"You are lucky you are getting a phone I'm the box."
"They are going crazy every time a bit more I’m always been an Apple fan and always use Apple products but if they are going to be doing this things every time 😔"
"Ditching the earpod is not really horrific since we all have something to replace it with, if not better than the original in the box. but the charger base is something that keeps the battery healthy longer and apple is kind of serious on these types of situations. also, it may be hazardous and can follow some claims by the customer."
"As long as it comes with a sync cable. But honestly not including a charger is a bit strange especially if the phone requires an all new previously unreleased power supply unit."
"Christian Dior and Fendi—to name a few, should acquire Apple (or vice versa) as they can admit their products are luxury products and not just electronics. What I’m really most upset about is that Tim Cook could not give a damn about innovation or creativity in the artistic sense. He is 100% about profits, just like 99.999999999% of other CEOs. Steve Jobs was genuinely a creative person, who cared about the end users experience to the point of obsession. Steve would be screaming if he heard this plan being discussed. Since he’s gone, all he can do is roll over in his grave over what Tim has done to his creation, Apple."
"All statements below are based on the idea that this is true. This idea is pure insanity. The scariest thing is that I could see Apple having the “courage” to do this. I don’t understand what magic of marketing terms would be used to justify this... I’m kind of curious to find out. It’s like when opening the iPhone box and a hand reaches out (horror movie style) and punches you in the face. OR, when you open the box and there’s a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket... to switch to a Google Pixel for free. I will not support this unbelievable level of greed, if this is the case. Is a $1 trillion valuation not enough? LVMH (who owns many luxury companies like Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Tag Heuer, Moët "
"WTF I will ditsh iPhone soon this is beyond shame its more like shit"
"In Europe Apple has to put the EarPods in the box because all the mobile phones have to be sold with hands-free kit."
"That’s a bad idea apple"
"Right like come on now"
"What a shame. Apple with such highly valued position shouldn’t stoop that low with such a decision. Cheap fellows. Even 100$ or 200$ phones come with both headset and a fast charger."
"That’s going too far. All phones should at least come with a charger."
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