"I do."
"It begs the question: if they know 128GB is gonna have a problem with utilizing the full capabilities of what the iPhone Pro can do, then why even bother make it an available option. I can definitely see a lot of people getting pissed off / mislead, even tho “iT sAiD sO iN dA wEbSiTe Hurr durr “"
"Respect ✊🏼 Tim But still there is no reason to launch a new iPhone with marginal changes compare to previous year, than not launching at all. Jobs used to move innovation out from every department of company so it was a possible for him. Smartphone market is matured and except Apple no one really innovates. So it’s time to take car industry type approach and launch new model every 2-4 years. Also this will allow time to focus on better software upgrades every year. Also start looking for your replacement. Sincerely!"
Posted September 15, 2021 at 3:30pm
"When’s the release date?"
"speed limit flash controller (double memory = double bandwith)"
"Is it me or 'Pro' iPhones look dated & ugly with marginal hardware and software improvements? Apple is way too much behind camera improvements and not so lucrative entertainment industry, they have forgotten it's a leading Tech company. Wake up!!!!"
"The iPhone 13 starts at $799."
Clifford samuels
"What’s the price for iPhone 13"
"Did the charger element actually change to charge Series 7 watches faster? I have a travel Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable. Looks similar but has a really short (6in maybe) cable. Will that also charge the new 7 watch as fast? "
"No talk about increasing the iCloud strange option. I used to love them moving all the tears down in price. But been stuck on 50gb for many years now."
"Don’t think so"
"Does anyone use this app anymore?"
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