Live Blog of Apple's WWDC 2013 Keynote [Finished]

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"Have a great conference, enjoy the week. Thank you."

"We spend a lot of time on a few great things until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches."

The new ad will begin airing on TV tonight. Video.

Engadget 15:01PM:
"I'd like to close this morning with a reminder. That our goal at Apple is to make amazing products that our customers love. Really great products that enrich peoples' lives. The words you saw at the beginning of the show are more than just words to us. They are the values we live by. They drive us. You've seen them reflected in our products over the years ... And you'll continue to see them reflected in the products we do over the future."

Verge 14:59PM:
"What a morning. OS X Mavericks. New, incredible MacBook Airs. The next generation Mac Pro. iWork for iCloud..."

"iOS 7, amazing new features and a stunning new user interface."

"And iTunes Radio, the absolute best way to discover new music."

"We are incredibly proud of all these products. I'd like to thank everyone at Apple that works so hard to create them."

Tim Cook is back.

iClarified 14:58PM:
iOS 7 will be available iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

iClarified 14:57PM:
iOS 7 will be available for iPhone developers later today. iPad version is coming in a few weeks.

Over 1500 new APIs.
AirDrop from Activity sheet, UI Dynamics, Sprite Kit, iBeacons, Automatic configuration. MFi game controllers. 60fps video capture, New multitasking APIS.

Activation Lock:
If a thief tries to turn off Find My iPhone or Wipes the device entirely they will not be able to reactivate the iPhone.

- You can choose to play more songs like this
- Keep tracks of all the songs you've listened to across all devices
- Built into iOS 7 and iTunes on your Mac and PC, also on Apple TV
- It's free with ads but if you subscribe to iTunes Match it is ad free
- Starting in the U.S.

iTunes Radio
- Built right into the music app.
- Demo time.
- Set of featured stations that they've created

- Beautiful artist images
- You can see purchased music from iCloud in your Library
- In the video apps you can all of your movies and tv shows right from iCloud right in your library
- Horizontal grid view of album thumbnails

- automatic App Store updates!

App Store:
Apps near me. Find most popular apps based on your location.

iOS in the car to be integrated by numerous manufacturers in 2014.

- Integrated Twitter
- Integrated Wikipedia
- Integrated Bing

Eddy Cue is talking about Siri.
Gorgeous new interface.
All new voice. You can also choose male voice.

Photos can be organized into moments using metadata. App automatically organizes photos based on where and when they were took. Moments are turned into Collections. ie Events. Scrub through thumbnails. Add photo filters.

Shared photostreams!

- Live photo filters.
- Four camera types: photo, video, square, panorama

There is another row for sharing to Messages, Mail, iCloud, Twitter. A bottom row lets you copy, AirPlay, assign to contact, or make slideshow.

Tap to open Share and there are rows. Top row shows photos of those around you.

Demoing Control Center and Multitasking.

New tab view. Not limited to 8 tabs.

Full-screen interface. Smart search field. Favorites. New tab view. Parental controls. iCloud keychain.


Multitasking for all apps with great battery life. Intelligently determine when to give apps background cycles. Performs Opportunistic updates, adapts to network conditions, coalesced updates, responds to push notifications as a triggers.

Control Center:
Swipe up from the bottom of your device. Settings toggles. Brightness. Media controls.

iClarified 14:31PM:
Ten new features to be highlighted.

ArsTechnica 14:30PM:
- Notification Center now has a "today" view
- where you can see your friends' birthdays, weather, upcoming invitations, calendar, even a quick look at tomorrow
- What's really great is that for the first time ever, notification center is now available from the lock screen as well

Engadget 14:29PM:
- Exit out of an app and it shrinks away. In Calendar you can swipe from day to day. Landscape gives you the full week.
- We're looking at the keyboard now, and you can see the content barely below.
- In Messages, you can swipe from the left bezel and look at a list of messages.
- Multiple pages in a folder now!

The Next Web 14:27PM:
The interface design is kept thin and light by a system wide use of Helvetica Neue and image based backgrounds.
The weather app features live effects like rain, snow and more.
Pinching the weather app gives you a list of items with a world clock built in.

Verge 14:26PM:
"It's unbelievable, it's just gorgeous. From the typography to the homescreen."
"When you move the device in your hand, it actually tracks your motion."
"You can see behind the icons, it's really incredible."
"We ran out of felt and wood."

Craig is back to demo iOS 7.

Tim Cook: This major effort is only possible because of the incredible collaboration between Jony and his amazing design team and Craig and his amazing engineering team."

iClarified 14:19PM:
The leaks were accurate. The design of iOS is skinny and flat.

iClarified 14:18PM:
iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone. It's packed with amazing new features and a stunning new user interface.

Video time.

The team at Apple has been working incredibly hard on the latest version of iOS. And today it's a great thrill that I announce iOS 7.

This isn't just bad for users but this version fragmentation is terrible for developers. If you do the math you'd find that iOS 6 is the world's most popular mobile operating system and in second place is a version of Android that was released in 2010.

More than a third of Android users are using an operating system that was released in 2010.

"One of the reasons for this is that we provide amazing software updates." "Over 90% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS"

iPhone was named #1 in customer satisfaction, not just once, but 9 consecutive times.
Changewave measured it at 97%.

600 million iOS devices sold.
iPhone users use their iPhone 50% more than Android users use their phone.
iOS mobile web share is 2.5x Android.
iPad web market share is over 4x more than competition.

iClarified 14:13PM:
Tim Cook: "We'd like to turn our attention to iOS."

Demoed all three web apps. Available starting today for developers. Will be expanded to include all users later in the year.

Introducing iWork for iCloud. New icons for Numbers, Pages, and Keynote at


Detailing how they are integrating iCloud into the next version of iWork.

MacWorld 14:04PM:
Passed 300 million iCloud accounts. Fastest growing cloud service ever. One of the most popular features of iCloud is iTunes in the Cloud. 300 million users of this feature. Redownloaded their content 35 billion times. Game Center has over 240 million users. 60 of the top 100 games on the App Store integrate Game Center support right in their game. iCloud has scale, too. 800 million iMessages or 7.4 trillion push notifications.

iClarified 14:04PM:
No pricing information given. Tim Cook is back out.

MacWorld 14:04PM:
Coming later this year. Designed in California, assembled here in the U.S. There's a special lunchtime session for developers, and Pixar and The Foundry are going to show demos of Monsters U showing on the new Mac Pro.

ArsTechnica 14:03PM:
The new Mac Pro has a handle on the top too. spin it around, get access to the I/O. there's audio, four USB3, six Firewire2 driven by 3 Firewire 2 controllers. Gigabit ethernet, HDMI out. there's a motion sensor so when you turn it, it lights up to show you where the I/O is.

The team has packed all this capability in a computer 1/8th the volume of the previous generation Mac Pro.

The entire top of the new device is a handle.

A version of Final Cut Pro is being worked on to support this machine. This delivers 7 teraflops of compute power. It supports 4K displays. You can have up to three 4K displays on the built in graphics.

Engadget 13:59PM:
It's a "new unified thermal core." 12-core Intel Xeon processor, 256-bit processor. ECC memory, 1,866MHz DDR3 memory. 60GBps performance. Flash storage, PCIe with 1.25GBps reads! "It's 10 times faster than any hard drive you could put in a Mac Pro before." Everything is external over Thunderbolt 2, 20Gbps throughput, 6 devices per port and backwards compatible. "This is the first Mac ever that comes standard with dual GPUs." AMD FirePro graphics, two of 'em.

"This is a machine unlike anything we have made both inside and out."

Schiller: "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"

It's a rounded cylinder.

Teaser video!

Verge 13:57PM:
New Mac Pros!

"We didn't just want to make the same version of the desktop idea that everyone has."
"What would be a new form factor and new design for the next 10 years?"
"The engineers have come up with something truly radical."

MacBook Airs start shipping today!

MacBook Air 11-inch: 128GB - $999, 256GB - $1199
MacBook Air: 13-inch: 128GB - $1099, 256GB - $1299

MacWorld 13:54PM:
802.11ac wireless networking, and faster flash memory.
Up to 3x performance of 802.11n.
But you need an 802.11ac base station. So now entirely new designs of AirPort Extreme that does 802.11ac and there's a Time Capsule as well.

MacBook Air 11-Inch: Goes from 5 hours to 9 hours battery life
MacBook Air 13-inch: 7 hours to 12 hours battery life

Delivers all day battery life. Based on Haswell processor. 2x GPU execution units. 40% faster graphics. Smarter low-power states.

"We are really pleased to tell you today that we've updated that an entirely new line of MacBook Air".

iClarified 13:51PM:
Phil Schiller to talk Mac.

"I'd like to talk to you about the MacBook Air"

iClarified 13:51PM:
For everyone else in the general public you will be getting the final release this fall.

iClarified 13:50PM:
"Mavericks is a fantastic release." For those of you developers we have a preview available today.

New iBooks: Access to your books, store. Access to bookmarks, search, type size, night mode, interactive iBooks textbooks.

Scroll through pages in book. Can pinch into graphic table of contents. Scroll through chapters.

iClarified 13:46PM:
New Calendar: Continuous scrolling. Even without the stitching the window still sticks to the screen. It doesn't fall off.

It suggests locations nearby when typing in 'pizza'. I can actually ask it to tell me what the expected travel time is from last scheduled location. Can ask to be notified when to leave.

Shows 3D Flyover of Paris. Searching for POIs. Info cards with reviews, photos. Adds site to bookmarks that is synced across all devices. Gets directions. Sends directions to phone.

New iBooks app for Mac. Great environment for reading and for taking notes. Supports iBooks Texbooks.


New Maps app for Mac OS X. You can send directions to iPhone and they will appear on the lockscreen.

Next up, Calendar. Absolutely no virtual cows were harmed in the making of this user interface. Skeuomorphism is gone.

iClarified 13:42PM:
Now in Mavericks when your machine is sleeping it will tell you everything you missed when you were away on the lockscreen. And it will update apps for you in the background so you don't need to do it yourself.

iClarified 13:41PM:
iOS push notifications can now be received on your Mac as well.

iClarified 13:41PM:
Improvements to notifications. Quick Reply right inside notifications. Also delete emails, accept FaceTime calls.

Engadget 13:40PM:
Safari can also auto-suggest a password for you! A super-secure one, of course, that you'd never remember. But, in theory, you won't have to. If you use Safari. Everywhere.

Credit cards can be saved, too, but not the security code.

iClarified 13:40PM:
iCloud keychain remembers website logins, credit card numbers, Wi-Fi password. Always encrypted, synced across all your systems.

The Next Web 13:39PM:
Reading List now scrolls automatically from one article through to the next and there's drag and drop reordering of your items.

iCloud Keychain brings password syncing to OS X.

Verge 13:38PM:
Craig is showing power usage within Safari. "With this tech we call App Nap to decide where to direct power." It intelligently focuses power on what app / window you're focused on while working.

Verge 13:36PM:
Mail tweaks. "Super glassy smooth scrolling."

TechCrunch 13:35PM:
New Safari now uses far less memory, and less energy. “When you compare [Safari's energy usage] to Firefox, it’s actually kind of sad.”

ArsTechnica 13:34PM:
Big improvements to JavaScript, Nitro Tiered JIT, Nitro Fast Start, Process per Tab. Power Saver, shared memory resource cache. If you look at Safari performance on JSBench, the results are really incredible.

Engadget 13:33PM:
WebKit is used in 1.5 billion devices, says Craig, and Safari is about to get even better. The home page is even better. There's a new sidebar with bookmarks and a Reading List that lets you scroll through articles. And, a Shared Links feature from Twitter and LinkedIN -- all the links shared by your friends.

The Next Web 13:33PM:
A 1.5x improvement to waking a system from standby is a result.

Verge 13:32PM:
"In Mavericks, we intelligently align the work of your computer's transitions, which reduces CPU activity up to 72%. It's pretty awesome."

"Now with compressed memory, we're able to rapidly compress the free memory."

iClarified 13:30PM:
Next, advanced technologies in Mavericks. Improved battery life via numerous tech enhancements including Timer Coalescing.

iClarified 13:29PM:
"I'm going to connect to this Apple TV. Now it's a full powered display as well." Drags keynote onto the display of the Apple TV.

CNET 13:29PM:
And now we're getting a demo of how fullscreen works. Federighi showing off how the dock now appears in both. He just took iTunes fullscreen, and was able to swap to another screen while the display on the left remained unchanged. Pretty much how all this should have worked in Mountain Lion but didn't.

MacWorld 13:26PM:
Tags basically look like revamped Labels. You can make up tags on the fly in the Save sheet, just by typing a new tag. Appears in the Finder immediately. Drag things in and assign tags.

ArsTechnica 13:25PM:
Craig is now going to demo the features he just discussed. Different view settings for each tab, different locations. Now that I have finder tabs, it's a really great way to copy documents.

Engadget 13:25PM:
And, you can pan spaces independently on each of the displays and, if you have an AirPlay-connected HDTV you can use it as a fully-featured display.

iClarified 13:22PM:
New OS X Feature: Finder Tabs
"Now you can draw all those windows together in tabs."

New OS X Feature: Tagging
"Now when you save a document in addition to providing its location and name, you can tag it."

New OS X Feature: Multiple Displays
"Now in Mavericks you can get at your menus across multiple displays, you can summon dock in multiple displays, take window full screen on any display."

iClarified 13:22PM:
It's called: "OS X Mavericks"

Verge 13:22PM:
"We want a name for the next 10 years. It's the places that inspire us here in California. Where OS X is designed."

Verge 13:21PM:
"As we turn our attention now to the 10th version, we've hit an issue. We do not want to be the first software in history to be delayed because of a dwindling supply of cats."

iClarified 13:20PM:
"Let's talk about OS X"

Verge 13:19PM:
"We care more that the Mac is number one in customer satisfaction and quality."
"We had lots of innovation for the Mac last year. One of those was Mountain Lion."
"It's our best-selling release of all time." 35% of users are using Mountain Lion. "We're making the best Macs, but we're not standing still."

iClarified 13:19PM:
"For us it has never been about making the most."

iClarified 13:18PM:
72 million Macs. MacBook is the number one notebook in the U.S. Five year average annual growth rate is 5x that of the PC.

iClarified 13:14PM:
Tim Cook is back. "I'd like to thank all of the developers here for making such incredible apps. Thank you"

The Next Web 13:13PM:
There's a company launch on stage today from an organization called Anki. They're using artificial intelligence and robotics. Anki was started while the founders were working on their PHDs in robotics. They're now showing a mat with cars driving around a track by themselves.

iClarified 13:12PM:
Tim Cook says that is 3x more than all other platforms combined.

ArsTechnica 13:10PM:
We have 575 million accounts. We are incredibly proud this morning to announce that we have now paid developers $10 billion.

Engadget 13:09PM:
"Nothing like the App Store existed before, and it has fundamentally changed the world." 50 billion app downloads! "That's a lot of zeroes, and a truly staggering number in less than five years." More than 900,000 apps in the store. 90 percent of those are downloaded each month. 375,000 apps for iPads in particular.

The Next Web 13:08PM:
Cook is now talking about the recently renovated Apple Store in Berlin
They're showing a video about the opening now

Verge 13:06PM:
"We sold out WWDC in just over a minute."

"The people who work at our stores are passionate about how technology can affect people's lives."

Engadget 13:05PM:
This is the 24th WWDC. Attendees from more than 60 countries, and 2/3 of the people here are first-timers.

100 sessions, 120 labs and 1,000 Apple engineers for this week.

WWDC is the longest running developer conference? I believe that. Although I think we're long overdue for Apple to break things out.


We will be live blogging Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote address here compiling a variety of sources for the best feed possible starting at 10am PST / 1pm EST Monday, June 10th.

Apple will be unveiling iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9. It's also rumored to be updating its MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and possibly Mac Pro. Finally, it's widely expected that Apple will debut iRadio as well.

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