Cut the Rope 2 Teaser Trailer Posted [Video]

Cut the Rope 2 Teaser Trailer Posted [Video]

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ZeptoLab has posted a teaser trailer for its upcoming Cut the Rope 2 game for iOS.

Oh my candy! Om Nom is missing! Om Nom, everyone's favorite candy-eating monster and hero of the Cut the Rope series of mobile games, has disappeared. Based on this footage, detectives say that it appears that Om Nom was swept away by either a very large bird, or, more likely, a hot air balloon. Can you help us bring him home? We need to find Om Nom in time for the launch of Cut the Rope 2. Please let us know if you see him! #omnomismissing

Take a look at the trailer below. The game is coming soon. You can follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates and grab the original game here while you wait.

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Cut the Rope 2 Teaser Trailer Posted [Video]
Luxiel - November 19, 2013 at 4:52pm
I hope it is not Freemium... that's what killed "Where is my water? 2" for me... Gotta have to HAVE friends that play a game OR pay real money so I can play it as long as I desire... That sux... rather pay 5 bucks once than have to pay half a dollar every time I run out of energy and still want to keep on playing...