s, Mini’s. iPhone Pro = iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max kinds iPhone Air = iPhone 11 kinds, but super-slim and light weight always. iPhone Mini = iPhone SE kinds with previous 'Pro' gen specs in new designs with one BIG difference which is smaller designs which fits INSIDE human hands like 3GS. Imagine if Jobs would have never increased the dimensions of iPhone post iPhone 4 or 5. These will be most challenging and experimental iPhones to make for current iPhone teams, they might as well make a foldabel one like Razr. But overall it should justify 'Mini' with powerful specs. "
"Congrats, I have a virtual cookie for you."
"Congrats, I have a virtual cookie for you. 🍪"
"No worries :)"
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