Apple to Sell Sonos Speakers Online and in Retail Stores

Apple to Sell Sonos Speakers Online and in Retail Stores

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Sonos has announced an expanded partnership with Apple that will see the company sell its speakers in retail stores and online.

Two of our most popular speakers — the PLAY:1 and PLAY:5 — will be available later today at in the USA, at 468 Apple Stores around the world starting October 5, and in the coming weeks in most markets outside of the USA.

Better still, those who buy a Sonos system at Apple retail stores or at between today and December 31 will receive a free three-month Apple Music Gift Card.

“Our expanded collaboration with Apple is a great example of our ongoing work with our full ecosystem of partners to make it easier than ever to listen to music out loud at home,” said Patrick Spence, president of Sonos. “Apple Music on Sonos is a powerful experience, one we’re proud to bring directly to Apple fans at Apple Stores worldwide.”

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Apple to Sell Sonos Speakers Online and in Retail Stores
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