iPad 5 to Resemble iPad Mini and Arrive in October, Two New iPhones in 2013?

iPad 5 to Resemble iPad Mini and Arrive in October, Two New iPhones in 2013?

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A new report from iLounge says Apple is working on an iPad 5 with a similar design to the iPad mini for release in October and reveals some information about the company's plans for an iPhone 5S and a low-cost iPhone model.

Although it's widely expected that the iPad 5 will take design cues from the iPad mini, iLounge's Jeremy Horwitz claims to have been shown a physical model of the completely redesigned tablet.

What does it look like? Well, it’s a lot smaller than one would guess was possible: in portrait orientation, picture a 9.7” screen with virtually no left or right bezels, and only enough space above and below the screen to accommodate the mandatory camera and Home Button elements. Beyond that, it’s noticeably thinner, as well, which is to say the the fifth-generation iPad will be smaller in every dimension than its predecessors. As it will have the same chamfered edges and curves, calling it a “stretched iPad mini” is very close to entirely accurate, with the rendering below looking pretty close to what I’ve seen. The critical question: “how will Apple accomplish this?”

In order to accomplish these design changes, Horwitz speculates that Apple must have used a new screen technology (ie IGZO) and a less power hungry processor. He notes that while initial leaks suggested a late March release it appears now that an October release is being targeted.

Additionally, the report touches on Apple's plans for the iPhone.

The iPhone 5S will apparently look very much like the iPhone 5, but with a larger rear flash, and is indeed coming this year. Also planned for a 2013 release is Apple’s “low-cost” plastic-bodied iPhone, which is being developed with China Mobile in mind: the government-owned telecom company has over 700 million subscribers.

In regards to the iPhone+, it's said to be a new 4.7-inch device that is in early prototyping stages. It might never make it to market but is there as a "just in case / Plan B" hedge against the increasing popularity of large screen sizes.

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iPad 5 to Resemble iPad Mini and Arrive in October, Two New iPhones in 2013?
NoGoodNick - January 25, 2013 at 6:44pm
Damn, a bigger iPad display in a smaller package. I was hoping that Tim Cook wasn't going to release any "must have" developments, but I just might NEED one of those!
Justabrake - January 25, 2013 at 6:29pm
So there building a cheap iPhone for china
AccordTR - January 25, 2013 at 6:04pm
I hate rumnors, but honestly this is the best/most likely plan I've read. Everything sounds a lot more relaible than some of the other crap posted.