"The mysterious force called Insta Food photo sharing."
"I have an universal cable, which keep 100% of the performances alive :) while the conservative world spend years in discussions to define “the wheel” the Chinese innovate, check-out, 1 cable for all appliances: Magnetisches Multi USB Kabel, AVIWIS 3 in 1Magnetic Schnellladekabel und Sync Datenkabel mit iP Micro USB Typ C Magnet Adapter für Android Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 A3 A5, Huawei, Honor, Oneplus, Xiaomi"
"I usually see the sale twice a year. When the new ones are coming and just after the holidays when a bunch get returned."
"Right now lightning connector is faster than the USB that is used on android phones. The only thing faster than lightning is USB-C which is a technology that Apple invented. You can’t synchronize faster or charge faster if you don’t upgrade cables regularly. People need to understand it’s not a light bulb where a universal plug works."
"Not the case. Cheers"
"And you think android is any better ? It’s very simple dont up load to iCloud"
"I think the NexT generation iPhone have no connectors be full wirelles like AppleWatches ...and the problem is solved"
"Call it iPhone Air!"
"Small(Reference dimensions of 3Gs) Thin (Reference iPod 2019) light weight (Reference iPod 2019) edge to edge 4.5inch display Design (Reference Jonathan Ive) Please take your time but don’t release ugly iPhones (Reference iPhone pro’s)"
"Agreed they should adopt for universal standards, this will cut apples money from buying extra stuff also so of course they will make excuses on why its no good."
"Your comment shows that I “hurt” you somehow in a previous comment of mine and that you have a big ego (as the other “friend” PaulieP) Also, probably in school you were good to write essays and not a mathematical guy. And this is all good but online nobody wants essays but an idea."
"Of course it is. It’s the 11 Pro Max. Forget the Xs Max. Lol even though it’s almost the same exact quality phone. Smh"
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