T-Mobile USA Begins Stocking Nano-SIMs for Unlocked iPhone 5s

T-Mobile USA Begins Stocking Nano-SIMs for Unlocked iPhone 5s

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T-Mobile USA has begun receiving stock of nano-SIM cards for unlocked iPhone 5s, reports The Verge.

Several T-Mobile stores in New York City informed us that the diminutive SIM cards were delivered today, but if you're interested in moving your iPhone 5 to T-Mobile you would do best to call your local store first: a couple of locations told us that it would take a day to add the cards to their inventory. Stock also appears to be limited at this point -- one store employee said they had ten nano-SIMs available.

Most of T-Mobile's network will only support the iPhone on 2G; however, the company is slowly refarming its network to 1900MHz HSPA+ which will support the iPhone.

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T-Mobile USA Begins Stocking Nano-SIMs for Unlocked iPhone 5s
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itworks - October 10, 2012 at 5:34am
I just bought an iphone 5 verizon. I activated it with aT-Mobile sim. Yes, they are factory unlocked. Here in Phoenix, T-Mobile works way better reception wise than AT&T. So, yes, while simple mobile may be cheaper going with the att option, youre voice reception will be shit. And I've been dealing with the 2g service since my first iPhone, and I've had every one. All this is supposed to change next year. Guess we'll see.
Dude88 - October 9, 2012 at 4:57am
I love my 4s and I love Sprint.
damnforeigners - October 8, 2012 at 12:48am
I really dont understand T-mobile man! Deep inside they knew that Iphone will bring them lots of business but they would rather wait for a bunch of rich brats to bring their Unlocked iPhones to their networks? Why would they just get their fucking iPhone ? Then they contradict with their advertising.. that an Iphone is slow on their network!! dont make a fucking sense!! T-MOBILE GET YOUR OWN SHIT!!
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