Costco Reaches Agreement With Apple to Sell iPhone and iPads

Costco Reaches Agreement With Apple to Sell iPhone and iPads

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Costco has reportedly reached a deal with Apple to sell iPhones and iPads. The company stopped selling iPods and iTunes Store gift cards back in 2010 but now it appears as though it will begin selling Apple's mobile devices in its wireless kiosks.

MacRumors obtained an email from Dan Brettler, founder and CEO of Car Toys and its Wireless Advocates subsidiary, which handles wireless sales for Costco. The email reveals some details about the new partnership.

Wireless Advocates Team,

I am extremely excited to share the news of a new partnership between Apple Inc. and Costco Wholesale. This partnership will bring a top selling line-up of Apple products to Costco members including the iPhone and embedded iPads. As Costco's solution for wireless devices and services, we are proud to be a part of this new partnership and incorporate Apple products into our already strong product line-up in Costco.

We already know Apple products. They are not new to our business. We currently sell Apple products in two of our three enterprise channels (Car Toys and Military). We already have a great business partnership with them and this new opportunity strengthens that relationship. They are valuable to our long-term success and growth in our space. This initiative will accelerate same store sales through performance gains and new products and services, as well as enhance our strategic partnership with our suppliers. This is critical to the overall success of "Our 5 Strategic Business Initiatives".

Brettler says there a lot of "backend work and physical kiosk work" to be completed still and didn't offer a timeline; however, there are reports that Costco has started selling iTunes Store gift cards already.

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Costco Reaches Agreement With Apple to Sell iPhone and iPads

Costco Reaches Agreement With Apple to Sell iPhone and iPads
jason ring - June 11, 2014 at 10:11am
Hey, who's Apple Thief, I can appreciate the freedom of speech, which I'm about to exercise myself. I may have missed what caused Apple Thief to call Americans Morons after, in my opinion an intriguing battle between Steve Jobs, and my assumption Jim Sinegal. Only computer I'll ever get is an apple, for phones and tablets, Android has it. We sell I tune cards at Costco. I had to look at it, to see what it covered: music and movies, stuff I get for free on my droid. It was interesting fight though, Costco stopped selling all apple products because they were not giving a break on the Ipad. I get that, however Apple can't dismiss Costco's guidelines, if we can't give you a better deal, then why sell it. Ipod sales dropped huge at the store I work around 8,000.00 a day. There are 500 plus Costcos. At the same time, smart phones started replacing mps players (IPOD). and android, is just as good as the tablets, cheaper and you can add memory, the phones? again, I only use Mac, Android has the phones nailed down, however hats off to Apple, for most Iphone owners have Windows computers, meaning they achieved the objective of having their products not just function, but become, and enhance their identity. I tunes, how about I don't pay for shinola, and the cute rectal display, sure maybe ten percent brighter, which when your squinting to see that cute screen, it better be. Oh yeah back to Apple thief, I respect the freedom of speech, just understand the reality, we don't care what you say, usually is overused bumper sticker ideology. I'd go off on you, but thats like finding a rat in your house and giving it a bath, your lost buddy. Take a look at our system of government devised over two hundred years ago, not a long time, however given the size and the diversity it is still By the People and for the People, Whatever oil evil plan BS you have ready to spit out, this is it, The United States is not a perfect system, but would you punish your kid for bringing a 92%. That was my take. What I do know is the way the government is set up it is nearly impossible for a group to take over. We have three branches each keeping each other in check. and those branches of government are elected by the people
Me - June 10, 2014 at 3:00pm
I wonder if this includes Costco Canada?
Ren - June 10, 2014 at 3:09pm
Yes, if it said Costco Texas then it would mean no.
Apple Thief - June 9, 2014 at 10:31pm
This is a stick up the apple way: American Morons.