More Details Leak About Customizable Motorola X Phone?

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Additional details about Motorola's upcoming allegedly customizable smartphone have reportedly been leaked by Android and Me.

The smartphone dubbed the 'Motorola X' is now said to arrive in July due to manufacturing issues.

The X Phone will be user customizable, but the options will not be as broad as was originally reported. Customers will mostly be able to customize the design of the phone, along with internal storage and some personalized software settings. Users will be able to order their device in an endless choice of color combinations, and they can select the material of the outer casing. Choices for materials will include plastic, metal, and carbon fiber.

While the specs of the device are said to be comparable to the HTC One the first X Phone 'will not be a Galaxy S 4 or iPhone 6 killer', according to the site's sources. The phone is said to feature a touch sensitive Motorola logo button on the back of the device that will let you to launch commands.

Additionally, the site says that Motorola will release a Nexus phone at the end of the year that is not part of the 'X Phone' brand.

Finally, it's expected that the Google Watch will be announced and sold at around the same time as the Motorola X Phone and will be able to connect to the new smart phone.

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noni - April 2, 2013 at 1:51pm
I owned once a customizable phone. I could change the front, the back, the lights, the metal/plastic case, all bought from a chinese store around the corner. This is not something that has never been seen. My Nokia 8110 was also a very customizable phone. Big deal....
iCrunch - March 31, 2013 at 8:30am
Ha, that's really interesting stuff. hahahhahahahhahahahhhhhahahahhahhaha
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