AT&T Announces That Pre-Orders for the BlackBerry Z10 Start Tomorrow

AT&T Announces That Pre-Orders for the BlackBerry Z10 Start Tomorrow

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AT&T has announced that pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10 will begin tomorrow, March 12th, for $199.99. The device will be launched for all customers on March 22.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the first smartphone to launch with the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform, offering customers a powerful and unique new mobile experience. It is the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet, and is designed to continuously adapt to a customer’s needs. The BlackBerry Z10 features an all-touch keyboard and provides a modern and easy typing experience. The BlackBerry Z10 also features a high-resolution 4.2-inch display and an 8-megapixel camera that records 1080p HD video.

“AT&T customers were the first to experience BlackBerry smartphones and services in the U.S. and we are thrilled to bring the next evolution, the BlackBerry Z10, to the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices and Developer Services, AT&T Mobility. “Customers who have grown to love the tried and true BlackBerry experience will continue to enjoy the easy typing and the secure platform they expect with a fresh platform that lets them get more out of their smartphone with easy access to all their messages in BlackBerry Hub.”

● BlackBerry Hub acts as a central location for your emails and conversations. You can easily peek into the Hub from any app with one swipe to see what’s new, then instantly swipe back to what you were doing.
● The new BlackBerry Touchscreen Keyboard learns how you write and adapts to your typing style so you can write faster and more accurately.
● BlackBerry fans have long loved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The new BlackBerry Z10 features BBM Video and Screen Share so you can catch up face-to-face and share the content on your screen** with your friend or co-worker.
● Taking photos and creating memories is easier with Time Shift, an astonishing camera feature that captures the moments before and after you press the shutter to let you create the best shot, and BlackBerry Story Maker, which lets you weave those moments together to create a movie in just a couple of swipes.
● BlackBerry Balance technology allows you to use your Z10 for work and play without compromising the security of your business-related content when connected to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

The BlackBerry Z10 is expected to be a make it or break it release for the Canadian company who has fallen behind Apple and Samsung. More details about the device can be found here.

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AT&T Announces That Pre-Orders for the BlackBerry Z10 Start Tomorrow
Dyllon - March 12, 2013 at 2:39pm
Does anyone know where there's a video demo of this phone, I really want to like this phone but I'm not sure about the whole grid interface relying heavily on gesture controls although sounds nice I rely on many gesture controls through activator on my iPhone
Me - March 11, 2013 at 6:10pm
Who is going to buy this piece of shit? Looks ugly! Isn't blackberry going out of business ?
Weewillie spunker - March 11, 2013 at 4:14pm
Haha but noone cares! Waawaaaaaa!
Jtmaxo - March 11, 2013 at 4:05pm
Motorola what?
Pinaank - March 11, 2013 at 4:02pm
Indeed a great change in the blackberry platform. Looking forward to use this phone.