ClamCase Pro Aims to Turn Your iPad Into a MacBook [Video]

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ClamCase Pro is a new keyboard case for the iPad that aims to transform it into a MacBook.

ClamCase Pro, our thinnest and lightest ipad keyboard case yet, provides maximum protection and productivity in one sleek and stylish package. The aluminum case has unmatched viewing capability with its patent pending 360 degree hinge and the keyboard keys are comfortable, roomy and in familiar modern design. This is the first ClamCase model to feature the unique autowake which conserves its power when not in use. Not only does the ClamCase Pro look great and increase productivity it is also built tough to protect your iPad investment.

● 360° Hinge: Patent pending hinge offers unmatched versatility.
● Bluetooth Connectivity: One-touch easy pair makes syncing quick and easy.
● Rechargeable Battery: Do more, charge less. The lithium-ion battery allows for months of use on one charge.
● Unparalleled Protection: Aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate shell provide unmatched durability.
● Full QWERTY Keyboard: Elevated island style keyboard creates a comfortable natural typing experience.
● Auto Wake and Sleep: Instantly turns on when you start typing and powers down when you're done.

The ClamCase Pro can be purchased for $169 at the link below...

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Johan - January 15, 2013 at 8:32pm
Justabrake - January 14, 2013 at 2:26pm
I'd buy but the iPad is limited to what can be done with one.
Alex Taylor - January 14, 2013 at 3:15am
Too late! I already traded my ClamCase for a "Bridge" (with front firing speakers) and just love it. The people that are "bemoaning" the people that want a trackpad are the ones that don't get it. I wuold loved to have a trackpad on my new Bridge!... it would have made it perfect in stead of 95%. Now I easily have the choice of using the iPad as it was ment to be used or a "mini" Mac Portable... MY CHOICE!!!
Steve Jobs - January 13, 2013 at 10:41pm
"Nicko" it's probably your product stop trying to sell it to us, cos we know it's going to be shite you can buy the Chinese copy ones for $8 and there just as good!! Come back with a kbd which is actually laptop base then I will buy it
Nicko - January 14, 2013 at 5:04am
Steve Jobs, incorrect guess, it's not my product mate. I am simply happy with my purchase and to offer my opinion to those interested in buying one. Hence using the word "review". Since you brought up price though, since there's 0 distribution to Australia I sourced mine from a local classified add for $50 brand new(!) from a traveller. $169 IS way too much IMO, though I'd have gone up to $100 as having actually looked I don't think the competing products are quite as polished as the Clamcase. Though without seeing them $8 for a Chinese rip off is pretty good- i never saw that cheap and did some fairly exhaustive research. Got a link? Probably worth it if you're prepared to get a few of them, as pieces of shit rarely last long ;) and I think you still get what you pay for even when cheap labour and savings from high volume unit production are involved though i.e. My Cucci wallet from Thailand lasted about 2 months! But yeah if you're into creating junk all the power to you bud. You should get one and share your wonderful experiences with the Chinese equivalent of rubber dog-shit outta Hong Kong! Seen "Top Gun" lately?! Haha!
hari singh - January 13, 2013 at 6:46pm
ppl are talking about version with trackpad, i am sorry but are they missing the point?, ipad itself is a touch sensitive device and to be honest i dont even see the point of the keyboard, if you really wanna use keyboard, then guys, just get a macbook or a laptop, why would you want to spoil the beauty of such a gorgeous device with these pointless add-ons....
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