Tim Cook Attends Allen & Co. Annual Retreat to Meet With Media Executives

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at the Allen & Co. Annual Retreat where he has lined up several one-on-one meetings with media executives.

Cook surprised attendees in Sun Valley, Idaho this morning by showing up to attend a session called "Iran vs. Israel", reports the New York Post.

This was Cook's first time at the high-powered event that draws media and tech moguls. While his name was on the list of possible attendees, no one knew if the low-key CEO would put in an appearance.

The New York Times also spotted Cook wearing a blue button-down shirt and jeans and walking with Paul Sagan, chief executive of Akamai.

Stopping by a cafe, the technology executives, deep in conversation, refueled on caffeine before settling into a table outside. When asked what he was looking forward to at the conference, Mr. Cook smiled. "I'm looking forward to all the private discussions I've set up this week," he said.

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Omg did he have a hot dog and what was on it???!!!!!! Omg omg someone just found out that Tim Cook is a libra. Get off his nuts already. What a bunch of tools. Who cares!
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