"Since appvalley was available Most people don’t jailbrealk like they used to. I’ve paid for appvalley vip Been getting Spotify Deezer CotoMovies Anything you want as a jail breaker But I do like the 5 docks and SpringtOptimizer And more tweaks I just like to jailbreak period it’s my device I’ve paid $1200 for this damn thing"
"When Apple is more concerned with fan noise than a laptop’s useability/functionality, you KNOW they’re more concerned with copyspace in ads than engineering. This bluejean-gate is just a symptom of the gradual decay of Apple into ‘just another manufacturer’, more interested in short-term marketing than in sustained user satisfaction."
"Waiting for the inevitable $70 Apple Credit Card Carrying Case (not to be used with wallets, pants or purses)!"
"Or even better, since Ms. Marvel is the star of the show: Marvel’s Ms. Marvel’s Ms. Marvel."
"Lol of course."
Posted August 21, 2019 at 2:00pm
"Well that sucks. As a fan of Apple, I think they should’ve done much better with the material. Guess I’ll have to keep this in my metal card holder for the majority of the time."
"Not really. It’s just the material of the card. But their other products are continuously being refined and improved. That part is irrefutable."
the voice of reason
""Marvel's Ms. Marvel"... LOL"
"Maybe because the standards are lower? Back in the day when the first attempt did the job. Nowadays, you get a bottle of beer and wait and retry, wait and retry for a considerable length of time. I refuse to believe that a full jaibreak is not feasible ! Nowadays, we have to pray and carry power units to keep the device from running out and go through the whole process again!"
"It’s too bad they’ve dropped support for us people who have the older series Apple Watches. Would love to have access to more watch faces like the ones shown here."
"This is such a great sale...makes me even MORE upset they didn’t make a clear version for the Xs Max. Like why!? It would sell....idk. Makes no sense to me."
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