Apple Drops to 5th Place in Q2 2016 Worldwide PC Shipments [Chart]

Apple Drops to 5th Place in Q2 2016 Worldwide PC Shipments [Chart]

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Apple dropped to fifth place in worldwide PC shipments last quarter, according to a preliminary report from IDC.

In the second quarter of 2016, worldwide PC shipments totaled 62.4 million units. That's a year over year decline of 4.5%.

"The PC market continues to struggle as we wait for replacements to accelerate, along with some return of spending from phones, tablets, and other IT," said Loren Loverde, vice president, Worldwide PC Trackers & Forecasting. "Our long-term outlook remains cautions. However, the strong results in the U.S. offer a glimpse of what the market could look like with pockets of growth and a stronger overall environment. It's not dramatic growth, but it could push the market into positive territory slightly ahead of our forecast for 2018."

"As expected, the start of the peak education buying season helped generate large Chromebook shipment volumes in the U.S.," stated Linn Huang, research director, Devices & Displays. "A somewhat unexpected boost came from intensified inventory pull-in as cautious channel players, who had been working to pare down inventory over the last several quarters, opened up inventory constraints a bit. This was likely a one-time shipment boost to bring aggregate inventory levels back to market equilibrium. The larger story remains whether an early wave of enterprise transition to Windows 10 could help close out a 2016 that is increasingly looking stronger in the U.S."

Apple shipments experienced a decline over last year as customers wait a refresh of its lineup. Specifically, there have been rumors that the company will unveil a new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch bar. In the year ago quarter, Apple captured 7.4% of all PC shipments. This year, Apple shipments declined 8.3% to 7.1% in Q2. That just behind Asus at 7.2%.

Take a look at the chart below for more details...

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Apple Drops to 5th Place in Q2 2016 Worldwide PC Shipments [Chart]

Apple Drops to 5th Place in Q2 2016 Worldwide PC Shipments [Chart]
ottifant - July 12, 2016 at 8:21am
I lost trust in Apple. They killed too many things that were important to me recently: they killed Aperture and left me in the cold with the huge work i invested into my photo library and with no viable alternative (Photos is a joke and Lightroom is Adobe which is evil). They totally epically failed to "improve" iTunes, they still hold on to ridiculous restrictions when it cones to share music and other files, they keep failing epically to make the iPad a real computer (or really pro) by not adding a decent file system and -as it seams- they intend to axe the headphone jack as well!?! Sorry Apple, you lost track in delivering a good user experience. Totally!
pengudult - July 12, 2016 at 2:34pm
No you just look for excuses to assume everyone to be on your side. You do realize you can use their really old computers that don't support versions of something you like with everything you mentioned and he'll, not even the latest iTunes or any recent last versions, but I doubt they did that much damage. iPhotos is basically aperture combined with photos (I heard it in one of their keynotes), iPhotos is gold, even if iTunes isn't perfect, thanks to finder, I'm able to find whatever I look for on it so it earns my respect, iPad Pro is a Pro and a computer that supports apps to share files and I nowadays use that over my once reliable Windows PC (don't get me started on all the problems that had), and as for the headphone jack, who needs it anymore!? Wireless headphones are recently introduced and can't tell you how many times I had to replace headphones because of the cord losing connection when the end where it plugged in kept on getting bent because of all the pocket space and those with no remote makes it a pain trying to pull my phone out without damaging the cord. I didn't want to have to say this, but you apparently gave up in trying to understand logic and reason to Apples moves in nearly every aspect. COMPlETELY!!! (PS- I don't understand how hard sharing music can be because I never tried it, so that I can't argue with but agree with you on.)
Kk - July 12, 2016 at 3:15pm
Dude just shut up will you? I agree with Ottifant. They forgot what user experience is.. Apple right now doesn't have a core value. They just do things they think it's better than others. Steve really gave importance to being different. But a macbook with one port? Yes it's different but f*** that. What do you think the user experience is? That's right. They lost their core value which is user experience.. Instead they focus more on gay things.
pengudult - July 12, 2016 at 3:23pm
Not until you agree that Apple still has passion with user experience to the core. So what if they did focus on gay right, many companies did that and it was onky in an even that was a come and go and now Apple is once again making a whole new iPhone that will show what user experience is. If you look at past iPhones other than the s versions, it shows that apple still has effort and the potential even based on markets they think Apple should ever like VR or making cars. If Apple thinks their stuff is better than others, they would have advertised it like other companies including their products and all that or they would flat out assume that in their keynotes and act like the best at everything. I'll say that Tim actually gave consumers what they wanted and iOS 10 did shows that dark mode is coming so that is another example of everything I have mentioned this far.
Sona - July 12, 2016 at 8:00am
Woth so many randomwares infecting osx, no wonder sales drop. I paid extra on my macbook pro to get better security but it seems to lose their main benefit
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