Apple Explains How 'Hey Siri' Works

Apple Explains How 'Hey Siri' Works

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Apple has posted an entry on its machine learning blog that explains how the 'Hey Siri' feature works.

The “Hey Siri” feature allows users to invoke Siri hands-free. A very small speech recognizer runs all the time and listens for just those two words. When it detects “Hey Siri”, the rest of Siri parses the following speech as a command or query. The “Hey Siri” detector uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to convert the acoustic pattern of your voice at each instant into a probability distribution over speech sounds. It then uses a temporal integration process to compute a confidence score that the phrase you uttered was “Hey Siri”. If the score is high enough, Siri wakes up. This article takes a look at the underlying technology. It is aimed primarily at readers who know something of machine learning but less about speech recognition.

Apple Explains How 'Hey Siri' Works

Interestingly, if your iPhone doesn't recognize 'Hey Siri' the first time you say the command, it automatically enters a more sensitive state and is more likely to recognize the event on your second attempt.

There is a primary, or normal threshold, and a lower threshold that does not normally trigger Siri. If the score exceeds the lower threshold but not the upper threshold, then it may be that we missed a genuine “Hey Siri” event. When the score is in this range, the system enters a more sensitive state for a few seconds, so that if the user repeats the phrase, even without making more effort, then Siri triggers. This second-chance mechanism improves the usability of the system significantly, without increasing the false alarm rate too much because it is only in this extra-sensitive state for a short time.

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Apple Explains How 'Hey Siri' Works
NewWorldOrder - October 21, 2017 at 2:01pm
Open mic to better spy on you.
Siri - October 18, 2017 at 7:36pm
all for US$1000 or more
Interpreter for Morons - October 18, 2017 at 8:56pm
This works on any iDevice better or newer than an iPhone SE ($350), so just about all of the new ones can do Hey Siri.
Dianne Johnson - October 19, 2017 at 3:52am
Wonderful description and design