"JC Penney days are numbered and over, out of business is the next headlines. Who shop there anyway?"
"It will still break, the way it's made it's no good, just a good idea that went wrong."
"Sue all you want, it's what you can prove in court. Another lazy bum want to make some quick money."
Bill Williams
"Really? Us jailbreakers had a mouse attached to the first ipad. Bluetooth stacks. Cydia. Now that jailbreaking is “dead” the things we were doing years ago are being implemented and called revolutionary. My ipad 1st generation still is Bluetooth mouse compatible. "
"There you have it, cuMicrosoft. The iPad is officially a complete computer, hence a complete laptop!"
"What’s new? Nothing but the sluggish software an ugly squared camera and of course the fact that Apple will charge their fun boys even more money for the crap called iPhone XI or whathewer they call it. And the mass will buy it once more."
"Looking to buy a new 13 or 15 inch laptop but too many problems with the new MacBooks. It really blows. I don’t really want to buy a dell XPS but they seem to be better all around at the moment. A few generations ago the MacBook Pro was perfect. Not anymore."
"Does anybody still shop at JCPenney especially after Ron Johnson? That place went to shit and they have low quality brands. People just shop at Ross or marshals or TJ Maxx instead of JCPenney. Hell, Amazon has better shit than most of it’s made in China very cheap in price and quality just like JCPenney. Apple Pay will not help them, they will eventually close their stores just like Toys “R” Us."
"Seems that when it comes under the pressures of usage, it just folds..."
"It doesn’t matter what J.C. Penney says They are soon going to be O U T OF BUSINESS.. Apple Pay won’t help shit"
"The guy is just stirring the pot by saying FaceID was used to implicate him. Apple’s FaceID is pretty amazing, so if they had used FaceID, they would have gotten the right person. He’s suggesting Apple used FaceID, so he can get the 1 Billion headline and hope for a few hundred thousand settlement :)"
"i'll say it for everyone - "Finally!""
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