iHome Unveils New iW3 AirPlay Speaker

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iHome has unveiled a new iW3 AirPlay speaker featuring a smaller pillar design.

The iW3 is an AirPlay wireless speaker system that uses your Wi-Fi network to connect and control your iTunes library (Mac + PC) for wireless audio anywhere in the home. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for portable placement.

The iW3 also supports USB for charging and music playback of iPad, iPhone and iPod with any iPod USB sync cable. Modest size and affordability make this an ideal solution for multiple room placement. Embrace wireless living with impressive technology and an exceptional audio experience.

● AirPlay wireless audio streaming over Wi-Fi
● Remote control of streaming music playback
● Simple & quick wireless network setup with iHome+apps technology
● USB docking for iPad, iPhone and iPod charging and music playback
● Reson8 speaker chambers
● Universal 100-240V AC adaptor
● Aux-in jack
● 4.61" W x 9.38" H x 4.61" D

You can purchase the iW3 in black, gray, or red for $199.99.

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odedo1 - November 18, 2012 at 4:18am
it look good but recently I found out how much looks can be deceiving when I went searching for a ducking station for my iPad and iPhone I was ready to buy it and pay $30 when I asked the seller if the remote works on the iPad 3 so he opened it and yes it worked but sounded like shit and I told him to forget it so he showed me a tiny stereo sound system that works with a rechargeable battery and is got SRS Surround sound, works with any MP3/4, cell phone,CD DVD player, PC or notebook , read disk on key and Micro SD cards, got FM radio build in, 10 hours per charge and you get an extra battery. And that little sucker sounds almost as good as my 5.1 surround sound speakers I got connected to my PC! So it's not a ducking station but it's portable, you know what check it for yourselves it's called MINI VIBES. www.SRS-Hybrid.com and I still payed $30 for it.
Bob Dobbs - November 18, 2012 at 8:10pm
I did check the Mini Vibe and that POS is 80 dollars not 30!!
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