Steve Jobs Bubble Wrap Art [Photo]

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Bradley Hart has created a portrait of Steve Jobs by injecting paint into bubble wrap. The portrait is part of his 'Injections' series that also depicts other faces and scenes.

To create the Bubble Wrap pieces I inject each bubble individually with acrylic paint, acutely aware of the exchange between paint and the air inside as one of those two elements displaces the other. As the paint is injected into a bubble the excess drips down the back of the piece. Upon completion of the injected work, the drippings are removed surgically from the backside of the plastic to reveal an impression of the work -- a derivative work with its own meaning and story. Viewed together, the pieces each seem to engage the other and the viewer becomes an observer of a relationship created between the two.

At every level of my studio practice I recycle as a function of the work. I recycle the syringes; the dried paint in the mixing jar and collect the drips of paint on the bubble wrap and the drop sheet. I then make derivative works, which repurpose the waste. Bubble Wrap evokes the plastic nature of our society. 99% of everything we use is made out of plastic… a substance derived from crude oil. Most consumer goods are molded plastic and are made through mass manufacturing. The injection process is complex and time consuming, which highlights the irony of applying such delicate physical artistry to a mass-produced material and the indestructible nature of plastic versus the fragility of bubble wrap.

Take a look below...

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Steve Jobs - March 20, 2013 at 9:27pm
So sad
Heri Soni - March 24, 2013 at 7:29pm
Salute 2 Steve sir , again salute sir
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