"I still don’t see the sense in these wireless chargers. Are people that lazy that they can’t plug a wire into their phone to charge it? It’s not like you can be using your phone a few feet away and have it charge. If I gotta lay the phone on the charger I might as well just be plugging it in."
"You would think they could throw in a power adapter when a person is buying a charger that’s already 5X more expensive than it’s competitors."
"The joke is still in the users as I would rather have a phone that would still works than to cut off the middle of something that could be important the exact minute I am doing something and the fact that the battery is mishandled by users due to poor health it is affected by. Still rocking with a 6s without problems."
"I see that you are Brainwashed very good... good, next!"
"That’s not a lot if you consider how many people bought iPhone 6s til now"
ACP Stowell
"This just in...Formula 1 cars requires special fuel mix in order to achieve top speed."
"Thanks for your feedback; my problem is that I take promotions from IClarified very serious"
"I don’t like watch that you have to charge up every minute. If it dies then how will I tell what time is it"
"Same issue here, bricked my macbook pro 2013 13”. No chime, no startup. Had to disconnect the IO board flex then it starts up but runs super slow. Need to order a new one so i can test if it will work with that."
"not just Big Sur.. my wife's Apple Watch 4 after update the battery won't last 10 hours. before last all day long and more juice left."
"Where’s the link? What about multi core scores? What other benchmarking software did they use? How did those compare?"
"This is better than what Scumsung claimed around the 5s when they claimed that taking a series of photos to be combined was cool. That does not compare to this!"
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