Apple Drops to 29th in Harris Poll on Corporate Reputation [Chart]

Apple Drops to 29th in Harris Poll on Corporate Reputation [Chart]

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Apple dropped from 5th place last year to 29th place in this year's Harris Poll.

The Harris Poll RQ study identifies the 100 most visible companies identified by U.S. consumers and ranks these companies based on their reputation in six different categories: Emotional Appeal, Products & Services, Social Responsibility, Vision & Leadership, Workplace Environment, and Financial Performance.

The 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ) study reveals that amid today's divisive political climate, Americans prefer brands that offer respite from chaos and that embody hearth-and-home values. In the 19TH annual RQ rankings, the top ten companies proved that consumers value brands that are standing by their values, building deep community relations, and fueling momentum in science, health and education - with Amazon earning an 'excellent' reputation for the 9th consecutive year.

1. Amazon
2. Wegmans
3. Tesla Motors
4. Chick-fil-A
5. The Walt Disney Company
6. HEB Grocery (new to the list this year)
7. UPS
8. Publix Super Markets
9. Patagonia
10. Aldi

"This year, the RQ study revealed that socially conscious companies are thriving off of the division and dysfunction in government, and what we're seeing is a new vanguard of corporate leaders taking an active role to solve societal challenges that government can't or won't," said The Harris Poll CEO, John Gerzema. "We're calling this a movement of 'Big Ideals,' where companies are rising above politics to focus on a pressing social challenge whether it be healthcare, transportation, or education."

Despite being intrinsic to our daily lives and still having strong reputations, the study found that Apple and Google both dropped out of the Top 10. Apple and Google fell from #5 and #8 on the list to #29 and #28, respectively.

"Apple's apparent lack of innovation and Google's workplace saga are likely causes of this reputation erosion."

Check out the full list in the chart below and hit the link for more details...

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Apple Drops to 29th in Harris Poll on Corporate Reputation [Chart]

Apple Drops to 29th in Harris Poll on Corporate Reputation [Chart]

Apple Drops to 29th in Harris Poll on Corporate Reputation [Chart]
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jesus christo - March 14, 2018 at 4:19pm
this list must be f... king joke, amazon... hahhahaha
tekkiwi - March 14, 2018 at 4:18pm
That list is garbage, who the hell thinks Wegmans is a significant player in the market? They are tiny compared to Kroger, only 95 stores vs ~3000 stores....
geraldamcdade - March 14, 2018 at 9:19am
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??? - March 14, 2018 at 7:38am
If they think that Apple is only a couple places away from Nestle, then this whole chart is trash.
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