How to Jailbreak Your iPhone with ZiPhone GUI (Windows)

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These are step by step instructions how to jailbreak any iPhone instantly! No downgrading then upgrading! You can do the jailbreak from any firmware. It will also jailbreak and activate as well as install for you!

ZiPhone performs all these functions:
- Unlock and will work on 4.6 BL or 3.9 BL.
- Jailbreak will work on any OS version.
- Activation will work on any OS version, except for youtube on 1.0.X.
- iErase BL 3.9 Baseband

UPDATE*: It seems that the 2.0 Apple logo problem can be solved by running ZiPhone in verbose mode. I have updated the tutorial!

Step One
Download ZiPhone from: here

Step Two
Double click on your desktop to extract the folder ZiPhone..

Step Three
From the extracted ZiPhone folder double click ziphoneGUI.exe to launch the application.

Step Four
You must put your iPhone into recovery mode. To do this please hold down both the Sleep/Wake for 3 seconds. A power slider will appear. Slide it to the right to power down the iPhone. Then keeping ONLY the Home button pressed, connect the iPhone to the dock. Keep the home button pressed until you see the iTunes logo and cable on the screen.

Step Five
You can now activate and jailbreak! Just simply check the Activate, Jailbreak, and Verbose checkboxes. Then click the Start button.

Step Six
The program will now load zibri.dat. Then it will search for the iPhone. Once found it will tell you to wait for 45 seconds.

Step Eight
After this time your iPhone will reboot and it will be activated and jailbroken!!!!

NOTE*: After completion its probably a good idea to install BSD Subsystem first then OpenSSH from

NOTE*: If you are in an unsupported country YOU MUST patch AppSupport after unlocking or your dialer will keep crashing as will your SMS:

THANKS***: Big thanks go to Zibri. Check his blog out for updates: here

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ron - January 6, 2010 at 6:25am
does this work with ipod touchs too? (3g, 3.1.2)
pri - September 26, 2008 at 11:52pm
how long does it take to find iphone ... after it goes in rocovery mode....???
iMaNewJailbreakr - June 19, 2008 at 10:55pm
My Iphone is Vers. 1.1.4 YOU MAY NOT WANT TO CHECK \"ACTIVATE\" when you jailbreak. By doing this through ZiPhone it disconnects your YouTube connection for some reason. I learned this the hard way and so have many others. Feel free to do an internet search for \"JAILBROKEN IPHONE CANNOT CONNECT TO YOUTUBE.\" According to different posts, if you don\'t check activate, you can activate your phone through itunes after your jailbreak and your YouTube should work as it did pre-jailbreak. To all those that are currently YouTube-less post jailbreak. There is a fix, it involves using Open SSH and WinSCP. I had no idea wth that was until I jailbroke my iphone and read a few posts. But there are step by step instructions for this whole process at the following link: ( If you are a legit AT&T customer, as I am, I lost service after this youtube fix. All I did afterwards, which isn\'t stated in the fix above, is open up iTunes and plug in my iPhone. After about 40 seconds, service was restored to my phone. I\'m assuming the fix de-activated my phone and connecting it back to iTunes re-activated it. I hope this helps. Btw, I ran this fix after installing several other apps post Jailbreak. So you shouldn\'t need to restore your phone for this fix.
BigRed - March 26, 2008 at 7:46pm
Sync your contacts, prefs will reset and yes you\'ll have to reactivate. It should recognize it and activate it automatically.
DudemanR - March 26, 2008 at 5:08pm
if I do this will my contacts and preferences stay as they are? Will I have to re-activate my service with AT&T?
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