Reviews of the New iPad Mini Are In [Video]

Reviews of the New iPad Mini Are In [Video]

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The embargo has been lifted on reviews of the new iPad mini.

The iPad Mini is one of the few new product lines that Apple has unveiled this year, yet it's really just an incredibly shrunken-down redesign of the iPad 2. It's a perfect size and weight and works exactly as advertised: it's a truly portable iPad with nearly no compromises, except for lacking the most cutting-edge Retina Display technology and fastest processors. And it's priced beyond the budget range that's already represented by devices from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google.

The iPad mini is an excellent tablet — but it's not a very cheap one. Whether that's by design, or due to market forces beyond Apple's control, I can't say for sure. I can't think of another company that cares as much about how its products are designed and built — or one that knows how to maximize a supply chain as skillfully — so something tells me it's no accident that this tablet isn't selling for $200. It doesn't feel like Apple is racing to some lowest-price bottom — rather it seems to be trying to raise the floor.

This isn't just an Apple tablet made to a budget. This isn't just a shrunken-down iPad. This is, in many ways, Apple's best tablet yet, an incredibly thin, remarkably light, obviously well-constructed device that offers phenomenal battery life. No, the performance doesn't match Apple's latest and yes, that display is a little lacking in resolution, but nothing else here will leave you wanting. At $329, this has a lot to offer over even Apple's more expensive tablets.

Apple fan - October 31, 2012 at 4:51pm
The iPhone 5 is a taller 4s and the iPad mini is a smaller, slower iPad. Apple died with Steve jobs. The new products are SHIT!!!
Fake - October 31, 2012 at 2:52pm
I gree. I own iPad 2, 3 iPhone 2, 3, 3GS, 4 and now I don't get to see anything new from apple anymore hats why I stop buying their new iPhone 5. I'm going to wait until I see something new from apple before I start buying their product again. Oh not to mention that I own their computer line as well. I believe apple now can sell their products to those people never own any of their products before and those people blind no technology stuff.
TSS - October 31, 2012 at 1:41pm
Well I think that the reason for the price is because next year they are going to upgrade it to retina display and brag that they are giving it to us for the same price.....not to say that I agree that the price is ok even as retina but I guess that's what they are thinking
mannyg - October 31, 2012 at 12:49pm
The iPad mini is a joke, it has less resolution than the kindle, and an old iPad 2 processor. They are going backwards. It was a joke how they were comparing the mini and kindle on the keynote. "build quality is better". I don't give a damn if its slightly better if the shit inside is useless and the same as the old version.How can anyone work on the mini now? People could just about work on the standard iPad with 3rd party office apps (terrible to say the least) how can they work on the mini. I know this because I own an iPad and an iPhone. What difference has there been in the last couple of iPads and the new 4th gen. Absolutely nothing! No one cares about facetime in hd or 10% faster processor. Theres nothing actually new, no new app or stand out feature, just the same always always the same. But you apple fans are too blind and go with your iSheep followers Apple are a laughing stock, lost all my respect for them creating shity new products (apart from the phone, however having only a bigger screen is not really an innovation). The whole ecosystem is better on windows, no limitations. I will sell my iPad for the surface pro. You get usb, hd port, everything that you actually need, a fucking keyboard cover for crying out loud. you can download movies from torrents without the hassle of converting like on the ipad, you can easily copy music, files, pictures with usb. apple is so restricted you cant even type on it properly without the curser moving else where.