AT&T to Announce Acquisition of DirectTV Tomorrow?

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AT&T will announce the acquisition of DirectTV tomorrow, before the markets open on Monday, a source familiar with the deal told BuzzFeed.

“The deal is done,” the source said, adding that DirecTV CEO Mike White has already informed senior executives that the deal is finished and plans to give public confirmation Sunday.

It's estimated that the deal is worth $50 billion. DirectTV has about 20 million subscribers and it reported $2.6 billion in free cash flow last year. AT&T could use the additional resources to expand its video content offerings or fund new initiatives.

“With DirecTV they are getting a national TV presence -- they can sell TV with wireless nationwide,” says Roger Entner, an analyst with Recon Analytics, based in Dedham, Massachusetts. “AT&T has increasingly been breaking out of their 22-state landline footprint. They sell wireless, they started selling home security and they could add TV to that package.”

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MUKAI - May 18, 2014 at 4:53pm
This is a good move, I support this because I could see att giving bundles with mobile plans too. We could most likely get more HD content.
Ren - May 17, 2014 at 6:48pm
Why have these when you have Apple TV where you don't pay monthly at all and easily find organized movies and shows easily. (Don't get me started on how easy it is to find things with it.)
thevmaxer - May 17, 2014 at 8:43pm
AT&T Uverse and DirectTV have a greater selection and more HD channels, that's why people choose to go with them. I don't have Apple TV because I don't need it. I have a Sony Bravia XBR Flatscreen TV that has the "free" internet channels which are available on Apple TV. But they have too many commercials. So I have my Windows 7 PC hooked up to the Sony and I can get most channels that would be local, but I can watch a show without commercials in HD that way. The Apple TV doesn't have as much variety as ROKU and the ROKU not only comes with the wireless remote, the remote has a headphone jack for private listening.
Ren - May 17, 2014 at 8:46pm
I use my ipad and iPhone as a remote so technically it does work like roku remote, plus compared to roku I can store all of my content to the atv as well, for channels I find every one of them I watch and because of how many it can list for the row instead of 3 roku does, I'm able to find it quickly. Any iDevice I own I can quickly mirror onto the tv without a long wire to sit nearby the tv or change channels.
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