"If Apple try’s to sell that Ugly phone they will be expensive paper weights. Horrible!"
"Sorry, but you're dreaming. Apple ALREADY has a higher priced model, the new Beat EarPods, so these would fit between the current (to be revised) $149 model and the Beats product, so I'm guessing closer to $179 to $199, with the wireless charging case costing a little more)."
"This is precisely what I expected. While the recently released models had a few new features, hopefully pushing the few die-hard holdouts to adopt them, there really wasn't much to justify a $150 upgrade. They also put off the other new features they'd been promising, such as black AirPods. So, of course, once more people started dumping the various 'alternatives', which never worked that well (I know, as I tried several of them), they're now planning to release the 'true' upgrade model, of course with a higher price. I can't say I blame them, as I didn't jump on this bandwagon earlier, but I'm looking forward to upgrading my AirPods for more than a measly 10-% increase in battery life. I'm actually looking forward to what these newer, high-priced AirPods offer. Like most Apple users, I don't mind paying extra for better features, but $150 is pretty pricey for just 'slightly' better."
"15,000 spies for R"
"You obviously do not own a MacBook so obviously haven’t tried apple support. MacBook users don’t use the word laptop to refer to a MacBook. LOL"
"Always looking to slow you down"
"Nop thx"
"Greedy fucckjerrrs"
"You can't change the fact that you of the very very few of the millions of people that may have been conned, but not me. Maybe some things can't be repaired reasonably and if you want to claim it's the worst, then why don't you compare what they have done to others that have earned their spot as you seen here. Me though, the chart speaks for itself. Prove it wrong!"
"Wow for that much money they didn’t have them already?!"
"How on earth? They have legitimately the worst “tech support” on earth. They don’t even repair virtually anything. They tell you it can’t be repaired and try to con you into buying a new laptop."
"Or 329$. Get your wallet ready as There ones are better looking."
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