Alleged iPhone 7 Mute Button Corroborates Rumor of New Space Black Color [Photo]

Alleged iPhone 7 Mute Button Corroborates Rumor of New Space Black Color [Photo]

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An alleged mute button for the iPhone 7 has leaked online corroborating rumors that the next generation iPhone will come in a new Space Black color.

The photos were posted to Twitter by @the_malignant:

The unannounced "SPACE BLACK" colour variant is real?? This "space black" MUTE button seems to confirm it!!

It's said that the part was leaked "from same plant who supplies SIM slots".

A space black iPhone 7 has been rumored for some time but this is the first part leak that appears to provide evidence that Apple is considering the new color. Check out these renders of the iPhone 7 in space black to get an idea of what the device might look like.

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Alleged iPhone 7 Mute Button Corroborates Rumor of New Space Black Color [Photo]

Alleged iPhone 7 Mute Button Corroborates Rumor of New Space Black Color [Photo]
odedo1 - August 2, 2016 at 7:10pm
Who cares, iPhone 7 is a waste of money unless you you are upgrading from iPhone 5S or lower, this will be the first time I'm not upgrading my iPhone ever since the iPhone 2G, waiting for the iPhone 8 makes more sense after Apple announced that they are moving from two years turn around to three years meaning that the iPhone 7 will look pretty much like the iPhone 6 so really they should have named the 7 iPhone 6SS, now the 8 should be a whole new phone according to Apple which ever since Steve died became a very disappointing and greedy company and what I mean about that is that Apple already can build the iPhone 10 if they wanted to, they are holding the technology releasing it bit by bit so we waste our money while I see Androids phones which used to be a piece of shit becoming better and better all the time because they don't hold on new technology for later, no wonder that iPhone sells is lower then then ever, they are loosing customers to Android!!! And this is something that I've never ever thought will happen, even me if I couldn't jailbreak would start considering leaving, never in my life thought that this day would come!
egoge - August 3, 2016 at 12:10am
First off, we STILL don't know what the iPhone 7 will feature entirely since all we know are the colors, it will of course feature iOS 10, and the colors, but that's it, so for you to attempt to claim for it to be a 'waste' of money, you need to know all the features it has from top to bottom and compare them to other phones and regardless of how it looks (which it's the 7 for a reason) it will be just as good as the 8 because of how many new features the phones themselves get. Second, moving to two to the three year cycle would mean waiting far too long for a new phone to come out, but new technology may be introduced to where there may suddenly be huge changes the last minute. Thirdly, Apple is not greedy nor a dissapoint ing company. The iPhone has always had prices like they were since Steve introduced them, so far their products are doing splendid and above average and still holding up! There is less often than not technology being released bit by bit if you're reffering to painfully slow updates which I doubt that! 'No wonder iPhone sales are lower' my @ss! Not once did we get a single year where iPhone had a lower sale than it's last year's predecessor since the first iPhone!! Losing customers to android on the other hand? Please, people onky bought android back then because it's either cheap or they offered a bigger display and the demand for iPhone nowadays couldn't get any better and the ideas rivals continue to copy clearly show!! I'd never thought I would see someone be this gullible than to think they say what they wish was true especially coming from someone who I thought would think twice! If I ever fear for the human, I might as well now before the 2016 election if that ever gets a chance to screw up even having to try this hard to screw up!!!
Evas10n - August 1, 2016 at 3:22pm
Is that the holder board for sim trays
(>~>) - August 1, 2016 at 3:02pm
Wow or it could be the slate iPhone 5 mute switch ...
ThinkingOfWhatYouAreSaying - August 1, 2016 at 3:49pm
It says alleged so it is hard to believe here.
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