"YouTube will soon but those companies, nothing but a bunch of greedy dogs fighting over a the biggest bone. Will never buy into YouTube TV no matter what happens."
kiran mangukiya
"Which version in ios ?"
"Exactly.. annoying AF!!"
"Buy a Ferrari, but you don’t get a fueltank. Someone should he shot!"
"It was super expensive now it’s surreal"
"The carriers will want some of that money"
"Who the hell post a video article an puts permission an restriction on it.?"
"I think it’s a iPhone 4s but upgraded, my bad but its what I see"
Posted June 29, 2020 at 9:52pm
"Ok, no problem. Ditch the Ear Pods and the 5W Charger. Just include the AirPods with 20W or the existing 30W charger and increase the price of the entire bundle by a bit (but do not bite a hole in my pocket), I shall be ok with it."
"No charger.. Haha. Doesn't surprise me since Tim took over"
"The expense of the phone makes the two year cycle less attractive. Maybe I will wait until the third year. Tim himself told us they built the XS to last and that we should not have to replace our phones that frequently. My pc is breaking down so perhaps I will invest in that. Damn 22 ax socket will not secure the cable. Every piece of PSU Corsair AX860i is probably excellent but a faulty socket will ruin it. I tried replacing the cable. But it’s only reliable for between 20 minutes or 20 days but it’s hard to work with the uncertainty and gaming increases the unreliability."
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