Apple Hires Amazon A9's William Stasior to Run Siri

Apple Hires Amazon A9's William Stasior to Run Siri

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Apple has hired William Stasior, the Amazon executive in charge of the company's A9 search and search advertising unit, to run Siri, reports AllThingsD.

Stasior has an impressive pedigree (you can read his resume and see a really geeky binary image he posted of himself here). The MIT Ph.D. has taught here too and has done stints at Oracle, Netcentives and AltaVista. He came to Amazon in 2003 as its director of search and navigation.

He will now be in charge of Siri, which is Apple's famous voice-activated personal-assistant program. The tech giant acquired Siri in April of 2010 to garner a big stake in voice-activated search.

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Apple Hires Amazon A9's William Stasior to Run Siri
Leggoman - October 16, 2012 at 7:23pm
So he is now going to run Siri brave man got his work cut out but then for the money his going to be paid. But will he get it working the way it should in the countries that apple sell iPhones it's ok it working great in the USA, but its part of our phone to and it's useless with out a linked data base, may just a well use google search oh yes just like maps use google maps that work. Best of luck hope he will doing some thing to improve how it works in the UK. Siri and maps not being up to much in the UK and LTE cost and when we will get it I think has stopped a lot of people from up grading to Iphone5. Most of what we are told is this year next year it will cost so and so and you need this phone on this carrier or that carrier what a mess and this is all on the best iPhone. I'll stay on my bad 4s till may be iPhone 6 or 7 come out they may just work a little better or do at least what we are told they do before spending our money on them just to see what works or not.