Yahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr Pro

Yahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr Pro

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Yahoo is offering three free months of Flickr Pro to new and current users of the service. The company recently released a well reviewed redesign of its Flickr app for iOS and is looking to grab new users during the holidays.

I have a free account, will I be eligible for the holiday gift?
Yes, no matter whether you have a new or existing free account, you will receive our 3 months holiday gift which include:

● Unlimited photo uploads (50MB per photo)
● Unlimited viewing of your entire photo library
● Post any of your photos or videos in up to 60 group pools
● Download your original, high-resolution photos
● Upload and play unlimited HD videos

What if I already purchased Pro, am I getting the holiday gift?
If you are a paid Pro member, your Pro expiration date will be extended by 3 months. If you are enrolled in an auto-renewal billing plan, the gift will be applied to your account on your next billing date.

How can I claim the holiday gift?
Use one of our mobile apps (iPhone, Android or Windows) and you will automatically receive the holiday gift - no other action is necessary. You can also claim the gift from your desktop, just click on the banner from your home page.

When does the promotional offer end?
You can claim the holiday gift until January 4th, 2013.

You can download Flickr from the App Store for free.

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Yahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr ProYahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr ProYahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr Pro

Yahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr ProYahoo Offers Three Free Months of Flickr Pro
NoGoodNick - December 22, 2012 at 8:54pm
I'm sorry, but I had an account, which when they got bought out, they tossed aside as unimportant floatsum. I couldn't even access my photos, as I could no longer sign in with my Flickr accounts, and was suddenly forced to sign in with either Facebook or Google (and I have NO desire to have my personal photos used to sell data about me). So, no, I won't be signing up for any Free Pro accounts, and personally I'll avoid uploading anything to Flickr for fear of what they'll use it to track about both me and any of my friends who might support me!
MrEdofCourse - December 22, 2012 at 9:39pm
You do realize that Flickr was purchased by Yahoo, right? You could've continued to log in via your Flickr account, switch it over to Yahoo, or Facebook or Google. You may have gotten confused by the new registration, but did you bother to check in with support? They could've helped. You can still sign up for Flickr and use Yahoo, Facebook or Google to sign in. If you don't trust any of those three, well... I don't know what to say, any service like this is going to have to have some sort of registration, and any company could end up being acquired by another one. If you're that paranoid, why not just open a new Yahoo account that is used solely for Flickr? I used Flickr before and after the Yahoo acquisition. It sucked that Yahoo let it rot away for a while, but the new CEO is prioritizing this property and we can expect really great things (the iOS app and the 3 months free even for existing users is a nice start)
Tacotac - December 22, 2012 at 10:18pm
There is no free lunch. If you think all these apps are free, think again. Anything you get for free, behind the curtains, they us your being in order to fill their pockets. Not to mention, they violate your privacy, big time.