iPhone 5S Rumored To Be Available In Gold, Cheaper iPhone To Come In Many Colors

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In addition to the standard black and white colors, the iPhone 5S is rumored to come in a new gold color as well -- according to Japanese website Macokatara.

The site notes that the 5S is rumored to be released in August, packing internal upgrades such as CPU and camera improvements. No major changes to the design of the phone are expected.

While we do not expect Apple to release a gold iPhone, a few weeks ago, a gold sim tray surfaced along with other parts suspected for the iPhone 5S.

However iPhone 5S May have more powerful CPU, size and other specs Will not be changed expect dual-LED Flash, as Macotakara reported. Leak-sites and already told That iPad mini (2nd Generation) Will be Released in August, then Special event Will be have in August. My source did not tell me when iPad (5th generation) goes into production phase, then I don't have idea about shipping date of that iPad.

The site is also claiming the cheaper iPhone will come in black, white, pink, orange and blue -- colors that originated from Apple’s iPhone Bumpers. The site is unsure if we will see a product red or a green variation.

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YME - June 14, 2013 at 1:32am
Not with att and verizon pushing their upgrades up to 24 months..shiit people are now going to wait another 20 months. Which is soooo stupid !
jacklamer - June 13, 2013 at 4:51pm
these are marketing lies to pump stock and fend off people from buying cheap nokia asha and larger android phones designed for regular size hands. There will be no cheap iphone ever because cupertino profit margin does not allow to sell cheap and regarding phones for larger hands cupertino has no technology, no patents to design larger phone. If you want smartphone actually usefull get android phone.
Nitro Junkie - June 13, 2013 at 5:03pm
No patents for a large phone? Why do they have to have patents to make a larger phone? That's the most idiotic statement I've heard. If they can make an iPad and iPad mini why couldn't they make a larger phone? You're an idiot troll!! Go back to stupid android forums and your mothers basement.
jacklamer - June 13, 2013 at 5:08pm
and you go back to sue companies over round corners patent you stupid piece of stinking fanboys. Condoms for retards like you and you drunk daddy should obligatory and refunded by medicare
Nitro Junkie - June 13, 2013 at 5:22pm
Great comeback dude! Haa haaa. You make no sense. You know what's funny? All you idiots call apple fans "Fanboys". But what you don't realize is that you're more of a fanboy than we ever will be. Or should I say FanDroid! You're all like a bunch of mindless robots. Trolling apple sites all day! If you hate apple so much why do come to apple fan sites and forums? Is it jealousy? People like you and other android fans are so oblivious. Look in the mirror you idiot. Have fun with you're non updated, buggy plastic piece of crap in 6 months when it doesn't work. those companies don't give a shit about you. That's why they're made of shit materials and never get updated. They don't care! They want you to buy a new phone every six months.
jacklamer - June 13, 2013 at 5:38pm
yeah right as if apple cares about you, stop smoking this i am telling u before it is too late. And get a good psychiatrist with at least ph.d. to handle your anger management crisis whenever someone proves your stupidity
Cliffy - June 13, 2013 at 7:19pm
Every Model, small or big has to be patented. Even if it is a new or change to the existing model. Even the change in the scrollbar is also patented. That is the only way you can safe guard the company's innovation.
Nitro Junkie - June 13, 2013 at 8:37pm
Learn how to speak you idiot. First of all I've been an apple customer probably before you came out of your daddies nutsack. Ya apples not perfect, but their products are a hell of a lot better than other crap I've owned or tried. Like any windows computer and android phones. I've personally never had one problem with customer service or any of apples products I've bought. I've had every iPhone since day one and never had any major issues. Same with my macs. I've also owned plenty of android phones too. Not all but most are nothing but buggy cheap junk. I have my opinion and you have yours. It is what it is. Like I said before, have fun with your plastic junk.
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